Lincoln Heights

Season 2 Episode 5

The Feeling That We Have

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 02, 2007 on ABC Family



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    • Cassie: (to Charles) Are you breaking up with me? (Charles looks away) Are you?
      Charles: Yes.
      Cassie: Don't you love me anymore?
      Charles: It doesn't matter–
      Cassie: It does, Charles, it matters to me. Did you ever love me?
      Charles: I did, and I still do.
      Cassie: Well why won't you fight for us?!
      Charles: 'Cause it won't work. This is for the best.
      Cassie: For who, Charles? Don't say it's for me, because it's not… you're doing this for you! (turns and runs out)

    • Keyshon: (to Eddie & Kevin) Yeah… uh… you guys call a truce, then come talk to us.

    • Jenn: (about The Wiz) You want me to watch it with you? I know the words to the songs.
      Lizzie: Uh… no thanks, Mom, I've heard you sing. You're no Diana Ross.

    • Eddie: I came to apologize about this morning; I was insensitive.
      Jenn: And belittling.
      Eddie: That too.

    • Sage: (to Kevin) If I knew that there was pot in the car, I would of smoked it. It might not be what you wanna hear, but that's the truth.

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