Little Bill

Season 2 Episode 7

The Birthday Present / The Birthday Party

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Sep 13, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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The Birthday Present: Little Bill and Brenda go shopping for a birthday present for Bill's cousin, Fuschia. Bill decides upon a toy robot called a "Gooey-Bot" that has a liquid goo in its stomach that wiggles around when you push a button on its head. Trying to prove he's grown up, Little Bill attempts to wrap Fuschia's present by himself, but he accidentally knocks it off the table while arranging the wrapping paper. When he picks it up, he notices the button the make the "gloop" move doesn't work anymore, and when he tries to fix it himself he just makes it worse, getting glue all over the toy. Little Bill hides when he hears Brenda coming, but she explains that she isn't angry if he broke the toy by accident, and there's still time before Fuschia's party to buy a replacement gift. The Birthday Party: Little Bill goes to his cousin Fuschia's birthday party pleased that his present is most likely the best gift. When he gets to the party, he tells his friend Andrew that he bought Fuschia the "Gooey-Bot," and is embarrassed to learn that Andrew got her one too. Little Bill tells Brenda he wants to go home because he doesn't want to be teased for buying the same present that someone else did since Fuschia will probably open Andrew's gift first. When it comes time for Fuschia to open her presents, she loves both dolls and tells Little Bill it's okay that she has two Gooey-Bots because the one Andrew gave her has orange goo inside and the one Bill gave her has pink goo, so to her it's like two different dolls that can play together.moreless

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  • I really love both of these episodes.

    The Birthday Present:I really think this is a fine example because it shows Little Bill loves his cousin Fuschia a lot and it tells that Little Bill remembered her birthday.In a lot of other shows the character seems to forget their friend`s birthday.

    The Birthday Party:This episode really surprised me because Little Bill`s best friend Andrew got the same present for Fuschia but Fuschia ended up liking both presents.I thought Little Bill and Andrew were going to get in a fight about the Gooey-Bots.But they made Fuschia like them both.I really am happy for Fuschia.moreless
Phylicia Rashad

Phylicia Rashad

Brenda Glover

Ruby Dee (I)

Ruby Dee (I)

Alice The Great

Tyler James Williams

Tyler James Williams

Bobby Glover (Season 3-4)

Xavier Pritchett

Xavier Pritchett

Little Bill Glover

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Monique Beasley

April Glover

Devon Malik Beckford

Devon Malik Beckford

Bobby Glover (Season 1-2)

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    • Fuschia's gifts seem to move around a lot. When Little Bill comes over to Fuschia after she's opened the two Gooey Bots to ask if she likes her presents, she's holding Andrew's orange bot in her right hand and Little Bill's pink bot in her left. But after Bill asks if it's okay that she got two dolls and the camera cuts back to her, the dolls have switched places. When her mother comes out with the birthday cake, the dolls are back in their original positions, but when she goes to blow out the candles on the cake, all of her birthday presents have disappeared completely from the yard. Uncle Al must clean up very fast. In addition, she never even opened up the two gifts Little Bill was playing around with at the beginning of the party trying to guess what was inside them, so we'll just have to be kept in suspense.

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    • Instead of the traditional song, "Happy Birthday To You," the family sings an original birthday song, written by Bill Cosby, to Fuschia.


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