Lincoln Heights

Season 3 Episode 5

Number One With a Bullet

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • A shooting upsets the Sutton household.

    Eddie and Tay drive up to a neighborhood store and discover a robbery in progress. Eddie calls for backup, orders Tay to stay in the car, and enters the store with his gun drawn. He manages to talk the perpetrator into surrendering, but just as the guy puts down his weapon, the storeowner pulls out a gun. As the store owner and the perp struggle, the gun discharges, hitting Tay. The wound is superficial, but it leads to a bitter strain between Tay's parents. Jenn is furious with Eddie for putting Tay at risk, despite the fact that Eddie has a duty to act when coming upon a crime, even when he is off duty. Eddie is consumed with guilt, and not only for Tay's injury. The incident calls up the gunshot death of Eddie's mother, something he still blames himself for. The episode has some interesting subplots, also. Cassie suspects that Charles' attractive boss is hitting on him. Lizzie is torn between her boyfriend, Johnny, and the new minister's son. There are lots of good scenes here, the best being the one between Eddie and Tay where they talk about their fears. The scene ends with an emotional embrace, a raw display of the love between father and son. A very powerful moment in an episode that is done very well.