Lincoln Heights

Season 2 Episode 5

The Feeling That We Have

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Please read! On the latest episode when Charles got tired of waiting on Cassie, and walked out of the art cafe there was a song playing. Does anyone know the artist or the name of the song, and where I can find it? If you know the song please let me know.

    By the way I love every episode of lincoln Heights, and looking foward to next week. But on the latest episode when Charles got tired of waiting on Cassie, and walked out of the art cafe there was a song playing. I never heard it but it was good. Does anyone know the artist or the name of the song, and where I can find it? If anyone can watch it over, and listen to that song, and let me know what it is that would be helpful. Thanks, I love the show, I hope they air a season 3. Does anyone know when season 1 will be available on DVD?
  • Another shooting in the Heights occurs between rival gangs and the police, leaving Eddie and Lund struggling to maintain order; and Cassie gets so into her artwork that Charles feels excluded from their relationship.

    (Spoilers!)I think that this episode was very good. I hate the fact the Charles and Cassie broke up but I'm glad he finally came out and told her how he truly feels whether she wants to hear it or not. I'm also thought that Lund and his daughter have a long way to go, but he is going in the right direction with his daughter so i truly wished the charactor some big luck and prayer on next episode lol.
    Eddie and Jenn are a great example to their kids and the chance they took staying in the neighbor was a big one, but they manage to keep it together no matter what. I just love the tv show all around. It's a perfect Action/Romance/Drama.
  • I think this is one of the best episodes ever. A gangbanger is shot and no one knows who shot him. Also, Cassie's attitude has changed and she is excluding Charles from their relationship.(May Contain Spoilers for Next Weeks Episode)

    A gangbanger is shot in one of the alleys in Lincoln Heights. Everyone believes it is gang-related. It was really a Caucasian male. He said it was for self-defense. At the clinic, Jenn is working on a patient when there is a lot of raquet going on in the waiting room. The patient is on some type of drug and he attacks Jenn. She has a few bruised ribs, but nothing major. When Dr. Mario is examining her, Eddie walks in and looks worried. He was jealous because another doctor was feeling on her and stuff like that. Cassie has an attitude with her mom. Then she gets way into her art. She has an art show at her job. She goes to talk to a judge, but forgets about Charles. He leaves, so Sage offers to drive Cassie home. When Sage gets stopped by a police officer, she has to take out her drivers license and regestration. Obviously, she doesn't have a license. When she opens the glove compartment, there is pot in there. They are taken to the police station and Eddie and Lund have to go pick them up. Then Cassie and Sage have a fight about who's it was. And the Eddie and Lund fight over what they are fighting about. Later on, the rival gangs must put aside their differences and work together as a team. They were playing a basketball game against another team and won! Sage and Cassie aren't friends anymore. But, Lund and Eddie put aside their differences. Cassie finds out that the car Charles made was for her. But Cassie told Luc about Charles' step-dad. Charles said that it was supposed to be between him and Cassie. Cassie and Charles break up in this episode.:( NOOOOOOOOOOO! I love them together. Charles breaks up with her because he said he can't provide the best for her. So he says. SPOILER ALERT: In the preview, Eddie tells Charles, You break up with my daughter and now you're stalking her. Charles said that he didn't want to break up with Cassie. He's wearing sunglasses. He has a black eye. I think Charles' step-dad is abusive and made Charles break up with her. I think that Charles' step-dad doesn't like Cassie because she is black. Great episode. Can't wait until next week!