Little Bill

Season 1 Episode 8

Chicken Pox / Shipwreck Saturday

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jun 19, 2000 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Chicken Pox: The episode begins with Little Bill sick in bed with the chicken pox. Bobby is in the hallway celebrating the fact that he's going to a Blue Sox game. April is also excited. Little Bill puts on his hat and walks down the stairs. He tells Brenda that he's feeling better now and the chicken pox is gone. Big Bill tells Little Bill that they aren't gone because he still has spots on his face. Little Bill is upset because today is the Blue Sox game and they are his favorite team. Bobby asks his parents if Little Bill can come to the game. April argues that Little Bill has been in bed all week and deserves to have something fun. Brenda notes that it's a long trip to the city and Little Bill needs his rest. Little Bill asks Big Bill if he can go. Big Bill promises that there will be other games. Little Bill says he wants to go to this game. Brenda tells Little Bill that he has to stay home. Little Bill doesn't want to be home by himself. Brenda assures him that she will be here to watch him. Bobby tells Alice the Great that Little Bill can't go to the game. Alice the Great promises Little Bill that when he's better they will go to another Blue Sox game. Brenda assures everyone that Little Bill will be alright. Alice the Great promises Little Bill that he'll be better soon. Big Bill, Alice the Great, Bobby, and April leave the house. When they're gone, Little Bill sobs and says this is the worst day of his life. Brenda asks him where he's going. Little Bill says he's going back to bed. Brenda says she has a better idea for him. They go out to the living room to see that Brenda fixed the couch for Little Bill to sleep on. She says that he doesn't have to be cooped up in his room when they have the whole house to themselves. Brenda asks if he's comfy. Little Bill doesn't say anything. Brenda then gets his Captain Brainstorm figure out and says that it goes zip-zip-zip. Little Bill notes that Captain Brainstorm doesn't do that, but instead gets a lightning bolt into his antenna and he saves the day. Brenda knows that Little Bill is upset right now, but she notes that he never knows what surprises might be coming towards him today. Little Bill asks if there's a surprise. Brenda assures him that today is going to be a really great day. Brenda asks him what he wants to do. Little Bill says that he wants to watch the Blue Sox play baseball. Brenda pulls out the remote to the television and says that they can watch it on the television. Little Bill is a little happier about that. Brenda turns on the television and the Blue Sox are playing. The first pitch of the game is about to begin when the television screen goes fuzzy. Brenda gets up and tries to fix it, but it doesn't work. She notes that the television screen is broken. Little Bill is very upset. Brenda then pretends to watch the baseball game even though the screen is broken. She starts to chant that they want a pitcher that is better. Little Bill tells Brenda that he knows how to swing a baseball bat. He and Brenda imagine that they are at the baseball field. Brenda pitches Little Bill a baseball and Little Bill is able to hit it. The ball is a home run and he runs around the bases. He imagines that the fans are cheering and he's very happy. They are snapped out of their imagination because Little Bill is hungry. Brenda agrees. Brenda notes that she hears something in the kitchen. Little Bill doesn't hear anything. Brenda says that it sounds like something is gobbling. Little Bill asks if a turkey is in the kitchen. Brenda says that there are turkey dogs in the kitchen that she made for lunch. The two gobble into the kitchen and Little Bill eats his turkey dog. Little Bill asks if this is his surprise. Brenda says no, and adds that the surprise is bigger than a turkey dog. Little Bill wants to know what it is, but Brenda says that her lips are sealed. Little Bill asks if he can have a piece of chocolate cake as well. Brenda notes that he must be feeling better if he wants cake. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It's the mailwoman. Little Bill greets her and the mailwoman realizes that Little Bill is still sick. Little Bill says that he is. The mailwoman says that she brought him something to cheer him up. Little Bill realizes that the package is from Uncle Al and Fuchsia for him. Little Bill is excited and they thank the mailwoman. Little Bill sings that he got mail. He opens it and it's an elephant puzzle. Little Bill asks if this is his surprise. Brenda informs him that it isn't. Little Bill tells her that he always builds puzzles at school with Andrew, Kiku, and Fuchsia. He starts to put the elephant puzzle together. Little Bill starts to point out the different pieces of the elephant puzzle and he puts it all together. Little Bill asks Brenda if his friends will still remember him. He notes that he's been out sick from school for quite a while now. Brenda assures him that his friends haven't forgotten him. The doorbell rings again and Little Bill wonders if this is his surprise. Brenda says that he should go see. Little Bill runs to the door and asks who it is. It turns out to be Miss Murray. Little Bill is excited and lets her inside. Miss Murray asks him if he's feeling better. Little Bill says he's feeling a lot better. Miss Murray tells him that everyone missed him in school this week. Little Bill is happy that they missed him. Miss Murray shows Little Bill a big card that the whole class made for him. Little Bill is impressed and notes that they did a great job. There's a large glass of orange juice on the card and some hearts. Andrew drew Captain Brainstorm on the card. The kids also drew a picture of Little Bill with chicken pox, but the pox is actually little chickens. Little Bill laughs at how silly he looks. Big Bill, Alice the Great, Bobby, and April return from the Blue Sox game. They tell everyone that it was a great game and the Blue Sox won. Little Bill is happy that everyone is back and the Blue Sox won. Alice the Great gives Little Bill a blue cap and says that they bought it for him at the stadium. Little Bill thanks them. Bobby tells Little Bill that he's sorry he missed the game. Little Bill tells them that they missed a lot of things at home. Big Bill asks what happened. Little Bill tells everyone that he hit a home run in baseball. April is happy to hear that. Little Bill says that he got an elephant puzzle and a card from the class. The family is really happy that Little Bill had a good day. Little Bill says that despite having chicken pox this was the best day of his life. The episode ends with everyone together. Shipwreck Saturday: The episode begins with April bouncing her basketball in the kitchen. She pretends that she is going to shoot a basket, but Big Bill holds the ball still. He tells April that she needs to wait until they get to the park before she starts to play basketball. April agrees. Bobby brings out a kite that he is going to bring to the park. He says that it's going to fly higher than all of the other kites at the park. Little Bill has a boat that he and Big Bill made for the trip to the park. Little Bill shows Bobby that his boat is flying. April notes that boats don't fly, but they float on the water. Bobby notes they only float if they were made right and he asks Little Bill how he knows the boat will float. Big Bill insists that it looks like a strong boat to him. Little Bill looks it over and asks him about the story about the big whale and the boat. Big Bill knows that the story is Moby Dick and it's one of his favorite books. Little Bill says that he likes the book as well. Little Bill says that's what he's going to name the boat. Big Bill says that it's a good name, but the boat still needs one more thing. Big Bill holds out his two hands and cups them. Little Bill chooses one and there's a captain figure for the boat. Big Bill says that if the boat is going to sail then it needs a captain. Little Bill gives Big Bill a hug and thanks him. Little Bill glues the captain onto the boat and says it's perfect. Little Bill asks if they can leave for the park. Everyone is ready so they head out. The family arrives at the park to have some fun. There are a lot of people at the park today. Big Bill gets the picnic ready and starts to cook some hamburgers on the grill. Little Bill asks Big Bill to come sail the boat with him. Big Bill says that he has to get the burgers ready first and then he'll come out and help him. Little Bill agrees and heads out to sail the boat. He trips on a rock and the boat goes flying into the air. Little Bill is able to catch the boat before it hits the ground. Big Bill notes that was a very good catch. Little Bill walks down the park and sees Kiku and her grandmother, Mrs. Wong, sitting at a table playing with paper. Little Bill greets them and asks them what they are doing. Kiku says that it's origami. Little Bill doesn't know what that is. Mrs. Wong tells him that origami is when a person takes paper and folds it into different shapes. Little Bill sees some of the ones that they've made and realizes that they are a shell, a dog, a flower, and a castle. He says that the castle is where King Origami lives. Mrs. Wong notes that it was supposed to be a rabbit, but she admits that it can be a castle. Little Bill shows them the boat that he made. Kiku asks if he made it by himself. Little Bill says that Big Bill helped him make it and he's about to go sail it. Little Bill asks Kiku if he wants to come sail it with him. Mrs. Wong says that she's fine with that and Kiku comes along with Little Bill. Little Bill and Kiku walk down to the lake and put the boat in the water. It does float like they said it would. Big Bill notes that the boat is looking very good. The wind starts to pick up and it makes the boat sail along the coast of the lake. Little Bill and Kiku run after it and have fun. Kiku notes that it sails pretty fast. Bobby and April watch Little Bill as they fly their kite and play basketball. Little Bill is happy and notes that the boat is sailing. Little Bill and Kiku pretend that they are floating on the Moby Dick and they see a whale pop out of the water. Little Bill and Kiku say hello to the whale. Suddenly, Kiku yells out to Little Bill that something is wrong. Little Bill sees a man in a rowboat coming towards the Moby Dick. Little Bill and Kiku shout out to the man and tell him to watch out. However, the man has a headset on and is listening to music so he doesn't hear them. The kids continue to shout and Big Bill tries to get the man's attention too. However, he isn't able to hear them. He rows right over the Moby Dick. It breaks into pieces and the captain sinks to the bottom of the lake. Little Bill starts to cry over his boat being wrecked. Kiku suggests that they try to fix it. Little Bill continues to cry and Big Bill tells Little Bill that he's sorry this happened. Little Bill tells Big Bill that he wants to go home now. Big Bill asks what they're going to do about their cookout. Big Bill notes that April is playing basketball and Bobby is flying his kite. Little Bill is still upset that his boat is broken. Big Bill suggests that they try to fix it, but Little Bill notes that it's smashed to pieces. Big Bill tells him to try and find something else to do. He tells Little Bill that if he makes up his mind to have fun then he'll have fun. Big Bill tells him that they'll take a look at the boat. They walk down to the wrecked boat and Kiku notes that it can't sail anymore. Big Bill also notes that there aren't enough pieces to put the boat back together again. Little Bill starts to look at something and Big Bill asks him what he's looking at. Little Bill asks Big Bill if he knows how to make a kite. The group takes two sticks back to Mrs. Wong and the wrecked boat. They take the sail that was on the Moby Dick and they make it into a kite. Kiku even puts her ribbon on the kite to help it sail. When the kite is done, Little Bill brings the kite over to where Bobby is flying his. Bobby thinks the kite looks really cool. Little Bill tells him that it's a boat kite. Bobby asks if it flies. Little Bill and Kiku insist that it will. Little Bill and Kiku let it go and it does fly. It flies just as high as Bobby's and Alice the Great and Brenda note that the kite really is nicely made. The episode ends with Kiku, Little Bill, Bobby, and Big Bill flying kites at the park. Later that night, Little Bill is in his room with the kite he built. Little Bill tells the group that Captain Origami is sick with the chicken pox so he's going to have to pilot the boat kite for him. Little Bill sails it around and he says that it's going to fly really high. Big Bill calls into the room and asks Little Bill who he's talking to. Little Bill chuckles and the episode ends with Little Bill playing with the kite he built.
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