Lipstick Jungle

Season 2 Episode 13

Chapter Twenty: La Vie En Pose

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Please dont let this be the last one!

    This episode was great! I hope that it is not the last one. It kind of gave us a little closure but also makes us hope to see the fruits of that closure. It is hard to see such a great show be put on the chopping block. Wendy shows in this episode that she can be a great mom and a good friend to her daughter. Nico shows he confusion between the men in her life, and the eventual return to Kirby. (Poor Griffin...I wonder how that will play out if they continue the show...) Victory and Joe FOREVER!!!! I am so happy that they are getting married, I hope that NBC will have the sense to bring this show back with Victory and Joe's wedding as a season premier! That would be awesome~~
  • Final montage of shots at the end wraps the show up.

    I know that Lipstick Jungle has been axed by NBC and the montage of shots tacked onto the end seemed to be a nod towards wrapping the series up. Victory's parents came to discuss her wedding plans and they were quite amusing, though rather stereotyped out-of-towners. Nico bounced between Griffin and Kirby, finally settling on Kirby. Wendy still seems in a rut at home and her teenage daughter has given her a hard time of late. They seemed to be reconciled towrads the end. There was much to enjoy here although the last bit seemed to be a hasty attempt at concluding the series which felt a bit too tacky and cringy.
  • Perfect ending just hope its not it...

    I got to say I absolutely love this show it has the ability to make me sad, mad, laugh, and cry all in a 40 minute episode. I don't know why and I hope I'm wrong about this episode, but it felt like a good-bye. It was like all the loose ends were now connected. Kirby goes back to Nico in the sweetest way ever. Joe and Victory after a troubled meeting with her parents end up happy about were they are going have their wedding and Wendy even with her husband gone and having all the mother-daughter troubles she ends up sleeping happily with Maddie. I mean what can all this say but that is the end of the show, and to add it more up a series of flashbacks from old times end up the episode.
    This was a great episode because everything seems to be in its right place and everyone was happy, but I just hope this is not the last episode we get to see from this 3 beautiful business women because it's a great show…thumps-up for Candace Bushnell for writing it!!
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