Lincoln Heights

Season 2 Episode 10

The Vision

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on ABC Family
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The Vision
Eddie goes into protective mode when Tay is threatened by a gang member, and Cassie is disturbed when she hears that Charles was injured in a car accident.

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  • A really really great eiposde and tear jerker for sure...

    This episode was really strong especially on gang violence. We see Taye being threadened to join the gang..and that really effected him in the way he acted with people around him including his family. I don't blame him for getting that gun but that gun won't make everything better.

    Cassie was great in painting that wall, she had a hard time especially by the gang members who threathened her. She was really going through a rough time with Sage and Charles in the hospital.

    Desmond we can see crossed the line as one of the rules was to not invite a policeman's son to join the gang.. we can see that Taye was always protected by loved one's and Desmond's knew that he couldn't do anything and decided to shot him in the Peaceyard. Ruben saved Taye's life and that was really something special.

    Lizzie wanted always to make a differance and with the Church's property she did because that gave her courage to make a peaceyard and give others hope. We can see that there were a lot of people who had her back.

    This is a special episode and the ending of this season.. We can see real emotion in this episode... All these stuff are around us not matter if we want to see it or not!moreless
  • Eddie finds out that Taye is being threatened by a gang member, and Cassie is devasted when she hears that Charles was injured in a car accident.

    I had to work late so i was upset that i wasn't able to catch it the first time but I thought to myself maybe I dont' want to know what's going to happen on the season finale. Maybe Charles does end up in a wheel chair, if not maybe he isn't with Cassie and ends up with Sage who is ended up in a coma...ect. I was practically dancing around my booth to see this season finale i was afraid was going to end up being a tragedy.

    Completely opposite. Ok, Charle's mom gets an A+ from me because she did the right thing i getting rid of that 'Molester',Mac. Then Cassie was there for Charles he even woke up saying her name (How romantic is that). Ok it freaked me out for a second when they showed Sage thumping him and telling him to get dress so they could ditch LH. I was like "oh hell no!! She can't be awake and still looking good after getting punched in the face by a truck". I was pacing back and forth in my living room after that little outburst, but Charles was dreaming so then I went from angry to Cheering when Taye was walking down the sidewalk and ran into the gang. Taye's comeback was really funny "Don't call me that! I apologized,dang! what do you want a Cookie?!" LOL I was rollng with that. lol The boy is brave but Ruben was an angel in this and I hope it's not a game, because he is OG. I hope he really wants to change. Was it just me or did Eddie go crazy on Desmond. I Thought that was just HiLARIOUS as hell. Eddie getting out of the patrol car with a smile on his face and his club/stick in hand. Priceless. Then he beat the crap out of him while Powell tosses the taco on the ground for Eddie to ground Desmond face in it. PRiCELesS!! Loved it , Loved it. They went Ol School on them I just couldn't sit still through that entire scene it was so great. I thought Eddie and Powell were going to come to blows as temp partners but they did a complete 360' it was great. As for Lund, I know he is hurting. His only family is in a coma and he regrets saying what he said to her at school. I don't like the fact that he takes it out on Sutton though. It's like he is blaming Sutton for the things that he is going through. I see where Sage gets the poor attitude from, and hope when she wakes up she is changed. But honestly I think everyone in this show never gets a break from the constant trouble that is Lincoln Heights. Will the peace wall work? Even so we still need a season 3.moreless
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Darrin Dewitt Henson


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Jeff Licon

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Charles: (about the mural) I hope you finish it. Cassie, you have to do the stuff that matters to you; you never know when something's gonna happen.

    • Momma Taylor: The way I look at it, we brought those children into the world, raised them and sent them out. It's time to take 'em back, along with the neighborhood.
      Mrs. Weyburn: God giveth, and God taketh away; I think we're being too nice up in here.
      Momma Taylor: Too damn motherish.

    • Lund: (looking at the mural) This is way cool, Cassie, I love this color.
      Cassie: Purple represents blood. Human blood is actually purplish in color, but when it mixes with air it turns red.
      Lund: That's deep… but I don't get it.
      Cassie: Well, once it's red and it's left our bodies it's too late. It's been spilled, and a life has been wasted. Purple actually stands for hope, that there'll be no more bloodshed here or anywhere else.

    • Eddie: (about Cassie's mural) But what kind of parents would we be if we let her do this and she gets hurt?
      Jenn: And what kind of hypocrites are we if we don't help her? And to be honest, I don't think we can stop her.
      Eddie: Oh. Oh, I can stop her.

    • Lizzie: Oh come on, Cassie, there's lots you can do at the rec center, or what about the youth meeting at church? It's Bible quiz night.
      Tay: You really know how to have fun, Lizzie.

    • Tay: (bumps into Desmond) Oh! Sorry.
      Desmond: Yeah, you better be, bitch!
      Tay: Don't call me that! I said I was sorry. (looks at another Shiloh member) What you want from me, a cookie?!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Kathleen McGhee-Anderson and Anthony Sparks were nominated for the 2008 Image Award in the category Outstanding Writing in a Dramatic Series for this episode.

    • Quilt provided by: Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, a community after-school program for South Central Los Angeles children and teenagers with programs that include tutoring, gardening, college track, performing arts, etc.

    • One of the singers in the Peace Park Ceremony, Anita Dashiell-Sparks, is the wife of Anthony Sparks a co-writer of this episode.