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  • Too Bad

    I am checking the show out now Sept/2014 for the first time and I read some of the reviews and it sounds like to me that the show might have made it if they had a different show Title!!!!

    And I never checked it out before because of the title but it actually has good story lines and good actors coming in, I would definately keep watching if they kept it going!!!!

    BUT I do think the Title killed it
  • I abosolutely LOVE this show, I recently started watching Lipstick Jungle on Netflix

    I abosolutely LOVE this show, I recently started watching Lipstick Jungle on Netflix, I couldn't stop watching them, it was the highlight of my day.....PLEASE bring it back. There is alot of crap shows out there, it's so sad this one only made it two seasons :(
  • The best critically acclaimed show I have ever watched during midseason. I like this show because it is way better than Gossip Girl. The critically acclaimed dramedy about three women living in New York City.


    I remember the show premiered on February 2008 and it ended eleven months later in January 2009. It was written by Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City. The story is well written. The characters on the show are Wendy Healy, the former president of Parador Pictures; Nico Reilly, the editor-in-chief of Bonfire magazine; and Victory Ford, the fashion designer. They are working women. I got a chance to watch it on hulu.

  • Bring them back!!

    Why did it end?? Don't understand... :-s
    I want to see more of Victory, Wendy and Nico (Nico and Kirby ;-) ) Even in the Netherlands they are popular! It's an excellent replacement for Sex in the City. No, a better replacement. So why stop? Does somebody know what the reason is? Who makes that decision? Like to understand ;-) Are the ratings really the low? And can someone tell me why the minimum words of this review has to be 100 words? My english isnt that good :-s Just want Lipstick Jungle to come back! What more can I say?

    What happened to this show !! I am such a huge fan of Lipstick Jungle and am mega upset that it got canceled. I loved Nico and Kirby soooo freaking much and they left it for people to wonder if they actually got together! I want it to come back. I heard that they are trying to get it back on the air but on a different network. Can anyone confirm to me if this is true or not? And why does this have to be 100 words minimum. I am running out of things to write. x o x o
  • Well dressed, successful, women do stuff in New York often involving unclad men, shopping, movies, fashion and fame.

    Yeah, fluffy fun. I thought Kim Raver, Brooke Shields and Lindsey um, forget her name, did a great job bringing these glitzy characters to life. Despite the Judith-Krantz fluff factor, every one of these women got to be, in spite of themselves, pretty darned real to me. How about the men? Nico's boy toy bored me. Nice to get a glimpse of Julian Sands, too bad Paul Blackthorne cannot seem to keep a shirt on, and who didn't know that Joe was going to buy Victory's company and also cheat on her? Did she get to keep her glammy closet full of yummies that he put together for her? I hope so. But seriously, for God's sake, enough with the Extemely Obvious Product Placement for Maybelline. That's obnoxious. But can I just say ... I did try the Shine Seduction Lip Plumping Gloss and it's divine!
  • I absolutely love this show... the characters are cool, and the story is wonderful. I have always liked Brooke Sheilds, and I am becoming a big fan of Kim Raver.

    There are many shows on TV but only a few that stand out and allow everyone to find something they like within it. Lipstick Jungle has become my new favourite show because of the characters and the actresses which portray them.

    Kim Raver and Brooke Sheilds are amazing people, and although I am more familiar with Brooke Sheilds, I am really beginning to like Kim's work. Nicco seems like a person I could relate to, and I love the work that she does. This is a new great TV series, and I can't wait to see more. Here's to the new show.
  • Three women; friends who are there for each other. These woman are important to each other so they find time to open up to each other.Having differences isn't always easy and this show is about learning how to have those differences and work through them.

    I sat down this Saturday and watch five episodes and I loved it right from the start. Easy to get into and easy to love. I was disappointed when I saw the season finale already. I think a lot of people can relate to one of the women, married, single, or having an affair. Having an all star cast makes it even more interesting. I also loved the fashion. It's so there. I can't wait to see what they are wearing next. Anyone who follows the trends will want to watch. Jewerly must be coming back; because I saw Wendy wearing a lot of it.

    I hope this show comes back.
  • 3 women powerful driven women,living in the big apple. what an amazing show!

    i love it!they should get picked up for the next season,and the season after that and the season after that and so on and so, i like brooke shield,love kim raver and and also Lindsay Price.the show is so fun and quite intriguing in a way that makes you want it more.. i wish more people would see that.. and please do NOT cancel! im already in love with the show because again it is so funny and racy and fashionable and cool and yeah thats it. oh and the stars are amazing! yeah, i have to say they are good at what they do.
  • love at first watch..^^

    well, this show is really great, although i have only seen the first episode last night - i know i will watch all as soon as they show it in my country.. The characters are amazing, three we-have-it-all-women, with great jobs, great guys, and great personality.. But, they are also human beings, whose iife are not always perfect, one day they can be on the top, but on the next day they can be on the bottom. This is why i love this show, it is just so close to our real life..
    I can't wait to watch it next week!
  • I absolutely love this show. Tonight we finally see the side of Nico we've been waiting for, Wendy is in full form and Victory finally seems to be looking elsewhere..

    Victory is a strong charasmatic woman who is under the thumb of Joe the billionaire. Come on Victory - you need to get out of that very poor position. Rodrigo is the new contractor who Victory hires to work on her new store and they have an instant connection which is so much more real than that of her and Joe. Nico finallly has a 'proper' date with her boytoy but i think he's much more than that. He seriously is hot and seems to care for her. Wendy is helping out a friend who is ill but who wants to complete a movie project before he dies... i think she will come unstuck by the moves she made here.. i hope not though. Awesome Episode.
  • This show is fantastic. I love that fact that everyone on the show is not 22. These women are intelligent, beautiful, and love life. They are each so great that I do not know which lady is my favorite.

    I must admit that due to the title of the show, I did not watch it when it first came on. I thought that it was probably something that wasn't quite my taste. However, I am happy to say that I was definitely WRONG. I like Nico's "go get it" attitude, plus she is beautiful and proves that being almost 40 isn't a bad thing. Victory is beautiful and fun. She is also great at her job and seems to balance out the trio. Wendy is what a lot of us women are: a career woman(atleast she was), wife, and mother. She is awesome.These women are amazing.

    NBC Hit the jackpot with this one! Awesome cast, great drama, fantastic story line, hip wardrobe! This show has got it all. Powerful show about strong women in corporate america that still have the same drama as the rest of us.They face the same struggles with work, kids, family, relationships. Great display of trying to balance it all out, and what it looks like when you can't. Nico's affair was a great hook line, Wendy's firing was a great way to throw in a curve ball, and Joe leaving Victory was a great way to keep an audeince watching. Who comes up with this stuff? I LOVE IT! I can't believe NBC is thinking about calling it quits.
  • It's the new Sex and the City.

    I am a hugh Sex And The City fan, so I was excited when I heard about this show. These women are beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women, and you can't help but love them. It seems like their lives are perfect but when you take a closer look everything is not has it seems. It's packed with drama that keeps you entertained. I loved the affair between Nico and Kirby, they are so cute together, it was horrible when she broke up with him to be with her husband, thank god that they finally became a couple. My favorite has to be Victory, because she's funny and she didn't give up when everything seemed to go wrong for her. I couldn't believe it when Joe slept with a women so quickly after they had broken up, but the other guy that she started seeing after him was gorgeous. I love this show because for once it's not based around a bunch of teenagers, it's something different. And different is good. I really hope that the show doesn't get canceled, because 2 season are simply not enough, and why would they cancel it, it's a great show. Here's to hoping and praying that it comes back for at least another season.
  • Not sure what the knuckle heads at NBC were thinking when they decided to cease production on lipstick jungle, and continued with Kath and Kim. Hopefully a more able group of network(FX) execs will realize what a gem this show is and pick it up. HELLO FX!

    Lipstick Jungle, very good one by the author of sex and the city. Very good series actually thought it was a show until it was finished and I started kicking myself because its so good but I'm not gonna get to watch it as much as I'd like to because I'm going back to school. Great story line each of the ladies are unique in their own way love the business and family line to it also. Another thumbs up for NBC this one really takes the cake i hope its as good as desperate housewives it actually seems like its gonna be better. Very good comeback for Brooke Shields and I love the role she's playing she fits it well.
  • I fell in love with all the characters...I found myself every week trying to figure out which character was my week it was Nico, next week it was Victory, and of course the next week Wendy.

    Summary of this show is that it made me look forward to whatever night it was one, it didn't matter, i was going to be their....i sat in suspense with my glass of wine just like they did...this show was so greatly cast, and written that it made me want to be part of their inner circle..god the characters were so awesome...i was never so thrilled for the next weeks episode since Gilmore Girls aired....i fell in love with this show and the cast...NBC needs to get their act together and bring this show back, or else they can just stick with thier lame line up...i watch nothing on NBC but this and Knight Rider
  • Amazing. This is what I want to see. I'm an independent woman with a mind of her own. I sometimes worry wether a woman can make it in this world. This shows you can.

    I think this has to get back to the screen. Every time I visit I go to Lipstick Jungle and hope that it says: Next episode airs tomorrow! Because it is great and something new. It is more relevent to the real world than all the others series. I mean, Gossip girl, grey's anatomy, no way. But this girl power gives me power. It is not only realistic (except for Joe), but it is moving and inspiring. Maybe it doesn't have the biggest viewing numbers, but this is more about the message it spreads than the numbers it brings in. Besides it may not have the young audience, but more the mothers and working women, the little bit older than 20 kind of type. I say: continue please!
  • It's no Sex and the City... but still enjoyable.

    After the end of Sex and the City I found myself wondering if there would ever be a show that could be better. I can't say Lipstick Jungle is, but this doesn't mean the show is not good. The performances are strong and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Kim Raver's performance as Nico Reilly. I also loved Victory Ford's (played by Lindsay Price) love story with Joe Bennet (by Andrew McCarthy). The show has its ups and downs, but we still get to see a lot of girl power, friendship and beautiful clothes and outfits. So, again, don't expect to be blown away by the show, but give it a chance... it really grows on you as it moves on.
  • its awesome

    the best thing since sex an city i can not believe they stopped production , an it should be called lipstick junkie cos i'm addicted, sort your head out nbc all my friends love this show bring it back or else!!! i got them hooked and now you've taken it away 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 bring it back
  • Sad because I love Sex And The City...

    I couldn't understand why I didn't like this show. Sex And The City is my favorite show. Is it because I don't like Brooke Sheilds? I wish I knew.

    I really hate this show and even though I know it's written by the same author as SATC was, I just don't feel the same way watching it. Lipstick Jungle doesn't have that same Sex And The City humor or drama in it. If I didn't know it was a book by Candace Bushnall (sp?) I would've thought it was a wannabe show.

    I have to say I'm glad this show is cancelled.
  • The lives of three women in powerful places in New York.

    Although this is no Sex and the City, it is an enjoyable bit of escapism to watch. It is a good contrast to so many dramas which focus on teens or early-twentysonmethings. It is nice to see a show that concentrates on women that are a little more mature than that. Some of the stories may be a little predictable but are not bad for all that. The male actors in this also play their parts well. I particularly like the character of Shane for his witty and often sarcastic remarks. It's a shame it has been cancelled after this season but hey ho, that's how it goes.
  • Candace Bushnell brings us the story of three hard working and professional women. It outlines the difficulties of being the best at what you do in a man's Manhattan.....see even man is in the city's name :)

    Not as good as Cashmere Mafia, but something that lets me remember that not all woman are worried about love, but their careers as well. Trashy in so far as it has great clothes, and many parties. I think it is ruined by Brooke Shields but loved the Aussie's in Cashmere Mafia. I think the Strike ruined both this show and Cashmere Mafia and it is too bad. Then again even just a complete season would be enough. Brits tend to do one or two seasons of 12 episodes and just make sure those are me this would be a contender of that mind set. Series do not need to go on for 20 years.....or to be canceled due to reality tele being cheaper to make.
  • Lipstick Jungle is basically about the lives of three friends who are trying to balance their career and personal lives. This show marks the return of 80's stars Brooke Shields and Andrew McCarthy.

    Wendy Healy is a famed movie producer/wife/mother of two kids, Nico Reilley is the editor-in-chief of a popular magazine and a wife of a noted professor, while fashion designer Victory is struggling to resurrect her empire with the help of a hunky billionaire. My favorite character is definitely Nico (played by Kim Raver). I'm also a fan of the Nico-Kirby team-up. I'm sure that a lot of the viewers do not agree with the extra-marital affair between the two, but these do happen in many marriages. What does not happen often, however, is that the younger guy is not just drop-dead gorgeous, but is also understanding of the wife's predicament. It is such a relief that Nico and Kirby can now see each other freely.

    It's not Sex and the City, I know, but I think this show has more substance for the career-oriented woman. Definitely my newest guilty pleasure!
  • A truly under appreciated show which is able to show the weaknesses in the characters even as we grow to really like them.

    I've heard a lot of stuff about how unoriginal this show is, and how like Cashmere Mafia it is. So what? This show is completely underrated. The characters are well defined and individual, and are refreshingly flawed. All of them seem like women who know who they are and where they are going, and yet all are equally confused and, in some ways, isolated.

    Wendy has to struggle through her relationships with her husband and daughter, while struggling with a demanding job and a book which threatened to ruin her. Of course she'd pursue that - the book would have decimated everything she'd worked for, personally and professionally. Nico's confusion is evident in her affair. She clearly loves her husband, but is unable to resist the physical lure of Kirby. Victory I love. She wants and tries so hard to be independent and be herself, especially to avoid getting lost in the image of her rich boyfriend. I love that she has access to anything she wants, but tries so hard to remain true to her own goals. I don't care what similarities this show has to others. The combination of characters, stories and actors in this show make this one the one worth watching.
  • I love this show, and I think it's very underappreciated.

    I love this show. Even though it is a lot like Cashmere Mafia, it has it's differences. I like how Victory Ford doesn't exactly have the best career, right now. It shows how one day you can be on the top and the next day be at the bottom. Wendy has a lot of family problems that I am sure most powerful women do. Nico is my favorite. She knows how to give commands and be in charge. I loved it when she went to Janice's office and showed her up. That is why I love Lipstick Jungle and I think it is underated.
  • amazing show! LOVE it

    amazing show! I absolutely love it! It's so good. The cast as perfect, the stories and possibility of future stories is just outstanding and i really hope it gets a full season. Alot of people are comparing this show to Cashmere Mafia, it just doesnt compare! They are 2 completely seperate shows and this one is VERY different! I actually like both shows! But Lipstick is still my favourite of the two. NBC if they give it a chance will definitely have a hit on their hands! My respect for author Candace Bushnell has just tripled knowing she is producing the series
  • I like this show and then I don't like it ... and then I do! I think my main problem is that it is too close to Cashmere Mafia ... in type of women not necessarily storyline ... but in its favour it does improve by each episode.

    It is possible to warm to the characters ... well maybe not all of them ... but I think with a bit more tweeking this could be good. The problem is ... will it ever be good enough and probably the answer is ... despite having two great British actors on board ... and a wonderful bit of eye candy in Kirby ... I doubt it ... it is just a bit too much of seen it, been there, bought the T-shirt and sold it to the charity shop!

    You see if I had to choose between this and Cashmere Mafia, I would have to go with the other one because the women are stronger, more interesting even, which is a shame because deep down there is nothing really wrong with these three either! It is I just don't see the two series lasting side by side and I can also see a point whereby some of the characters will start to grate ... like the daughter ... and already the nasty publisher!

    However, I refuse to give up on this series ... I will persevere until the writers can write no more!!
  • Really getting into this show!

    8.1 many of you think that it's too much like 'sex in the city'. Believe it or not there are actually some of us out there that didn't watch that show. *Gasp* Yes, it's true. I have not even seen one episode of 'Sex in the City'. I normally don't get into shows like this, but I watched the first episode (thought I would give it a try). I was hooked, had to know what happened the next week. Now I have my dvr set to record the season. This is one of those shows that I don't tell anyone that I'm actually watching. I like it and I hope it stays on for awhile.
  • Sadly, this show really missed the boat in a saturated market full of post-sex-in-the-city type shows.

    To be honest, there is nothing absolutely abysmal about this show and it has some pretty tidy story lines and some interesting characters. But lets face it - these kind of shows are a dime a dozen these days and this one kind of missed the boat a little. Comparisons to 'Sex in the City' and 'Sex in the City II' (also known as 'Cashmere Mafia'). There is little room on the box for more shows about hard done by women who are struggling to find their way in the corporate world. Its not that the show is incredibly bad or well made, its just that it seems a little stale now, and the storylines even have a familiar feel to them. By the way, how did the 'Womans Murder Club' end up. Lost interest in that one after the pilot.
  • It's a great piece of entertainment that is going to take its share of the ratings market, if left alone!

    I think it's fast paced & intriguing. I watch tv to relax & let my mind go away & get ready for the next day. I like entertainment that I can relate to as well as find funny. All the characters have there own interesting view of the world & I think the way each woman relates with the other two makes it believable. Programs don't seem to get a chance chance any longer. If the show doesn't get the majority of the viewer market before the 1st commercial set, it's not capable of being a "hit". This is going to be a sleeper & I think that if it doesn't get its time slot moved all over, it will be a keeper.
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