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  • Season 1
    • Shadows of Iron
      Episode 26
      See more of your favorite Linebarrels characters than you ever have before as the JUDA crew slips out of their uniforms and into their swimsuits for a trip to the beach!
    • Rachel Calvin, a young American genius, has a hard time reaching JUDA headquarters after wild animals eat her map and a bulldozer crushes her credit card. Perhaps a dip in the hot springs will help her unwind!
    • Flowers of Steel
      Episode 24
      Yet again, Kouichi's rage - this time a result of Emi's death - elevates Linebarrel's fighting prowess to unfathomable heights. Could this finally be the mighty mech's ultimate true form?
    • 3/13/09
      The enemy invasion has begun and it's up to Koichi and his team to defend the earth. Koichi and his Linebarrel take it upon themselves to drive the invaders into the space-time continuum and back into their respective dimension. As Koichi and his Linebarrel blast off into space, Kizaki initiates a surprise attack against the infiltratorsâ?¦moreless
    • 3/6/09
      Standing in Koichi's way is none other than his nemesis: Moritsugu Reiji. Blasting forward, Moritsugu is prepared to show Koichi and company their inexperience and lack of power, compared to his. Unable to gain enough power and strength against Moritsugu, Koichi is left almost helpless. As Vardant's violent battle ensues, will Linebarrel be able to show off its power?moreless
    • Wings of Madness
      Episode 21
      It's now up to Koichi and the rest of JUDA to hold back the launch of the SPHEREs. However, Yamashita has a different mobilization unit out, after receiving a letter designating him to fulfill a special duty surrounding a secret reunion around the base of Mt. Fuji near the Aokigahara Sea of Trees. As Koichi races towards Yamashita, he is completely unaware of what is awaiting for him thereâ?¦moreless
    • The Man of Destiny
      Episode 20
      Since the last battle, Miu's slump hasn't gone away and with PAINKILLER unable to advance, has further prolonged her state. Miu' reckless drive to train, has left her body and spirit broken. Miu finally cheers up when Koichi comes to visit... Meanwhile, KATO-KIKAN has set up Spheres throughout the world on a large-scale trajectory to open up a multidimensional invasion. It's up to Shizuna and Izuna to convince the UN to take action...but will they listen?moreless
    • GLAIN-NEIDR, piloted by Masaki, appears in Misaki-cho and starts to install the last Sphere. Miu, Yamashita, and the JINRAI brigade led by Doumyouji return fire, but are no match. Meanwhile, Kouichi rescues Kizaki and heads back to JUDA, when he is stopped by Yajima. Yajima insists that Kouichi stop fighting and return to Risako. The two are unable to reconcile. On the beach in the pouring rain, APPARATION and LINEBARREL: Yajima and Kouichi exchange blows...moreless
    • Memento Mori
      Episode 18
      Following Yajima's instructions, Kouichi reaches an abandoned Russian base in search for Emi, but it was only Katou who was waiting for him there. Meanwhile, Yajima questions Emi about her feelings for Kouichi and the rest of the JUDA team struggles to protect Misaki City from an invasion from the enemy.moreless
    • 1/30/09
      Yajima returns while the puzzled Risako and Kouichi try to keep the secret of Yajima's so - called death. But behind the seemingly good comeback, Yajima reveals himslef to be the pilot of Apparition, one of Katou's new Machinas before the rest of JUDA during their party and kidnaps Kizaki as a mission from Katou.moreless
    • Judgment at Dusk
      Episode 16
      With a renewed sense of justice, the JUDA task force members begin their battle against the enemy. The first step is to regain JUDA which has been taken over by Kiriyama and his horde. While Kouichi diverts Kiriyama with LINEBARREL, the others sneak into the facility via an emergency route. As they make their way in, they find that the facility is protected by JUDA's state-of-the-art security system...!moreless
    • Vector
      Episode 15
      Kouichi and Kizaki find a safe area and take a brief but much needed refuge. Kizaki, who is starting to regain her memory, confesses to Kouichi that she is afraid of recalling memories she had long ago lost. Seeing Kizaki desperately fighting her angst, Kouichi makes a certain resolution. However, their peace is short-lived as they are suddenly attacked by IDATEN and KAGUTSUCHI piloted by Sawatari and Demitry.moreless
    • 1/9/09
      Unexpected incidents occur one after another. The secrets of LINEBARREL are revealed, leaving Kouichi in shock and others including Ogata in distress. Meanwhile, Kiriyama, who had aligned himself with the KATO-KIKAN, continues to tighten his control over Japan until the country virtually falls into Kiriyama's and KATO-KIKAN's hands. JUDA is acknowledged as the anti-national armed group and is attacked by the JINNRAI team of the SSDF. Kouichi tries to breach their defenses with LINEBARREL, which is the only working MACHINA leftâ?¦moreless
    • Black Executioner
      Episode 13
      The tropical vacation is still the hot topic discussed between Domyoji and the task force members. Only Kizaki does not seem to share their post-vacation hype. The vacation has also left an awkward rift between Kouichi and Kizaki. Kouichi and Yamashita are summoned to a meeting and head to Ishigami's room. At that instant, they hear a gunshot from Ishigami's room.moreless
    • 12/19/08
      Kunio rewards his team with a tropical getaway, but after a bizarre graveyard rendezvous and a giant squid attack, team JUDA will need a vacation to recover from their vacation.
    • Super Nova
      Episode 11
      Things look dire for Earth until Kouichi musters a desperate attack on the deranged and violent Riku. But even if he saves the world, Kouichi may not survive his latest mission.
    • Over Drive
      Episode 10
      It's Christmas, and Kouichi should be spending time with the mother of a fallen friend. Instead, he's blasting into space on a mission to save Earth from hijacked satellite weaponry.
    • 11/28/08
      JUDA mounts a recon mission to gather information about the spheres KATO is strategically positioning around the globe. Reiji berates a Factor for coming to his rescue instead of following orders.
    • Playful Devils
      Episode 8
      During a battle with KATO, Kouichi displays his talent for disobeying orders. As a result, the enemy is able to plant a mysterious sphere that could mean trouble for JUDA.
    • 11/14/08
      Kato unexpectedly arrives at JUDA headquarters to recruit Kouichi for his sinister mission. Back in the real world, Emi attracts attention from the cool guy at school.
    • A Radiant Night
      Episode 6
      Kouichi's first day at JUDA headquarters is downright brutal. He's been launched into space, seen Emi naked, and he's about to be sawed in half!
    • 10/31/08
      Kouichi awakens to find - much to his horror - that Yajima did not survive their altercation. Devastated, he rejects an offer to join JUDA only to reconsider after talking with Emi.
    • 10/24/08
      Yajima confronts Kouichi about his violent behavior, leading to a bloody brawl between old friends. Their reconciliation is quickly halted when a mechanized assassin emerges from the darkness.
    • Azure Terror
      Episode 3
      Kouichi's changed since the accident, and not necessarily for the better. He's giving his closest friends the cold shoulder, and even Emi finds it difficult to stomach his new attitude.
    • 10/10/08
      With his newfound powers, Kouichi seeks revenge against the ruthless bullies who once tormented him. Nothing can stop his mad quest for glory - not even the fact that he's dead.
    • 10/3/08
      A sudden crash-landing appears to give Kouichi the power he's always dreamed of possessing, but the mysterious and beautiful Emi has yet to reveal a devastating secret.