Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 13

The F Word

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on ABC Family
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The F Word
While they are still discussing if they should leave their home, the Suttons receive an offer for the house. But the news isn't changing the fact that they are liking their new home and the new experiences they had since they moved, despite all the dramatic incidents. Meanwhile, Bishop is still on the loose and Eddie is afraid that Bishop is ready to take his revenge on him and on his family.moreless

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  • Season Finale We look out for our own.

    Yes I did see the show. I just could not find the to post my review of the show. I’m so sad it ended!!! What will I do Monday’s at 7 pm now? Oh well I will get over it. I have no choice.

    The kids are actually adjusting to living in the Heights, and do not want to move. Boa writes to Lizze from prison. Lizzie thinks it will be good for her healing to see him, and write him. Her parents do not agree. Lizzie speaks to her counselor, who in turn speaks to the Reverand that tried to get Eddie fired from his job earlier in the season. The Reverand finally convinces Eddie that seeing Boa will be good for everyone. Boa is really sorry for what he did, and promises Lizzie he is making positive changes. Boa also reveals a clue about Bishop that helps Eddie identify him, and find out some information about him. Turns out Bishop is from Kingston, Jamaica, and has a long list of crimes. Bishop is Izeachial Khan. When Eddie and Bishop have that final show down in the locker room, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, screaming whoop his butt Eddie, whoop him, whoop him!!!! Cassie and Charles are busted making out on the sofa. Charles mother gives Cassie birth control pills which Jen finds later. Yikes. Taye beats a boy for bullying his friend unconscious and breaks his own hand in the process. Guess he finally reached his breaking point for being or seeing others being pushed around. Not to mention he is now looked up to. The family breathing easy that “Bishop” is in jail, and the community has shown them so much love, takes the house off the market, and decides to stay in The Heights.

    I can’t wait to see what type of topics the show tackles next season. I hope we do not have to wait long for the show to return. I also hope the first season of the show is released on DVD. I know I have to own this series!!! I love it that much.moreless
  • The Sutton's stay!

    The Suttons have a buyer for the house, and the family has mixed feelings about it. Lizzie recieves a letter from Boa (her kidnapper's accomplis who is in jail) asking her to visit him. At first, Eddie refuses to let Lizzie see Boa, but with the help of the Reverend, Lizzie convinces Eddie to let her go. The Reverend takes Lizzie to see Boa who is genuinely sorry and aks her for forgiveness, which she gives him. Charles' mom gives Cassie birth control pills after she walks in on their passionate make out session. Cassie asks her mom not to tell Eddie, but when he finds out anyway Cassie calls Charles to break off their relationship. Charles goes to talk to Eddie and smoothes things over and he and Cassie make up. Taylor comes to the defense of a classmate who was being bullied. When the bully ends up in the hospital, after Taylor breaks his wrist on the bully's face, Taylor enjoys the extra attention from the kids at school. Eddie gets a call from Bishop's girlfriend who tells Eddie where Bishop will be when a shipment of cocain comes in. Eddie and the police bust into the warehouse Bishop is in and both sides start shooting at one another, but Bishop manages to escape. Back at the police station, Eddie is getting ready to go when Bishop breaks into the locker room and holds a gun at Eddie's head! Eddie fights Bishop and handcuffs him to a bench. Bishop is finally caught.....for now. The Sutton's realtor comes back to tell the Suttons that the family that was interested in buying their house backed out, but that there's another family wanting to make an offer. Jen tells the realtor that they're not interested in selling the house anymore, the Sutton family is staying in Lincoln Heights!moreless

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    • Cassie: I can't believe that my dad is letting me go out with you. What did you say to him?
      Charles: Stuff men say to each other. But the important thing is what I want to tell you. Cassie, sex isn't really a big deal to me right now. (Pause) Well, maybe a medium deal. The important thing is that I love you and I want you to feel comfortable with me.
      Cassie: I am and I've always been comfortable with you.

    • Eddie: I had a little visit from Charles' mother today.
      Cassie: She came by here?
      Eddie: To tell me that she walked in on you and Charles.
      Jenn: What?
      Taylor: Doing what?
      Eddie: Tay, don't you have to practice the clarinet or something?
      Taylor: No. (senses Eddie's anger) Yeah! (leaves the room)

    • Jenn: Lizzie. I thought you said you knocked on her door?
      Taylor: I did, she yelled at me. It sounded like she was having some kind of personal problem so I just left her alone.
      Eddie: What you know about women having personal problems? (laughs)

    • Charles: Why are you home so early?
      Marla: I got fired.
      Charles: That's the third time you've been fired in four months.
      Marla: Some guy grabbed my ass, and I bent his finger back. I broke it.
      Charles: You broke the man's finger?
      Marla: Mm-hmm. If you got a problem with that, drop out of school, get a job and let some guy grab your ass.

    • Cassie: (while making out) Wait a minute, we have to stop.
      Charles: We do?
      Cassie: Yes, we do. (thinks about it) Well, maybe we don't. (continues to kiss Charles)
      Charles: (hears the sound of keys jingling) Wait, stop!
      Cassie: No, we don't.
      Charles: No, I– I think I heard somethin–
      Marla: Someone unlocking the door? You did.

    • Taylor: Is he crazy?
      Lizzie: It wasn't his idea to kidnap me. It was his partner's.
      Taylor: You can't write to him Lizzie. I mean do you want us to be homeless? I mean if Dad finds out that Boa wrote you and you wrote him back, Dad will kill him Lizzie. Then Dad will go to jail, Mom will be mad, we'll be sad, we'll end up on the streets broke and homeless because of you.

    • Khan: (to Eddie) You'll never rest easy, as long as I'm alive.

    • Reverend Hammond: (to Eddie) One thing about the real Lincoln Heights, we look out for our own.

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