Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 12

House Arrest

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on ABC Family
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House Arrest
It's Taylor's 13th birthday, and Eddie and Jenn's fathers pay the family a visit. However, the two men hate each other which builds tension in the home. Meanwhile, Eddie gets an opportunity he has been waiting for.

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  • The Clash of the Fathers

    Another great episode. The Clash of the Fathers. Richard Roundtree playing Jen’s overbearing father, and Michael Warren plays Eddie’s carefree father. Tay is about to have a ceremony that will be a right of passage to manhood. When both fathers appear in the house, comedy and mayhem ensue. The Grandfathers do not like each other. When it was revealed that Jen’s father tried to make sure Eddie did not marry her, she is not pleased at how manipulative he tried to be. She has to make him understand, despite how he thinks, she is happy. She is happy with her life. Bishop is finally put in jail, but the question is can they keep him there. The man is slippery as a snake, and the charges never seem to stick. The fake identity reveal shocked me. It makes you wonder, if Bishop can ever be stopped. People refuse to testify, would rather do time, then testify it seems. My favorite line in the show was from Jen “On our anniversary you better do something to make me forget this.” HA!!!! When Eddie’s father shaves Tay’s head, Eddie and Jen are once again not pleased. But Tay liked it, so they had no choice but to deal with it, even though they did not approve. Jen’s father makes one final attempt to convince her to move to Santa Barbra, but she refuses.

    The show was very revealing and as always excellent. I’m looking forward to the season finale, I know the cliff hanger will have me salivating for more!!! I know it will.moreless
  • They've done it agian! Another great episode.

    The Sutton family throws a coming of age party for Taylor's thirteen birthday. Eddie's dad (an acolholic under house arrest) and Jen's father (a judgemental judge)are there for the event which drives Jen's stress level to an all time high, as the two fathers don't get along.Elsewhere, Eddie is close to putting Bishop behind bars for good after Bishop is involved in an assault. But no one involved wants to talk and much to Eddie's dismay, they let Bishop go. Eddie continues his search for criminal evidence against Bishop and just when he thinks he's getting somewhere, Lund tells Eddie what he's discovered- Bishop has been going under a false identity. Will this be the information Eddie needs to finally end Bishop's criminal career? Is Eddie's vendetta agianst Bishop worth the danger he will put himself in? Looks like next week's season finale will answer those questions. Can't wait!moreless

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    • Kevin: (of Bishop) If you're gonna have somebody whacked, the best alibi in the world is, "I was at the police station when it happened".
      Eddie: No, he didn't pull the trigger, but this fits his M.O. He covers his tracks with blood.

    • Kevin: At least the weather'll be good for you for this weekend.
      Eddie: Hey, don't start.
      Kevin: Tay's sweet sixteen party?
      Eddie: His coming of age party.
      Kevin: I don't get it, so it's like a bar mitzvah… but with soul music.
      Eddie: Tay's turning 13 this weekend, he's coming of age. What's not to get?
      Kevin: And you're gonna get him a hooker.
      Eddie: What the hell's wrong with you?
      Kevin: Nothing's wrong with me, I'm not the one throwing my son a cotillion!

    • Lizzie: I thought you were going to ask Jessie P?
      Wanda: She can't sing as good as me, and, I have a karaoke machine.
      Becky: She won the eighth grade talent contest.
      Lizzie: Yeah but Wanda you got me into serious trouble shoplifting, my sister lost her job.
      Wanda: I'm sorry about that, but didn't you get my e-mails? I said I was sorry 50 times. (singing) So can we be friends?

    • Coleman: Cassie, y-your boyfriend is white?
      Jenn: Daddy, don't start.
      Cassie: You have a problem with that?
      Coleman: Not, not really. Just… it's not like you're going to marry the guy.

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