Littl' Bits

Nickelodeon (ended 1991)


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Littl' Bits

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Premise: Littl' Bits lived in tiny cottages in the Foothill Forest and rode around on a flying squirrel named Help. Lillabit was basically the main character also Williebit, Browniebit, Snoozabit, and the older wiser Elderbit. The kids on the show would somehow get in trouble then figure it out eventually usually with the help of Elderbit. =================== It premeired in 1980 in Japan under the name: Mori no Yogi na Shojintachi: Berufi to Rirubitto In English it means: Cheerful Dwarves of the Forest: Belfy and Lillabit. In the USA The Littl' Bits appeared in 1991 on Nickelodeon's Nick JR. Lineup. The dwarf-like characters that lived in the town of Foothill Forrest included: Lillabit, Williebit, Snoozabit, Browniebit, Snagglebit, and the elder dwarf, Elderbit. The 26 episode show repeated 4 seasons on Nick before leaving the airwaves in 1995. Studio: Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd., Saban. Opening Theme Song: "Come join the fun with the Littl' Bits. They're all around our Littl' Bits. And I know that there's a lesson to be learned, come watch the Littl' Bitsand do it with love and care. They're full of love our Littl' Bits.Sometimes I wish.. I was a Littl' Bit.Cause with a little bit of love, the world can be, a better place for you and me. We're the Littl' Bits! We're the Littl' Bits! We're the Littl' Bits! Cause with a little bit of love, the world can be a better place for you and me." Characters: Lillabit - An orphan girl who lived with the village doctor who was always sleeping. Williebit -Lillibit's best friend. Snoozabit - Lillabit's Uncle. Edlerbit - old senior citizen, who gave advice to the young dwarfs. Snagglebit - the bossy son of the mayor. Mayor Bossabit - the mayor of Foothill Forrest. TeenyBit - Williebit's little sister. Snowfleet - the Flying Squirrel. Blue - the Hedgehog. ScaryBit - An evil witch. Note: Episode airdates are near impossible to get correct for this show, therefore they are estimated. Big Cartoon Database says that the first air date was May 1st for "The Mystical Monument", although "The Children's Festival" was the first episode. ====================== Company credits Production Companies * Faso Film S.r.l. * France 2 (FR 2) * France 3 (FR 3) * Il Dreamo * Mediaset * NHK * Saban International * Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd. Distributors * Nickelodeon Network * Saban International * Saban Productions =========================== The Japanese Cast: * Belfy (Lillabit): Youko Asagami * Lillibit (Willibit): Mayumi Tanaka * Napoleon (Snagglebit): Sachiko Chijimatsu * Chuchuna (Teenybit): Tsuneko Shitomi * Daggurin-sensei (Elderbit): Kaneta Kimitsuki * Narrator: Toshiko Maeda ================= Staff Japanese Version (Mori no Yoki wa Kobito-tachi Berufi to Rirubitto) * Series Director: Masayuki Hayashi * Episode Directors: Hiroshi Iwata, Mizuho Nishikubo * Screenplay/Storyboards: Akiyoshi Sakai, Naoko Miyake, Takao Koyama, Yoshiko Takaki, Yu Yamamoto * Original Music: Takeo Watanabe * Creators: Tatsunoko Production, Shigeru Yanagawa, Tomoyuki Miyata * Character Design: Akiko Shimomoto, Hiromitsu Morita * Chief Animator: Ippei Kuri * Producer for Tatsunoko: Akira Inoue * Production: Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd. * Broadcaster: Tokyo 12 Channel (January 7-July 7, 1980) English Version (The Littl' Bits) * Script: Michael McConnohie (episode 2) * Music: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy * Assistant Engineer: Darryl Coit, Kevin Newson, Ron Salaises * Assistants to the Producers: Amber Santilli, Jennifer Canaday, Sherry Jeffreys * Associate Producer: Eric S. Rollman * Editing Supervisor: Stacy Gale * Executive in Charge of Music: Ron Kenan * Executive Producer: Jerald E. Bergh * Film Transfers: Claudette Jones * Foley Engineer: R.D. Floyd * Music Coordinator; Lesa Scharnett * Music Editor: Mark Ryan-Martin, Nick Carr, Paul Ray * Music Engineer: Barron Abramovitch, Xavier Garcia * Music Supervistor: Andrew Dimitroff * Post Production Assistant: Julie Pelletier * Post Production Coordinator: France Morency * Post Production Director: Claudine Carpentier * Producer: Winston Richard * Re-Recording Engineer: Alain Roy, Clive Mizumoto, Francois Deschamps * Sound Effects Editor: John McGrath, John Valentino, Scott Page * Studio Supervisor: Barbara Parker * Supervising Producer: Winston Richard * Supervising Writer: Robert V. Barron * Title Art: Ron Salaises * Videotape Coordinator: Jim Cushinery * Videotape Editor: Tony Rastatter * Voice Director: Tim Reid * Voice Recording: Luc Hebert, Pierre L'Abbe ===================moreless