Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on ABC Family
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Life in the Sutton neighborhood isn't getting easier when one of their neighbors takes an entire bank hostage, and Eddie has to break a promise to Jenn.

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  • A former lincoln heights football player used to work for a bank and never got his pay, he holds everyone in the bank hostage while the police are keeping a close eye one him, eddie, un-armed must go in and try to stop joey.moreless

    This is a perfect example of how the shows preview make you think one thing, then as soon as you watch it leave you thinking another! This episode was a perfect example of how they showed the cop injured and in the hospital, how they make you think it's eddie. I think this show is perfect for everyone who loves a breath-taking drama filled with non-stop action. The show is plotted and hooks you so easily! i know it did to me, anyone who watches this show can declare on of the best shows and will want to rewind again and again.moreless
  • Okay, this was cool.

    Couldn't agree more about this being the best episode yet. Obsession was good, but it was the only episode so far where the cop story didn't have anything to do with the family (stalker) story. In that sense, it was a bit of a letdown but still a great hour of TV. This week, they were back to a solid cop story that impacted directly on the family. I don't know how they'll continue to do this week after week, and I really can't imagine it done any better than this. The villain was great, a real human being who could've been somebody, but you could just see how it all fell apart on him. And you could see that Eddie really cared about him. The scene where that cop dies in front of Jenn was just devastating, as was that little moment where Tay says to Eddie, "Hey Dad, I'm glad you made it." Just so many layers. I can't wait to see how they top this.moreless
  • Gets better and better

    I still say Obsession is the best episode by far, but I also found qualities in this episode I also enjoyed. This show had me on the edge of my seat when I realized Eddie was going to go into the bank. I really thought he was the one that would be shot, but was relieved when that did not happen. This was simply an gripping episode. I also liked they gave Tay a story line. Him questioning his cool factor, and wondering if he is hip enough, and dancing in his room. His facial reaction when that girl told him other people see him as a geek was priceless. Jay is a former bank worker who has snapped. He lost his job, his family, and his home. He takes people hostage in a bank, and when his wife lies and says she won't file for divorce, Jay would rather die, then go to prison. While I felt Jen's anguish over Eddie putting his life in danger, I also felt she was kind of wrong for being upset with him. It is his job, and if he does not give 1,000%, it affects his performance. There will be times he can get hurt. I really think she simply broke down because she did not know how Eddie was, and seeing that other man come into her ER, really shook her up. When Tay performed his song in the living room, I thought that was such a nice scene. It's like it brought peace to the house, and it did give his mother a chance to hear him play. I simply love this show. It's wonderful.moreless
  • Best Episode Yet!!!

    Wow. Jason Gedrick. Eddie. The story with Jenn at the hospital. So much to like here, in a relatively grown-up episode of the show. And it was really nice to see Tay get his own storyline. Every character had something interesting here, even Lizzie, who makes the most of a relatively small part. Her reaction during Cassie's "rock star" speech was priceless. Even the villain was a fully fleshed out human being. Too bad he probably won't be making a return appearance. I don't know how they do it, but this show keeps getting better and better.moreless

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    • Eddie: So are you saying we all should become bad guys?
      Mulaney: Being a good guy hasn't exactly been a growth business.

    • Eddie: What do you think?
      Det Wilkes: I think we're looking at a worst case scenario.
      Eddie: Which is?
      Det Wilkes: A guy with nothing left to lose.

    • Jenn: You didn't happen to bump into a particular cop, Eddie Sutton?
      EMT: After a while they all start to look alike.

    • Kevin: He actually chose the clarinet?
      Eddie: Yes.
      Kevin: Not a trumpet, or a saxophone...
      Eddie: Seriously, I think you should stop right now.
      Kevin: (laughing) I've upset you.
      Eddie: I'm not upset.
      Kevin: Boy of mine comes home, says he wants to play the clarinet, God knows how I'd react.
      Eddie: You actually think I won't shoot you?

    • Kevin: Rolling stop about ten years ago, no DUI.
      Eddie: He's not a drunk. What do you say we cut him some slack.
      Kevin: Whatever gets us to lunch on time.

    • Eddie: Hey man, check it out.
      (a minivan is swerving in the road)
      Kevin: Kinda early in the day to be getting your load on.

    • Kevin Lund: So, you wanna check out that new Thai place after watch?
      Eddie: I can't. Tay's recital tonight.
      Kevin Lund: So, eh, the clarinet huh?
      Eddie: Don't start.
      Kevin Lund: I'm just saying...
      Eddie: Well, don't just say.

    • Eddie: Hey champ, big night tonight.
      Taylor: You gonna be there?
      Eddie: Wouldn't miss it.
      Taylor: That's what you said the last time.
      Eddie: Hey. I'll be there.
      Taylor: You have to be there by six.
      Eddie: I know.

    • Eddie: You going to work today?
      Jen: I told you I was working.
      Eddie: You did?
      Jen: Last night. God sakes Eddie, I think you'd forget your own name if I wasn't here to remind you.
      Eddie: I beg your pardon. I happen to have an excellent memory.

    • Eddie: I think we've got termites on the porch.
      Jen: Great! More money down the drain.

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