Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on ABC Family
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Lund saves Eddie's life but gets hurt in the process, and Eddie becomes obsessed in finding the driver. At home, Jenn joins the neighborhood watch program and Cassie finds a job.

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  • This episode gets two fingers up.

    This episode is really good. Lizzie makes friends with a popular girl named Wanda. Lizzie thinks Wanda is pretty cool until she starts stealing things. Cassie is searching for a job around town, and she finally goes into a clothing store and applies for a job. When she askes the manager if she can get a job he makes racist comments. Some like "What your welfare up". Cassie gets the job though. Earlier during the week, Lund gets ran over by a car. Eddie is mad a the people who were driving the car. I guess Eddie make trouble with the wrong people, because his whole neighborhood is set on fire.Meanwhile Taylor is wondering why Lizzie has all of these clothes, makeup, and earrings. Lizzie and Wanda pass by Cassie's job and Wanda wants to go in a steal again. Lizzie tries to plead with her, because that's her sister's store.They go in and Wanda starts stealing, but this time she caught by Cassie. That night Cassie is mad at Lizzie because she thinks she stole. Lizzie returns and pays for the hat she stole.moreless
  • New guy comes to the Heights starting trouble, and the cops can't touch him!!

    During a police chase, Eddie’s partner is run over by a car. Eddie is being touted as the neighborhood hero, and that starts to cause some problems in the neighborhood. Lincoln Heights was improving, but now a new bad guy has moved in to threaten everyone’s comfortable life, and Eddie. Eddie is getting threatening phone calls, and does not share that information with Jen. After the phone calls he comes out to find a fire has been set not only in his front yard, but the yards of his neighbors, who now don’t see him as such a positive influence anymore. In fact the neighborhood start a neighborhood watch, which start Eddie and Jen to arguing. Jen feels they need to be active in it, and Eddie does not think it’s such a good idea. Liz makes friends with a girl who steals, and convinces Liz in order to be impressive that she needs to steal to have the nice outfits and other things. When Liz’s new friends tries to steal from the store Cassie works at, things come to a head. Cassie loses her job, but at the same time that could be a blessing. Considering Cassie did not like her boss because he kept touching and saying inappropriate things to her that made her uncomfortable. Eddie is given a new partner, and turns out she is one tough woman!!! I like her and hope she lasts a few more episodes. She is sassy. Jen is very jealous of the new female partner. One funny moment in the episode when he catches Liz and Tay fighting, he tells them to go to their room. Tay leaves and Liz sits down, and Eddie looks at her with a “did you hear me tell you to go to your room look”, and Liz has to remind him that she is in her room. Nice little bit of comic relief in an episode filled with a lot of tension.

    Anhother character is Bishop, he is a bad buy, but dang he is a cutie. Seems he finds ways to get out of his legal troubles, and wiggles out of situations. Which is going to be a pain for Eddie, and we get to see that pain transpire in the next episode when Liz is kidnapped.

    I also want to know if Cassie will ever reveal to her parents about her old boss, and how he treated her. I also liked the slick way the show put the stereotypes that some people assume about black people. Not amounting to anything, having a lot of children, being on welfare. Her dummy boss actually said and believed all of that. I also liked it when Cassie took his photo, and told him off!!! Still think she needs to tell her father. Eddie would fix him and good. Tee heee

    The scary scene when a guy simply walks into the Sutton home, I just knew he would do something to Jen. If Jen has not started screaming and carrying on the way she was, there is not telling what could have happened. I also liked how Eddie made Liz return the merchandise she stole and pay for it!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next week!!! Liz gets kidnapped, you know Eddie is going to want to hurt someone!!! Awwww yeah, it’s getting even better!!!moreless

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    • Charles: The point is, you got the job because the guy thought you were cute. All you owe him is a day's work. And if he tries anything, let me know. 'Cause Chucky's not down for that.
      Cassie: Who's Chucky?

    • Lieutenant: Till we find these guys you wanna lay low, ride the desk for a while?
      Eddie: You mean hide? That's not my style.
      Lieutenant: I know. But if these are the guys that hit Lund, you probably realize that they were aiming for you as payback for Darnell.
      Eddie: I'm not letting these fools put me behind a desk.
      Delilah Sandoval: Don't worry Lieutenant, I got his back. Anybody tries anything they got to come through me first, and I'm crazy.
      Lieutenant: Yeah, I'm starting to get that vibe.

    • Jenn: If you want a car you need to find a job. One close enough to home this time, so your father and I will approve of you working. Are you still looking?
      Cassie: I posted my resume on the internet.
      Jenn: Why not look the old fashioned way, pound the pavement.

    • Lizzie: My friend Wanda and I, we get along just fine. She's cool.
      Taylor: Wanda DuBois talks to you? She's popular, and you're Lizzie.

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