Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on ABC Family
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The Suttons, who just moved to Eddie's old neighborhood, have trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. While Tay is dealing with bullies at his new school, Eddie gets the cold shoulder from a local thug.

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  • Excellent show that I hopes lasts!! Very compelling.

    After taking down a crack den, Eddie decides the family should move into and fix up the home. He thinks it will be a great opportunity, while his wife thinks he has lost his mind. The kids are also less then thrilled. Poor Tay is dealing with bullies stealing his lunch money, and he is diabetic, and him not eating can mess with his health. His sister Cassie has to deal with a robbery situation, and Lizzie is trying to fit into the basketball team if only the coach would give her a chance to show her skills. Eddie sees it as an opportunity to show the youth in the neighborhood they don’t have to resort to crime. But when he has to shoot a young man, he realizes they made a terrible mistake, and wants to move out of the area, while his family insist they remain. They are adjusting, and want to see it through a little while longer.

    I loved how Jen was willing to help Tay with his problem. That was really slick. Writing on the money, and sending the photo of the money to the principal via email. I bet those kids won’t bother Tay anymore!!! I’m simply excited to see a good black family drama on television, but I feel this show will be for anyone!! This show will tackle issues that grown ups and tweens, and teens can probably relate to. ABC Family gets major kudos for putting this show on the air, and I plan to watch the show and give it 100% support.moreless
  • Tough topics for a show but hope it's a hit.

    Great drama to begin with and hopefully it is a hit

    With the viewers as it is on the Family Channel

    Due to young viewers watching it. As a cop and his family move to a very tough neighborhood with the cop, Eddie is his name, wanting to make a better life with his kids. He comes under fire from the brass at the end of the show. Very tough topics to deal with indeed and hope that it is a hit with the teen audience.moreless
  • Lincoln Heights revolves around Police Officer Eddie Sutton and his family. Eddie decides to move his family (wife Jenn and 3 children) to the neighborhood where he grew up.

    It’s not the safest place in fact there is a lot of gang violence in the area. Eddie wants to make it a better place and feels he and his family can achieve this. They end up buying a house that was formally a crack house and fix it up. Just in one episode I can tell that this is a show that isn’t going to be afraid to tackle some tough topics some people might find it odd that it is on the Family Channel, I don’t at all I think this a great family show for people who have kids in their pre teens to teens to enjoy as a family. There are becoming very few family shows left and its just nice to see a new show that has good writing, good acting and make you feel for the family, least that how I felt after only an hour with this people.moreless
  • A struggling police officer moves his family into a bigger house in the hood. He decides to move to the neighbor to see what he can do to help with changing the neighborhood for the best.moreless

    I think that the that abc was smart for releasing this show early at It is different type of show. I plan to keep watching. I am interested in what will happen next. It is more realistic than some shows today. We need more shows that show families working together to get ahead. In this show it showed a police officer taking a risk to improve a bad neighborhood by moving into a former crackhouse and fix it up. It some ways after the house is fixed up the neighbors seem to take more pride into their neighborhood. It only takes one person to make a difference and the rest will follow.moreless

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