Lincoln Heights - Season 2

ABC Family (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • The Vision
    Episode 10
    Eddie goes into protective mode when Tay is threatened by a gang member, and Cassie is disturbed when she hears that Charles was injured in a car accident.
  • Out With a Bang
    Episode 9
    Boa convinces Lizzie to visit him, but her help makes things more complicated; Eddie's involvement in a police shooting entangles him with I.A. and his conscience; and Cassie presses Charles about his relationship with Mac.
  • An Eye for an Eye
    Episode 8
    Lizzie sets up a talent show for charity at the coffee shop, Eddie's father is still bent on revenge for the murder of his wife, and Cassie and Sage set their sights on Charles. Meanwhile, Jenn organizes a local support group.
  • No Way Back
    Episode 7
    Eddie's father returns, bent on revenge when he thinks he sees the man who murdered his wife, and Cassie is jealous when she sees Charles with someone else, despite the attentions of her boss.
  • 10/9/07
    Eddie is offered a promotion, and Jenn deals with work-related crisis. Meanwhile, after Charles and Cassie end their relationship, she receives good news about her art work.
  • 10/2/07
    Another shooting in the Heights occurs between rival gangs and the police, leaving Eddie and Lund struggling to maintain order; and Cassie gets so into her artwork that Charles feels excluded from their relationship.
  • 9/25/07
    Charles gets jealous because of Cassie's friendship with one of her coworkers. Eddie is excited aboout starting work again, but Jenn's parents visit with the news of their marriage being over.
  • 9/18/07
    Jenn gets a new job at a local clinic. Eddie goes and visits his dad. Cassie becomes friends with Lund's daughter, and her parents are worried. Lizzie gets to go on her first date with Johnny Nightingale.
  • The Peacemaker
    Episode 2
    While Eddie is injured, he tries to make new rules around the house, Lizzie struggles with her decision to stay in touch with Boa, and Cassie thinks that she is ready to take the next step with Charles, but the new coffee shop may complicate things.
  • Flashpoint
    Episode 1
    As Season 2 opens, racial violence occurs at Cassie's school. Eddie is injured in the chaos and Jenn is worried about the safety of her children.