Lipstick Jungle

Season 1 Episode 2

Chapter Two: Nothing Sacred

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on NBC

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  • Love the actresses, can't get into the show.

    This episode should have been titled "Predictable Baskstabbing." I really had high hopes for this show. I was intrigued by the promos and I like Brooke Shields and Kim Raver. Unfortunately, the show has been disappointing. For instance, in the first episode, Nico cheats on her husband. There's no chance to even like her character before she becomes a cheater. What a turn off. In this episode, she continues to cheat but hides it from the 2 women who are supposed to be her confidantes. Wendy is supposed to be some high powered business woman but spends the entire episode - on company time with a company driver - running around like a crazed woman because someone wrote some mean things about her. Give me a break. As for Victory, in both episodes she says how she doesn't need anyone to save her but she keeps letting her brand-new boyfriend take care of her. The reality is ABC has it's own show of strong, successful women - Cashmere Mafia - and it's better. Sorry.