Lipstick Jungle

Season 2 Episode 7

Chapter Fourteen: Let the Games Begin

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Victory and Nico confer at Victory's store and Victory informs Nico that Rodrigo is no more and wonders why Joe hasn't called to congratulate her on her opening. Nico worries about meeting Kirby's mother and decides to cook dinner for her. Tina Atwood arrives at Nico's apartment and Nico is shocked that she and Tina seem to be very similar. Wendy is working on her new project when Shane comes home with the news that he signed with a new manager, Josie Scotto. Wendy googles the woman and is unnerved to see how beautiful she is.

At dinner with Tina, Nico is upset to learn that Kirby told his mother how they started dating and later tells Kirby that she wishes she had an even playing field. Kirby apologizes to Nico saying that he is used to telling his mother everything. Meanwhile, Wendy and Shane share a dinner with Josie and Ted and discuss the movie Shane is composing for. Wendy is tense watching Josie compliments her husband while repeatedly touching his arm. Ted convinces Wendy to produce the movie and Shane seems uneasy but tells Wendy that he doesn't care if she works on the film with him. The next morning, Wendy bombards Shane with suggestions for the score and irritates Shane about it. Later in the afternoon, Wendy returns home and finds Josie working with Shane and sees that Josie is making herself at home.

Joe asks Ellen if she returned the ring for Victory. Ellen tries to convince Joe that he and Victory belong together. Joe tells her that he will return the ring. Nico goes to see Joe after talking with Wendy and Victory and tells Joe that Victory is done with Rodrigo.

Wendy and Shane get ready for the new magazine, Hang Time, launch party when Dennis shows up to pick up Taylor. Dennis brings a bottle of wine for Wendy as a peace offering. Shane tells Dennis that he is sorry to hear that Dennis' marriage has broken up. At the launch party, Nico can't help but feel that Tina is gunning for her. Tina tells Nico that she doesn't want Nico to hurt her son and questions Nico's level of commitment to Kirby. Kirby interrupts them and Nico tells Kirby to move in with her and asks in front of Kirby if they have Tina's blessing. Tina tells Kirby to think about how he shouldn't be a passenger in his own life. Wendy tells Shane that she is resigning as the producer for the movie and about Dennis kissing her. Shane is upset with her for waiting two weeks to tell him and leaves her at the party. Joe finally shows up at the party and doesn't really help Victory land the new account with the tennis star.

Shane and Wendy later make up and Wendy tells Shane of her insecurities. Kirby asks Nico if she would have chosen him if Charles hadn't died. Nico and Kirby say I love you to each other. Ellen stops by Victory's and tells her to go easy on Joe and tells her that Joe was going to propose to her.