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Lipstick Cast finding New Jungles to Play In

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    [1]Mar 20, 2009
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    TV Guide Mar 23-29 Breaking News pg 12:

    Kim Ravor (see separate thread) - signed on for Grey's Anatomy creater Shonda Rhimes' drama pilot Inside the Box.

    Robert Buckley - Nico's favorite boy toy appeared in Privileged's last 2 episodes and may return if the series returns.

    Brooke Shields - hasn't yet snagged a new show but will keep busy as the spokesperson for Coppertone NutraShield.

    Andrew McCarthy - Victory's billionaire beau is set to play Brittany Snow's dad in Lily, the Gossip Girl prequel set in LA during the 80's. McCarthy plays record mogul Rick Rhodes with Lost's Cynthia Watros as his wife.

    Linday Price (see separate thread) - signed on to Eastwick, based on the movie and John Updike novel, The Witches of Eastwick. She plays a writer for a local paper who happens to be a powerful spell caster on the side. She's back as part of a female trio.
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    Joanna Garcia said that Bob Buckly would return as a regular it sucks it got cancelled he is so hot!He should appear in Sex & The City 2.Eastwick got picked up and Lily is supposedly getting picked up.But Inside The Box didn't get picked up though which really sucks.
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    Inside The Box is running next year after a few tweeks but I wonder if the tweeks include getting rid of Kim.But maybe Kim will return to 24!Robert Buckley bounced back from Privileged and got a role on One Tree Hill.I cannot wait for Eastwick!
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