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  • Season 2
    • Four Friends
      Four Friends
      Episode 11
      Whilst waiting at Linda's for a taxi to take the four of them to a wedding, Jimmy arrives with a bloody nose. His new girlfriend Gaynor is responsible for his bleeding nose. However, it's not Jimmy who is bothering Gaynor, but Linda. She's envious of her relationship with Jimmy and feels threatened by it. With this in mind, Linda decides not to attend the wedding.

      The others don't want to go without her, so the four stay at her house and a party starts. With the alcohol flowing, Jimmy has something to say to Linda, something that could change their lives for ever.moreless
    • Dark Side of the Moon
      The day of Michelle and Darren's wedding arrives. Linda is a bridesmaid and Jimmy the best man. He's written his speech, remembered the rings, but forgotten to hire a car to get them to the registry office.

      They decide to hail a taxi to get to the registry office, but as he's trying to hail one, Jimmy is hit by a van. The wedding is cancelled as they go to the hospital with Jimmy. Linda volunteers to look after Jimmy at home.moreless
    • Easy Come, Easy Go
      Linda's new man. Matt is not the type who wants to spend his evenings at the club with her mates, he likes a more active life: playing golf (if you can call that active), roller blading and parachuting.

      Linda likes this, it's a change, but she soon realises Matt's motivation. It's not a thirst for adventure that drives Matt, but a desire to occupy his mind to stop him thinking about the break-up of his relationship with former girlfriend Karen.moreless
    • Like Father
      Like Father
      Episode 8
      It's Frank's birthday and like most men as they get older, he's in a bad mood and bemoaning the things in life on which he feels he has missed out.

      Later, at the club, he meets an old friend he last saw thirty years ago. Linda has spotted him too, he impresses Linda with his tales of world travel and it's not long before the inevitable happens.moreless
    • Viva Espana
      Viva Espana
      Episode 7
      Linda's overslept. Today, of all days she's overslept. She's supposed to be flying to Ibiza with Jimmy, Darren and Michelle, but she's missed the flight and they've gone without her.

      Unable to get another flight, she retreats to the coffee bar where she meets Marko.
    • Focus
      Episode 6
      A good-looking market researcher catches Linda's eye and she - unlike every other human in the world - offers to help. His name is Andy and he's looking for couples to attend a focus group to test a new brand of condom.

      Linda enlists the help of Jimmy to pose as her boyfriend so she can attend the focus group and more important, get to know Andy.moreless
    • Blind Date
      Blind Date
      Episode 5
      Linda agrees to do a favour for Colin, the favour is to go on a blind date with his recently divorced friend Stan. Stan could well be what Linda is looking for; he's good-looking, thoughtful, kind and most important: available! Sounds to good to be true...
    • New England
      New England
      Episode 4
      Linda meets Sukie - a PC eco-warrior - whilst demonstrating to save a local wood. After tangling with a policeman, Linda along with Sukie spend the night in the cells.

      Fighting good causes is Linda's new aim, whereas before her aim was men. She's inspired by Sukie who turns out to be more talk than action.moreless
    • Theresa
      Episode 3
      Linda becomes concerned at the amount of time Jimmy is spending at her house, they have been hanging out together as both are 'between relationships'. Their arrangement of sex with no ties seems to have gone too far - Jimmy seems to have moved in. He's even changed Linda's answerphone message to: "Hiya! We're not in at the moment, so leave a message for Linda and Jimmy after the bleep".

      Linda's had enough. It's time to do something about the situation.moreless
    • No Friends
      No Friends
      Episode 2
      It's Linda's birthday and she's all alone. There was to be a party but she cancelled it after a row with Michelle. A post-natal and paranoid Michelle saw Linda playfully pinch Darren's bum and snapped at Linda.

      Unable to convince Michelle that it was nothing serious, she's spending her birthday alone at home with a pizza and some beers. When the pizza delivery boy arrives, Linda pour her heart out to him; he tells her she needs a bit of Feng Shui in her life.moreless
    • Motherhood
      Episode 1
      Michelle and Darren have news, they are getting married and they are expecting another child. Linda is not too impressed, but Jimmy is starting to think about children of his own.

      All the baby talk makes Linda think about having children.
  • Season 1
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