Lincoln Heights

Season 2 Episode 2

The Peacemaker

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Sep 11, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • A lot going on in this episode, but it was really good.

    I thought this episode was really good. Had a lot going on so your emotions where all over the place. Eddie is still at home recovering, and seems he is trying to experiment with his cooking while he is home. He makes a Sloppy Joe scramble, and Lizzie is the one who gets to test the dish, while the other two sneak out of the house to avoid being test subjects. For dinner Fish casserole. Yummmy NOT!!! Ha.

    Lizzie is also still communicating with her jail buddy behind her parents. I did not know a young person could secure their own PO Box? Cassie tells Charles she is ready to have sex. Tae is trying to let a young lady know he likes her, and listening to his friends he tries to chat with a young lady online and ends up in sex predator sting!!! As serious as that was, I could not help but laugh at his attempts to look older. Eyebrow pencil to fill in his mustache, and a hat. One of his friends says "Not social security old, old like 16." when Tae suggest he talks to someone 30 years old. Lizzie has to deal with her emotions when the Reverand has a heart attack, and later dies. Jen quits her job, and takes a job with a clinic. I must have missed it, but I don't recall her telling Eddie she has decided to leave the Hospital job. What I want to know is what is the deal with Charles Step Father? He must have a really shady past for Charles to not want Cassie to meet him!! It will be interesting to see that story line develop. NBA star Baron Davis guest starred on the episode as well as music artist Chrisette Michele. I laughed at the ending. "Baby the miracle is that we are alive", a comment about Eddies cooking.