Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 6

Baby Doe

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on ABC Family
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Baby Doe
While Eddie and Jen are walking around the neighborhood, they discover an abandoned baby in a dumpster, and become consumed with finding the parents. Lizzie's first crush is one of Tay's friends, and Eddie also has trouble dealing with Cassie's feelings for Charles.

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  • Gets better with each episode.

    Every week I watch this show I wonder how they can possibly top the previous episode, but week after week Lincoln Heights has managed to do just that. Make each week even better then the last and Monday’s episode was no exception!!! Jenn and Eddie find a baby, and rush it to the hospital. Now both want to find the parents of the child. Both are upset that someone could simply leave a new born child like that. Jenn figures out that she has found the mother, but the young lady is in denial that the baby is hers, yet she wants to hold her, and she shows the baby affection. Jenn figures out the girl is simply scared, but Eddie thinks she needs to simply deal with the ramifications of her actions and go to jail. When Eddie and his partner go to see the parents, you can pick up that something is off with the family, but the show does a great job of making you doubt the parents were involved in any kind of way. The scene when the father actually spits on his own daughters face was shocking, but also the action that nails the idiot. He left his DNA and it identified him as the father!!! Mother knew and did nothing to protect her own child. The way the mother talked to her own child as she was being taken into custody was simply horrible!!! Other plots of the show included Liz getting her first crush and brushing him off because her so called friend claimed being with him would be bad for her reputation. Turns out friend wanted him for herself. Cassie trying to convince her dad, that the boy she is interested in is not a bad guy. This was an excellent episode, and after the seeing the previews for next week I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Looks like it will be awesome.moreless
  • Another great episode.

    What can I say? They set the bar high in the pilot, and they've cleared it week after week. Always a cool cop story cleanly intersecting a strong family story. Evil Dad giving himself away with the DNA in his spit. Clever. Johnny Nightingale is a fun and welcome addition. Looking forward to seeing him again soon. Lizzie's "friend" is becoming a loathsome adversary. Can't wait to see her get her come uppance. And then there's Cassie and Charles. Terrific scene between Charles and Eddie, and a wonderful moment resulting in a near-kiss between LH's favorite couple. Good work to all involved. Keep 'em coming!moreless

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    • Charles: Mr. Sutton, with all due respect, why don't you want Cassie to go out with me?
      Eddie: Because your're not right for her.
      Charles: Why, what's wrong with me?
      Eddie: You got drunk at a party, and let Cassie drive home without a license.
      Charles: Okay, I was wrong to let her drive home that night. The only reason why I got drunk was because I thought she liked that undercover cop. And I stuck up for you with Internal Affairs.
      Eddie: And I thank you for that.
      Charles: So, what's the real reason? Why don't you admit why you don't want Cassie to date me?
      Eddie: Don't, don't go there Charles.
      Charles: There's not a whole lot I can do about being white.
      Eddie: I think it's time for you to leave.

    • Kevin: You have the right to shut up. Now if you don't shut up, we'll use what you say against you. You have the right to hire a shyster to get you off. But, if no lawyer will take your case because your such a miserable excuse for a human being, the court will provide some low paid, over worked public defender. Now get in the damn car.

    • Eddie: Charles came by yesterday.
      Cassie: Why didn't you tell me?
      Eddie: He didn't come to talk to you, he came to talk to me. He tried to call me a racist.
      Cassie: Are you?
      (Eddie walks away from her)

    • (Kevin is looking for evidence in the trach can)
      Eddie: I thought you didn't do trash?
      Kevin: I'm making an exception.

    • (Jenn's cell phone rings)
      Jenn: (to nurse) It's Doctor Evan Cole. I swear that man was born to make my life miserable.

    • Kevin: I wanna catch the guy that did this.
      Eddie: We will.
      kevin: No, I mean I wanna catch him. I wanna met the lowlife that would throw away a child.

    • Lizzie: How do you tell a guy your sorry you blew him off?
      Cassie: I give up, how?
      Lizzie: It's not a joke. How do you tell a guy you're sorry you blew him off?
      Cassie: The first thing you have to know about boys is, they don't take hints. The direct approach is best.
      Lizzie: I can do that.
      Cassie: And keep it simple. Don't give too many details, because they have a really short attention span.
      Lizzie: Okay, keep it simple. Oh, anything else?
      Cassie: Oh, if you can say it in terms of cars or sports, they'll get it.

    • Jenn: Starting tomorrow, Cassie's no longer grounded.
      Eddie: Already? Can't we extend it like a year or two?
      Jenn: Can't keep 'em home for ever baby.

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