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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Saving Their Baby
      Saving Their Baby
      Episode 15
      Lisa and Paul think their new baby stork has been captured by Rene.
    • A Gift
      A Gift
      Episode 14
      Paul goes out alone looking for food but returns with something even more special than food.
    • A Nest of Their Own
      Lisa and Paul begin building a nest of their own'one they can call home.
    • Cloud of Locusts
      Cloud of Locusts
      Episode 12
      A cloud of locusts shake things up around the storks' African resting place.
    • Encounter with a Crocodile
      While Lisa and Paul explore their resting place, Paul goes missing and Lisa runs into a crocodile.
    • Separated from the Flock
      Lisa and Paul get separated from the group of traveling storks en route to Africa.
    • Holiday Trip to Africa
      Paul prepares to join Lisa and the rest of the storks for their annual holiday trip to Africa.
    • Escape from the Restaurant
      Lisa and Paul venture into a small town but trouble awaits them when they land near a restaurant.
    • Animal Protest
      Animal Protest
      Episode 7
      The entire lot of animals join together to protest against the humans' destruction of the pond.
    • Cleaning Up The Pond
      While fishing, Lisa and Paul soon realize no fish are left in the pond because it's being polluted.
    • Bird School
      Bird School
      Episode 5
      Lisa takes Paul to bird school with her, much to her classmates' surprise.
    • Lisa Meets Paul
      Lisa Meets Paul
      Episode 4
      On the wings of Lisa, Paul returns home but his family wants no part of his new girlfriend.
    • Lisa Learns to Fly
      Paul wants to be taken to his pond but Lisa has not yet learned how to fly.
    • Love at First Sight
      Served as the storks' dinner, Paul the frog meets Lisa the stork, and they both fall in love.
    • When Lisa Met Paul
      A hungry Papa Stork interrupts Paul and his fellow frogs lesson looking for a nice meal.