Line of Fire

ABC (ended 2004)





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  • [recensione in italiano]

    Peccato che abbiano deciso di sospendere questo show. Oltre ad essere recitato molto bene, questa serie mostra una trama parallela all'azione dell'Fbi, la vita da infiltrato nella mafia di un agente. Questa soluzione narrativa spezza e riunisce con grande efficacia i singoli episodi. Line of Fire mette in scena un'ottima caratterizzazione dei personaggi, dipinti non solo nei loro gesti, ma con le loro debolezze che spesso li portano su una linea di confine tra il bene ed il male. Il conflitto è sempre presente in ogni personaggio. Queste caratteristiche rendono questa serie un piccolo gioiello di 13 episodi consigliatissimi a tutti!
  • This was an awesome show.

    This was one of the best shows on TV. The stories, plots, actors and directors were all subperb. Everything was very well thought out. ABC should have given it another shot on a different night. The series ender was also very pivital and could have gone in different directions. The Head Man's wife was about to testify against her husband, after one of his hendchmen raped her. Please ABC, WB or UPN please pick this series up from that spot and take off with it.

    Lesley Bibb is also a fantastic actress, she fit the series perfectly. David Paymer also plays a terrific bad guy. It was fun watching him play that part after his part in "The American President"
  • How I Loved this show very much and questions about why it got caneled. About the actors and actoress. How great and informative this show was. People should have watched this show every week and I think they would have gotten in to it and started to love

    This was one of the best shows on TV. It was very cutting edge and it made alot of sence. I wish it wasn't canceled. I don't know why no body watched it. It got into your mind and didn't go away you can tell that by how i am talking about it now still. This show was so different then all the other crim shows it was more indef into the police and the crimals lives. It made me think of how the other half on all of us lives day to day. The actors were also very good in this show.