Little Bill

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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  • not a bad show, but decent for little kids

    this is a show where imagination really comes to play, just like in a dimension of imagination. imagine little bill himself if he is a doctor, he would heal others, but uses medicine, diagnosing status effects, but not using esuna for instant heal. kiku and fuschia's performances were fantastic, and very cute. kiku and fuschia are my favorite characters to begin with. ok, here are my predictions for a little bill spin off:

    1: kiku, fuschia, and andrew will be the main characters for a spin off.

    2: little bill and his family will make surprising cameos or brief appearances.

    3: the plot will be a kid friendly version of final fantasy franchise with a possibility of educational value like alot of math topics, and a possibility of healthy diet planning.

    4: kiku and fuschia will be best friends with each other.

    nickelodeon, you have made me the best cartoon characters ever, and now do the little bill spinoff in digital ink and paint to make the spin off happen someday, and about 17-23 seasons of this spin off with the voice actors:

    eunice cho (kiku), kimberly brooks (fuschia), and andrew (jeff bennett).