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Little Bill

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Little Bill
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Little Bill is the story of the Glover family, told through the viewpoint of the youngest son, Bill Glover Jr., affectionately known as Little Bill. Little Bill lives with his mother, Brenda, a photographer, Big Bill, a housing inspector for the city, his two older siblings, April and Bobby, and Brenda's grandmother, known as Alice The Great. Each episode usually consists of two stories showing Little Bill's home life or at school, illustrating the usual goings-on of a five year old's life. At the end of the show, Little Bill usually addresses the audience, recapping what happened to him and what he learned that day, prompting one of his other family members to ask, "Little Bill, who are you talking to?" Note: Little Bill is loosely based on the life of creator Bill Cosby, who was most likely referred to as Little Bill as a child since his name is William Henry Cosby, Jr. In real life, however, Dr. Cosby is the oldest of four brothers, not the youngest of three children. Congratulations to Little Bill, winner of 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program - Gregory Hines and Outstanding Children's Animated Program.

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  • Not too educational, but at least WATCHABLE.

    I admit that this show does have some good life lessons involved, but nonetheless, this show isn't too great to begin with. The plots are realistic, sure, but sometimes it either involves unfortunate events happening, or Little Bill getting emotionally hurt by April, his older sister (she's the worst character in this show because she's MEAN!!!). Bobby is okay, another one of Little Bill's older siblings, but is actually GOOD to Little Bill! The animation is kinda like South Park, but not as memorable. In conclusion, I guess this show is good for your kids, but you might not really like it.moreless
  • not a bad show, but decent for little kids

    this is a show where imagination really comes to play, just like in a dimension of imagination. imagine little bill himself if he is a doctor, he would heal others, but uses medicine, diagnosing status effects, but not using esuna for instant heal. kiku and fuschia's performances were fantastic, and very cute. kiku and fuschia are my favorite characters to begin with. ok, here are my predictions for a little bill spin off:

    1: kiku, fuschia, and andrew will be the main characters for a spin off.

    2: little bill and his family will make surprising cameos or brief appearances.

    3: the plot will be a kid friendly version of final fantasy franchise with a possibility of educational value like alot of math topics, and a possibility of healthy diet planning.

    4: kiku and fuschia will be best friends with each other.

    nickelodeon, you have made me the best cartoon characters ever, and now do the little bill spinoff in digital ink and paint to make the spin off happen someday, and about 17-23 seasons of this spin off with the voice actors:

    eunice cho (kiku), kimberly brooks (fuschia), and andrew (jeff bennett).moreless
  • Cool!

  • A decent preschool show

    only thing good on nick jr other than bubble guppies
  • Creepy faces, always about imagination and nothing else.

    That boy is creeping me out, he has the same smile as Barney!

    Plot: An African-American kid, Bill Cosby, always uses his imagination to explore the world all of the time, with unrealistic twists that are sometimes too ridiculous, and that always happens in every episode.

    Characters: They are creepy, not being racist, because I mean, they're creepy because of their faces! Those faces just sinks me down. Voice acting is average.

    Value: Yeah, it's good to imagine things while being a kid. But it has no value other than that.

    Art: Their body detail looks fine, but their faces is creepy! if this was a black & white show, then I guess it would do well. Animation needs a little improvement.

    Overall: 2. Man.....moreless

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