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Writer's blog from Dec 12 2008

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    Writer's blog - December 12, 2008 - from

    Fans are having a hard time accepting the Bermuda Love Triangle of Nico, Kirby... and Griffin. So many comments saying: "I don't get Griffin!" and, "Keep Nico and Kirby together!" So here's some perspective from the writers' room on why we complicated Nico's love life. She's at a phase in her life where she has to make some hard choices. Being confronted with Baby Charlie awakened maternal feelings in Nico that she had long put aside. In this week's episode, she sets out to freeze her eggs and has to face the fact that she doesn't have a man in her life to fertilize them. Kirby's made it clear he's not ready for fatherhood -- she can't go to him. That's the kind of big-ticket relationship item that's gotta make her think, "Maybe I should be with someone who's more grown-up, more of an equal -- who's at the same stage of life. Someone like... Griffin Bell?" Don't forget, Charles was much older than Nico. He was her college professor. She's never dated a peer. So on the plus side for Griffin: they can be partners, talk shop. He understands her pressures. As her boss, he can have her back at the office. On the plus side for Kirby: he's fun. He loves to go to clubs and art openings, and keeps Nico young. Then again, Griffin is stable in his career. Kirby lives so hand-to-mouth. Which wouldn't be a problem, except for his pride. Remember he started taking embarrassing paparazzi photos to earn more money because he couldn't afford take-out sushi? Griffin is in more of a position to take care of Nico's needs, but when she came home from the hospital, all he brought her was a box of raisins? Hello, 1-800-Godiva? Oh, I don't know. I have to admit, I'm a Kirby fan, too. He reminds me of my college boyfriend, who used to tell me to "fire down" when I was getting too tense. Since we're all missing him these days, I caught up with Robert Buckley for a quick visit to talk about the good times he had swinging in the Jungle.

    Why do you think the Jungle is a show worth saving?
    I don't think we're done telling these characters' stories. We were just starting to know these characters. At 13 episodes, we're just starting to make their lives complicated. The relationships have so much room to explore, it's a shame to end it now. Kirby is amazing. Kidding. But I do want to know where he and Nico are going. So much is unresolved in our relationship. You know these two people are in love. The question is: Is that enough? They have legitimate obstacles. I don't know if love's enough to make it work.

    If the show doesn't come back, what will you miss?
    The people. Such an amazing group. I know it sounds cliché. But this experience has been so amazing. Tim Busfield. And Oliver Goldstick. Candace. They're so fantastic. Kim has been such an amazing friend and acting partner. The show brought me to New York for the first time. I've learned so much from these actors. And behind the camera. The idea that I won't be coming to work every day and seeing these people is sad.

    What was the funniest thing you remember from the show?
    All of the love scenes. There was always something funny going on that had us cracking up. The first love scene we had, Kim had had her baby a week prior. But she had to be sexy, and rolling around. We laughed so much. I was wearing the most embarrassing outfits. There's nothing that the show could throw us now that would embarrass us. Kim and Brooke, between being moms and leads on the show, they never had a free minute. I don't know how they did it, but they did. I'll miss them.

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    i happen to think its interesting Nco and Griffin. Nico needs a more grown up relationship because she wants kids and Kirby does not. Honestly, I think she should do what makes her happy, but if it was me I would have chosen Kirby.
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    I actually like Nico & Griffin and I wish the show had more time to see their relationship play out in its full.

    This show stood out and is worth saving because the way that relationships were created, molded, and have played out is so realistic and portrayed so perfectly. These characters and these relationships have real depth. That is what I will miss.

    There were a lot of funny moments, I wouldn't know where to start.
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