Lipstick Jungle

Season 2 Episode 1

Chapter Eight: Pandora's Box

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • A great kickoff to the second season that changes the game a bit.

    I know some may feel it's a cop-out to reveal Charles was cheating long before Nico so she doesn't come off as bad. But it's actually a nice dramatic touch that after wallowing in guilt over her affair, she finds out Charles was so much worse, knocking up a student and paying for her life while she was sneaking around. That he died is another shock as I had been expecting a confrontation about all this but now he's gone so Nico never gets that closure. It's a fine dramatic cap-off to the overall story and the promise of more for Nico.

    Mary Tyler Moore was a smart choice as Wendy's mom, feisty and controlling but the scene of them laying out the problems was nicely done. Victory's quest for her own place and dealing with Joe was difficult and a bit too flightly but Rosie Perez livened it up as the feisty marketer. And I liked the part at the beginning of Wendy busting her daughter on the fake ID.

    What really made the episode was the scenes of the girls together. Raver was terrific in the pre-funeral rant, drunk and trying to hold together while ranting on Charles' secret misdeeds and Victory and Wendy trying to keep up. But better was the part where they asked if any of her family was at the funeral and she smiled to let them know they were. That last bit of Nico in the cab was a bit much but it's still a good start to a season that may be even better than the first.
  • Lipstick Jungle season 2 premiered with a very solid opener!

    This was a pretty solid season finale from Lipstick Jungle. After only seven episodes during season one, I knew they would have to come back strong and they did. Nico's marriage is falling apart, literally, because she reveals all of the secrets about her being unfaithful with Kirby. Charles had already known about this because he had her trailed and photgraphed with Kirby. Charles also was involved in a relationship with student, Megan, who showed up to the hospital for Charles' double by-pass, where we find out that Megan is pregnant. Charles ends up dying from complications in the surgery. Meanwhile, Victory is still trying to avoid Joe Bennett at all costs because after they broke up last season, he found comfort in the arms of another. Victory, who now has a new publicist, Dahlia, played by Rosie Perez, is trying to just conduct her business. Dahlia convinces Victory to go into business with Joe, although she wants nothing to do with it. Dahlia goes behind her back anyway and gets the deal with Joe closed. And over on Wendy's side, her underage daughter is getting into clubs with a fake ID and her mother, played by Mary Tyler Moore shows up from Connecticut. She told her daughter she was in the city for a dental appointment, but she was really trying to get back into acting. She saw a headhunter who told her to go home and "open a yarn shop." Wendy settles things with her mother and daughter, Victory decides to go into business with Joe Bennett and Nico decides to hail a cab and take her new medical procedure out for a test drive.