Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on ABC Family
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While Eddie and Lund investigate a murder outside of a Chinese restaurant, Jenn's sister is targeted by a stalker who doesn't take no for an answer. With an obsession and desperation greater than anyone expected, a few lives could be at risk. Eddie and Jenn are forced to intervene.moreless

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  • The best episode by far!!!

    I've been spreading the word about this show, and while watching it last night, got my best hooked on the show. This show is simply excellent. James Black (who I happen to think is one of many handsome black actors, but I digress) guest starred on this particular episode. Jenn's sister has this guy she used to date that refuses to leave her alone. Everywhere she goes he pops up. He goes as far as paying a guy to "rob her", so he can come and be the Knight in Shining armor and save her. Jenn intervenes and makes her sister pack up all the things he ever gave her, and tells the guy he is a creep and tosses the things he gave her into his car. He watches his ex as she readies herself for a bath, and even enters the home. Turns out he made a copy of the key without her knowing. Okay the guy gets creepier by the min. Eddie and Jenn have a long awaited and very earned date night, but when Eddie runs back into the house to get something, creepy guy gets into the car and kidnapps Jenn. Eddie thinks Jenn is playing games, but she finally reveals that creepy guy is in the car, and Eddie is ticked off. Ohhhhhh, you don't mess with his wife!!! Eddie calls for back up, and when he arrives, he grabs dude and makes it known he crossed the line and he is going to jail. I could not believe Jenn's sister wanted her to drop the charges!!! Heck no!!! Fool kidnapped me, and was driving like a lunatic, he is going to be held accountable!!

    Now stalker was not the only plot for the evening. There was another story about a Chinese immigrant seeing a murder, but being enslaved and forced to work at a restaurant by a mean woman who makes the folks pay so they can live in the US. I have to say when that woman hauled off and smacked the mean woman I actually said "go on girl!!!" This show is simply amazing. I just love it!! Obession was one of the best episodes by far. If you have not watched this show, trust me, you are missing out.moreless
  • This episode is a fine example of what the show has to offer!

    This episode was probably one the best so far! The main plot was so good and it was addictiing. It had everything from action, drama, and comic relief. This was one of the reasons why I watch the show. The episode deals with a stalker EX that is stalking Jen's sister is stalked by her creepy ex boyfriend. The stalking continues throughout the episode and that he actually made a duplicate of her house key and snuk up on her as she was getting ready for a relaxing bath. The intense and climax of the episode was when Eddie was taking Jen to a dinner and he went back into the house to get something while Jen waited in the car. The stalker ex-boyfriend opened the door and basically kidapped Jen and sped off. In the end, Jen's sister felt bad for her stalked ex and even wanted Jen to drop the charges! The subplot wasn't as strong but the main plot is what made it worth while!moreless

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    • Cassie: She's afraid he'll reject her.
      Charles: He won't. See the way he's looking at her? He's got feelings for her too.
      Cassie: How could she be certain?
      Charles:It's in his eyes. Eventually they'll find the courage to tell each other how they feel.
      Cassie: And their hearts will open like cherry blossoms in the spring. (pauses for a moment) Or, he'll tell her he's gay.

    • David: Easy, Eddie, this whole thing has been a huge misunderstanding.
      Eddie: You're damn right it has. You misunderstood when you thought you could mess with me and mine and get away with it!

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