Lipstick Jungle

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on NBC

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  • I love this new show. And that is saying a lot coming from me. I'm not normally into this sort of things. I know absolutely nothing about fashion or men or careers, but I was still entertained.

    I love this new series. But mostly I love the character Victory. I've loved Lindsey Price since she appeared on Pepper Dennis and she scores in this series. The other two characters are interesting but I like her the most. And while I orginially thought her love interest was a jerk, but he's growing on me. Got to love the cupcakes too! Cupcakes rule!
    I also must say, Kin Ravers love interest is smoking! I mean, damn! And again, damn. No one she was seduced. I was seduced! And for all the men out there, writing on a women's leg your phone number is so sexy that they will not care who the hell you are. Great show! I look forward to seeing more!
  • It was worth watching the next episodes, cause this one didn't make the mark.

    I was downloading these episodes of Lipstick Jungle after I heard that they wouldn't be airing anymore until later. I had missed the pilot, so I was very excited to see it. But once I watched it, I was shocked. Not only was the usual Hector Nico's husband, but Kirby was some shy kid praying on an innocent woman! I mean, who actually calls up some random guy for sex? Kirby had this... wide-eyed deer-caught-in-headlights look about him when he was talking to Nico in this episode, but in the rest of the series, he's much cooler and calmer. And Nico herself in the pilot seems ashamed and disgusted, while in the second episode, she looks back on the experience with lust and a want to do it again. In the pilot, Wendy is getting a divorce, and has 3 children. Now, in the rest of the episodes, her husband has made a decision to let her make the money, and he'll stay home. And last, but not least, Victory has a very obnoxious boyfriend who becomes sweet and nothing like his pilot character in later episodes. He seems to be attached to his cell phone in the pilot, but then isn't later. I understand that pilots are sometimes filmed months in advance, but if you look carefully, in the second episode, you can see that Nico looks back on her affair with the REAL Kirby, and there is no mention of a divorce between Wendy and her husband. I just think that the shift is very odd, especially how Hector goes from being Nico's husband to boss, and Victory's life disintegrates so quickly.
  • Mediocre at best.

    I was not all that impressed by this show. I thought the pacing was a little slow. In addition, the characters are a little whiney to be such powerhouses. It seemed off. I'm going to continue watching in the hopes that it gets a little more interesting. One of the reason's I even started watching it was because of I've been a fan of Lindsay Price's for a while. I don't believe it was a horrible episode, I just think the characters need to be developed more and the story-line needs to be tightened up, then I think it would be a much better show. We'll see how I feel about it next week, but if it doesn't get a bit better, I'm thinking it will be tanked.
  • Too little Too late.....

    Well, this overly hyped show started about a month and half too late. ABC's Cashmere Mafia, slipped in and stole the limelight. It was an hour filled with bad acting and been there done that storyline. NBC should have spent less on advertising and more on getting the show on the air in time to compete with Cashmere Mafia. Maybe the second episode will be better put together, some times the first glance isn't always the best view. the show may mature with a few more episodes if it is even given that chance with the poor showing it put on in the first episode.
  • The next entry in the "star power" prime-time soap derby, certainly hyped by NBC, but not fresh or different.

    The debut of the series about attractive professional women - in a way a cross between "Sex and the City" and "Melrose Place".

    Right off the bat I will say that I prefer trashy but silly stuff like "Melrose" over the pretensions of "Sex and the City", and that I mostly payed attention to how Shields came off here. And Shields is marginally better than "Carrie" if only because we see that her work is more than her narration of the show (despite shallow references). The "cheating on your husband" lines of Nico in this episode are WAY overdrawn, despite more dialog, it's actually less realistic than the spur of the moment decisions of a B-grade soap opera.

    In a way, for me, this installment fails not because it takes the woman's point of view, but because it fails to acknowledge the point of view that men and women are equally stupid in terms of relationships - interestingly something that poorly written soap operas have known for decades - even if it takes them years to point out. The "pep talk" at the end of this installment does not really work either. Sorry, "we" all are "larger than life" as the dialog insists is far-fetched - likely, we aren't.

    So far, despite the production values here, I'm not seeing a lot new going on.
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