Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead

Lifetime (ended 2007)


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Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead
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So you think all psychics are frumpy and fashion-challenged? Enter Lisa Williams to debunk that myth: a young, attractive clairvoyant with a stylish edge and a cute accent who speaks to the dead. Proving that it's hip to be a medium, Lisa offers insight into the afterlife delivered just like your best friend doling out advice.
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  • Absolutely the most amazing thing I've ever seen!

    Lisa Williams may well be the ONLY real psychic medium on the planet. No 'fishing' for her; she delivers astoundingly perceptive and informed readings. Plus, she's got a lovely, warm and attractive personality. Even my very skeptical husband has become a huge fan of hers. Time and time again she gave us chills with her outstanding acuity. We are incredulous and bereft that this truly gifted woman's show has been dropped. We can only expect that Lisa will go on to bigger and better venues. Lifetime will regret their decision, as she leaves them behind in the dust, although we are grateful to them for bringing her to our attention. We love Lisa!moreless
  • I really enjoy Lisa Williams:LifeAmong The Dead. I heard that it may not continue. I do hope that this is not true.I find her program highly entertaining and her psychic abilities very accurate. Please continue her show.moreless

    I watch Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead every week and record it so that I can watch it again if I want. She could have her show on every night and I'd watch it. I do hope the rumors that it may be taken off the air are wrong. Her show is the reason I tune into Lifetime. She is a bright spot on an otherwise fairly predictable TV station. I also find America's Pyschic Challenge very entertaining. Though I understand it is meant to be done after eight weeks Lifetime could bring it back every so often.Please do not take Lisa Williams off the air.moreless
  • If you were once afraid of death you won't be after watching Lisa Williams.Just knowing that there is life after death and your family and loved ones are safe is a big relief, thank youmoreless

    I truly would love to be seen and read by Lisa Williams, is there a way for this to happen? When I watch her a get a feeling that I'm suppose to meet her, sometimes this feeling is over welming,watching her ,I feel a trust,that she is truely for real, she makes me feel that she and only she can help my heart and soul.In watching her and the things she says that only the person in front of her and the deceased would no, are undeniable.There is such a peace that comes over her clients face that is heartwarming.I can see that when they walk away, theres been such a burden released off of them,thankyoumoreless
  • Thank you!

    Your show is a comfort to so many. Bless you for sharing your gift! You are pure in heart and I believe in the afterlife and your ability to speak with the dead. My best friends 18 year old son committed suicide last month and I know he and his ex-wife are in pain. I wish they knew he was okay. They are fundimental Christians and they don't believe. I wish they did so they could find some peace. I would love to meet with you because I know I am surrounded with loved ones who have passed.moreless
  • Outstanding!

    Somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to reality shows with this type of theme, and I caught a recent episode mainly to entertain myself by studying, analyizing and coming up with other (logical, scientific, emotional)ways Lisa "does what she does"... I have to say I was truly amazed, and she kept my total attention with each segment of readings she performed on that particular episode. Especially the segment where she interacts with the ghost in the bar, and its "orbes" that we saw with her on the CCTV monitor in the back office.

    Truly outstanding AND entertaining. Cannot wait for next week's episode. Glad to have you in the states Lisa!!moreless
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