Littl' Bits

Season 1 Episode 5

Election Day

Aired Wednesday 1:00 AM May 29, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

It is November in Foothill Forest and all the adult littlebits are concerned with the winter harvest preparations.

Mayor Bossabit however is busy running for mayor once again. He has a little lunch party and invites the children over.

The children enjoy various desserts that Helpabit made.

Confusing democracy with monarchy Snagglebit says that he will automatically be mayor after his father.

Chip and Willibit tell Snagglebit that the only way that he can be mayor is if he gets elected.

Mayor Bossabit says that that is true.

Later on the children along with some of the adults hear the Mayor tell his campaign speech.

Apparently Mayor Bossabit's campaign speech hasn't changed much because a few of the adults are also mouthing along with him.

Of course he doesn't know this and is still confident that he has everyones attention.

Elderbit suggests that they really don't need an election because "everyone's so busy with the harvest',but Mayor Bossabit insisits on an election anyways.

The next day Elderbit, Mayor Bossabit, Snagglebit, Lillibit, Willibit, Chip, and Browniebit all wait at the polling place.

Everyone waits along time, but no voters come to show up. Finally Snagglebit can not stand it any more. He had his heart set on seeing his father elected again, and when no one shows up he has a tempertantrum and says that it isn't fair how the village is treating his dad when he has done so much for them. He then runs off.

Snagglebit then builds a little fire to sort out his thoughts. Willibit and Lillibit decide to do something so they meet up with some of the townsfolk who are busy with the harvest and ask them why they haven't voted. The answer is that everyone was to busy.

However Willibit and Lillibit convince the townsfolk that it is theier duty to vote. Suddenly someone yells "Fire!"

The Fire that Snagglebit has been burning had gotten out of hand. A race begins to stop the fire, Mayor Bossabit directs everybody to do their part to stop the fire. Thanks to the cooperation of the townsfolk and Mayor Bossabit's leadership skills the village is saved. The townsfolk thank the Mayor, but Mayor Bossabit says that he isn't the Mayor anymore because he wasn't officially elected.

One of the villagers says that the reason they didn't need an election was because they thought it was obvious that Mayor Bossabit would win again. And so Mayor Bossabit wins yet another election.
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