Lipstick Jungle

Season 2 Episode 11

Chapter Eighteen: Indecent Exposure

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2008 on NBC

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  • Better than last week, with drama and light moments.

    After last week's somewhat abysmal episode the show picked up a bit with this episode. The romantic spark between Griffin and Nico was nice. Griffin is becoming a lot easier to bear these days. Wendy and Shane's marriage hits problems when it becomes apparent that he wants to o on tour with Natasha Bedingfield for 4 months and Wendy is clearly very put out by the idea. Josie appears to be manipulating Shane too and this leads to strife. Victory's storyline where she poses nude for her ad campaign was the main light-hearted element. Luckily Kirby was brought in as the photographer and managed to make sure the shots were all very tasteful. I am not sure how this series will end but things seem to be winding up just now.
  • Something to pique my interest

    I LOVE this show... Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen..BAM! The writer throws a curve ball. Nico and Kirby, kind of flirt with the thought of getting together again but as soon as Kirby realizes that Nico is trying to have a baby...his entire face drops! Victory FINALLY tells Joe the truth! YAY, for Andrew. This will be a great story line in the coming episodes. In the mean time Wendy and Shane are having "marital problems", SHane feels like she is not being supportive, and at the same time Wendy feels like he is all over the grid with his feelings. Josie, is a coniving little manager who puts her little nose into everything that has to do with Shane! arrrr! You can see the sparks of romanitc interest between Griffin and Nico, but you also wonder how that is going to work out with him being, Wendy's arch