Lincoln Heights

Season 3 Episode 2

Sex, Lies and Secrets

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Sex, Lies and Secrets....

    The title of this ep sums it up very well. Cassie and Charles take the Big Step--in school, on stage, in the auditorium. It happens at night, when Cassie is decorating the stage for an upcoming play, and no one else is there. But a camera set up to record the play's rehearsals captures Cassie and Charles in action, and the next day the whole thing is on You Tube. Very funny bit. Cassie is humiliated and starts avoiding Charles. She confides in the new minister's daughter, who has a few secrets of her own. Tay is hiding the fact that he has quit the school orchestra because he doesn't want to disappoint his father. And Lizzie doesn't want her parents to know that she's been offered a scholarship to a private school. There's a subplot involving a maniac on the loose, stalking and murdering people. That part was okay, but I was more caught up by the family drama.