Lincoln Heights

Season 1 Episode 11

Tricks and Treats

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on ABC Family
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Tricks and Treats
When Eddie's childhood friend, Dana Taylor, witnesses a murder she becomes the killer's next target. Dana seeks Eddie's help for protection and support, which fuels Jenn's anger and feelings of being in competitions with her.

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  • ABC Family is finally getting some life!!!

    What a great, exciting episode. It started with a bang. It was touching and heartfelt. I actually felt for the hooker. And I think it was great of the wife to allow her into her house. That showed she is confident, trusts and loved her husband, and respects him. This woman was like family to him. Her family helped him when he needed it, so he would do the same for her. I loved the double dutch competition and loved the kiss. And it was good to finally, finally see the wife doign something at work. she has previously gotten lost, but with that episode, I felt like we were finally getting to know her, this wife, mother, murse.

    They need more episodes like that!!!moreless
  • Excellent episode

    I’m suffering from withdrawals already. I know there are two more episodes left, and I wonder how things will end off.

    Dana runs into Cassie’sr in a store, not realizing she is Eddie and Jennifer’s daughter, but when Jennifer sees Cassie talking to Dana she grabs Cassie with the quick. Dana sees a friend being beat up and abducted and tries to help, but almost gets abucted herself. She manages to grab her pepper spray, and get away. Sadly she find out her friend was murdered, and will only talk to Eddie about the issue. Eddie knows who ever it is will not rest until he gets Dana, and feels the only way to protect her is to let her and Jerome stay at their house to Jennifers chagrin. Jennifer finally agrees, but she is not thrilled with the arrangement. Lizzie meanwhile is tired of the hood girls talking about her and challenges one of the big mouth girls to a double dutch contest. Jerome thinks Lizzie is hot, and Tay is not pleased. Tay’s reaction is actually very funny. Jennifer gets in trouble for incubating a patient at the hospital, but it turns out the Dr. Cole that got on her case about it is really a jerk. He feels if a woman is choosing to be a nurse or doctor she should be fully dedicated, while Jennifer has proven she can have both her career and family. That doctor has major issues, and he is simply rude. I was so happy Jennifer stood up to him and stood her ground. Dana and Jennifer have some words when Jennifer catches Dana talking to Cassie about sex. I did like that Dana told Cassie to her mother about sex. That was a responsible move. You could also tell that Jerome was hurting. He was missing his father, but trying to play tough to hide his pain. I liked it when Eddie told Jerome he would be there for him. I was excited when Lizzie won the double dutch contest. She did good. Hope folks will leave her alone, I mean who wants to make up a story about being kidnapped? This was a good episode, and I was happy Eddie was able to help Dana. I was also happy that Dana could see why Eddie married Jennifer, and was able to say so. I doubt Jennifer and Dana will be best friends, but I think there will be some respect, and they will get along okay.moreless
  • This show is becoming a favorite.

    I keep waiting for the next episode to not be able to live up to the previous one, but I was disproven.... again. Eddie's old girlfriend, Dana has to hide out at the Sutton's after she escapes from a cop whom she saw kill another woman. Eddie and Delilah find out who the cop is just as the cop takes Dana and kidnaps her. Delilah shoots out his tires and Eddie convinces him to let Dana go. Meanwhile, Jen is concerned of Dana's influence on Cassie, after she overhears Cassie talking to Dana about sex. But Jen and Dana resolve their differences and get along for everyone's sake. As for the Sutton kids? While Charles is away, Cassie practices baking the perfect cake for his return. Tay and Dana's son get along, for the most part. Lizzie challanges some neighbor girl to double dutch and with help from Cassie, wins. Two episodes left. Can't wait!moreless
Jacqueline Piñol

Jacqueline Piñol

Delilah Sandoval

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Scott Atkinson

Scott Atkinson


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Kenneth Choi

Kenneth Choi

Anthony Moon

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Tammy Townsend

Tammy Townsend

Dana Taylor

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    • Jenn: (of Dana) Eddie, how can I open up my home to a woman who's been nothing but insulting and nasty to me?
      Eddie: Be an example to her.

    • Dr. Cole: Sutton, two nurses called in sick, I'm gonna need you tonight.
      Jenn: Oh, I'm off at six, Dr. Cole.
      Dr. Cole: We all put in long hours around here, Sutton.
      Jenn: That's why I'm in the float pool, so I don't have to. It's spring break, my kids have been home alone all day.
      Dr. Cole: Floaters work overtime like everybody else. I'll see you at seven.
      Dr. McGhee: I'm jealous, I thought Cole and I had an exclusive thing going on.
      Jenn: No, he likes spreading his love around.

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