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Listen Up

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Jason Alexander stars in this comedy about a well-regarded sports talk show host and columnist who struggles to get the respect and admiration from his family that he gets from his fans. Based on the writings of real-life sports commentator and columnist Tony Kornheiser, Tony Kleinman is an irreverent sports show host who banters about all things sports with his witty sidekick, Bernie Widmer, a former football player turned sports show host, on their television talk show, Listen Up. Tony has also begun writing a humorous syndicated newspaper column that includes commentary on his family who are less than thrilled to have their trials and tribulations made public. Tony's wife, Dana works as a fundraiser. While not a sports fan, she is always supportive of her paranoid and obsessive-but-loving husband. Megan is the Kleinmans' 14-year-old know-it-all, soccer-playing daughter. Mickey is their 15-year-old golf prodigy son. While Tony's inability to self-edit before broadcasting his thoughts is what makes him most endearing to his fans, it keeps his friends and family on their toes as everything could be fodder for his column.moreless
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  • I disagree with the cancelling of this show.

    I found this show to be another clean cut show for family entertaining. Why is it if there is no violence or sex it doesn't make the cut. I found this show to be adorable and funny. I really enjoyed all the characters. I have always enjoyed Monday night lineup on CBS as my favorite night of television. I am afraid they are now going to bugger it up. Last year's lineup was perfect. I couldn't stand Jason Alexander's character on Sienfeld, made me crazy, but I really enjoyed him in Listen Up. I really hope there is enough feedback that this show returns to the air. Another good example of poor choices for cancellation.moreless
  • A great decent show that shouldn't have been cancelled.

    I hate when networks or companies decide to cancel shows sometimes without telling viewers! Thats just wrong! This show was good clean entertainment! Listen Up was a fairly decent show with good actors and great dialogue and episode plots. I loved many episodes of the series and this show didn't deserve to be cancelled! In my opinion, critic's stink.
  • not good. not bad either.

    it was okay. i first watched it cuz George Costanza was in it. I thought it was pretty bad, but kept watching it. It got funnier, but never made me laugh out loud. It had some potential and probably could have gotten even better. doop de doop shoop ya.

  • This show was very underappreciated when it was on the air. It was a different familial side of the old Costanza that we all knew and loved from Seinfeld, but this show was about his pretty normal family.moreless

    This show wasn't bad, it wasn't great, but it was worth the watch. I guess it was just too different of a role for the idiot Costanza we knew in Seinfeld.

    It was geared for the family audience for CBS but I guess audiences didn't click with the show or maybe just it's premise. The ratings weren't there I think because nowadays you have to have some controversy or explicitness about it to survive.

    At least it survived the Seinfeld curse (kind of) by standing tall for a full 22 episodes but got the axe just after the the season. I'm just glad that I have them all on my own DVDs, because I don't think they'll be released at all or anytime soon.moreless
  • This show had potential

    I feel that "Listen Up" had the potential to succeed more than one season. The show got decent ratings, and enough viewers that it should have at least been picked up for a second season. However, now a days, networks are just dishing out hunk after hunk after hunk of trash that get cancelled, if your lucky, within a year. Very few comedies are succeeding today, and one of the few successful ones left is "Will & Grace" which is now entering its 8th and final season during the 2005-2006 year. We can only hope that at least one or two of the new network comedies will succeed.moreless

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