Lincoln Heights

ABC Family (ended 2009)





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  • The Sutton family returns to its roots in an inner-city neighborhood.

    This is a rarity, a drama about a black family in inner city America. The Suttons are decidedly middle-class: the husband is a police officer and the wife is a nurse practitioner. Rather than take refuge in suburbia, they decide as a family to reestablish their connection with the neighborhood in which Eddie Sutton, the family head, grew up. A lot of the drama springs from this setup, with one of the daughters being held captive by criminals, the son threatened by thugs, a neighbor taking a bank hostage, not to mention burglary, child abandonment, drug dealing and rioting. Although this type of stuff might strain credulity (how many times can a single family, even one in the 'hood, face such situations?), it is very well done. It is also more than balanced by stories about family matters--dating, peer pressure, parent-child conflict, problems on the job. This is simply wonderful storytelling.