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  • The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill/ The Big Swings

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 12 - 9/25/03

    The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill: Little Bill decides to measure himself using the family growth chart along the kitchen doorway, but his hand slips while making the mark and his new line falls below the old measurement that last time he checked his height. Now convinced he's shrinking, Little Bill consults the rest of the family about ways to grow bigger. Big Bill mentions how people grow at night while they sleep, and Alice the Great says eating the right foods helps growth. Bobby and April say stretching exercises help, but when Brenda catches the children trying to stretch Bill by pulling on his legs and arms, she puts a stop to the nonsense. Showing Bill how he made a mistake, Brenda measures him again and shows him he actually grew a little since last time.

    The Big Swings: At the park, Little Bill asks Alice the Great if he can play on the big playground equipment like April and Bobby do. Bobby promises to look after his little brother while April is playing basketball with her friend Tiny, but Little Bill gets scared when Bobby pushes him too high on the swings. Angry at Bobby, Little Bill decides to watch April play her game instead. When he gets bored with that, he goes over to climb the jungle gym, but freezes when he gets to the top. Bobby, who didn't want to play on the jungle gym himself because of a fear of heights, bravely overcomes his fear to rescue his brother.moreless
  • Number One On Honeywood Street/ Baseball Glovers

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 3/19/02

    Number One On Honeywood Street: April and Bobby are having a friendly competition of racing, and when April wins, she begins to brag that she's "Number One on Honeywood Street." The children run into Little Bill's friend, Andrew, and his visiting cousins, who claim that they win every type of game they play on their block. Spurred on by competitiveness, April challenges them to a series of track and field type games to prove who's the best. Andrew and Little Bill want to play on the same team, but April and Andrew's cousins argue that they have to play as families against another. When Andrew's team appears to be winning, April gets angry and accuses Bobby and Bill of not trying hard enough, so they quit playing. The other children make April realize that she is taking the game too seriously in wanting to be the best, and that they began playing the game as a way to have fun together. Baseball Glovers: It's time for the annual Glover Family Picnic and Baseball Playoff Game, but Big Bill isn't really in the mood to attend because Uncle Al's team always wins the big game, and he's tired of his brother's bragging. Alice the Great, the best player on Bill's team, says she's hoping they can win this year for a change, but worries about her knees aching which might keep her from playing. When they get to the park, Uncle Al starts his usual teasing, which annoys Big Bill. The families divide into teams, with Uncle Al, Aunt Vanessa, Aunt Debra and Uncle Gary playing against Big Bill, Brenda, Bobby, and Alice the Great, with April acting as catcher and umpire. Fuschia and Little Bill are considered too young to play, so they play cheerleaders for the teams. At the bottom of the game, with Uncle Al's team one run ahead, Brenda hits a fly ball that gets her to second base. When Alice the Great still worries about her knees when it's her turn to bat, Little Bill comes up with a great suggestion: He will be Alice's "Super Helper" and run the bases for her if she'll hit the ball. Alice the Great hits a home run, and Brenda and Little Bill bring in the winning score. Big Bill is so thrilled he lets Little Bill carry the trophy home for him.moreless
  • Michael Sleeps Over/ Michael's First Snow

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 6 - 3/6/02

    Michael Sleeps Over: Little Bill invites his friend Michael to spend the night when Michael's mother has to go out of town for the day. At first, Michael enjoys playing games and meeting the family, but by dinnertime, he becomes homesick and wants Big Bill to take him home. Little Bill tries to make Michael feel more comfortable by letting his friend sleep in his bed on Captain Brainstorm sheets, since Michael's bed at home has the same bedding. He also allows Michael to play with Elephant so Michael won't miss his own pet goldfish as much. When they finally go to sleep, Michael says he'll repay Little Bill for all his hospitality by inviting him to sleep over at his house.

    Michael's First Snow: As Brenda is putting the boys to bed, she notices that outside a heavy snowfall has started, and by morning the back yard is blanketed with snow. Michael remarks that since he grew up in Florida, where it's usually sunny all year round, that this is the first time he's seen snow. April, Bobby, and Little Bill quickly get caught up in the antics of snowball fights and making snowmen, but Michael tires of the cold after Bobby teaches him to make a snow angel. Remarking that he's all cold and wet from lying on his back to make the angel, Michael goes inside to warm up. Little Bill can't understand why his friend doesn't seem to be having as much fun as the rest of them, until April explains how some people just don't like cold weather as much as other people, and that's it's good that they're different. Michael points out that the good thing about coming inside after playing in the snow is having some of Big Bill's hot chocolate.moreless
  • A Day At The Beach/ The Get Well Song

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 5 - 2/12/02

    A Day At The Beach: The Glovers go to the beach for a day off, and while Big Bill just wants to relax, the children want him to join in with them and have some fun. They go swimming, play games, build sand castles, and go exploring for shells. As Big Bill lies down to finally try to relax, Little Bill suggests to his siblings that they bury their father in the sand. Although he pretends to protest, Big Bill actually enjoys not having to worry about moving and falls asleep while everybody else has lunch. Little Bill asks Brenda why Big Bill doesn't want to play, and she explains that his father is tired from the long drive to the beach and all the things he did for everybody else. When he realizes how much he appreciates all the things Big Bill does without being asked, Little Bill goes over to where Big Bill is lying and offers to read to him so they can relax together. The Get Well Song: Big Bill catches a cold and has to stay home from work. Little Bill volunteers to take care of him, but Bill and Brenda insist he go to school so he doesn't get sick, too. At school, Little Bill can't concentrate because he's worried about Big Bill; Fuschia, Andrew and Kiku suggest they make a Get Well card for Mr. Bill, like they did when Little Bill had Chicken Pox, to cheer him up. During music time, the children make up a Get Well Song that Miss Murray records so Little Bill will have a copy to bring home. When Little Bill comes home from school and gives Big Bill the card and the tape, his father says the thing that made him feel better was having Little Bill do all these nice things for him.moreless
  • Monty Visits / Mom's Trip

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 5/10/01

    Monty Visits: Little Bill is excited when Alice the Great tells him his friend Monty is coming over to spend the day; he brings all his favorite toys down to the living room so Monty won't have to worry about maneuvering his wheelchair upstairs. When Monty arrives, he seems to be more interested in helping Alice the Great prepare a sweet potato pie than playing any games. He tells her he wants to become a chef when he grows up, and is always helping his parents in the kitchen. Alice the Great appreciates the assistance and his company, but Bill gets angry that his great grandmother is taking away his friend; he becomes even more upset when Alice remarks that she loves Monty-- he thinks she loves Monty more than him. Alice explains that she is only being hospitable to Monty because he is a guest, and although she did say loves him as a good friend, she will never love anyone the way she loves Bill. Monty apologizes for upsetting Little Bill, and invites him to join in to make the pie.

    Mom's Trip
    : Brenda has to travel to New York City for the day to attend a work related day long seminar. Little Bill worries that he will miss her too much, and that they won't be able to do the usual things they do together, like take his bath or make dinner. Big Bill explains that Alice the Great is preparing supper, he will give Bill his bath, and that Brenda will be home the next morning. April and Bobby try to cheer their brother up by playing his favorite board game, but Little Bill frets about what to do with the piece Brenda plays with. His siblings say he can use both pieces to feel like he's playing the game with their mother, and he perks up when he wins. Brenda calls during dinner to check up on everyone, and they all tell her how much they miss her. After his bath, Little Bill joins Big Bill on the couch because neither one can sleep while waiting for Brenda to come home. They nod off sitting on the sofa, and Brenda gently wakes them up when she comes in the next morning, saying she kept her promise to be home at the appointed time.

  • The Violin Lesson / Squirmy

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 2 - 5/9/01

    The Violin Lesson: Little Bill is playing outside with Andrew and Kiku when they hear Bobby practicing his violin for an upcoming recital. Bobby is still a fairly new performer, so the violin occasionally squeaks while he's learning a new song. Little Bill and the others think the instrument sounds funny and start to imitate the noise. At dinner, Bill does his violin impression for his parents, but Bobby thinks his brother is making fun of him and runs off, hurt. April explains to Little Bill that learning to play an instrument takes time and practice, and that sometimes you might make mistakes. Bill apologizes to Bobby and asks him to play the new song he learned.

    Squirmy: Andrew and Bill are playing in the back yard when they see an earthworm crawling out of Alice The Great's garden. Little Bill is intrigued by the worm and decides to keep it as a pet, naming it Squirmy for the way it wiggles. When he asks for permission to keep it, however, Brenda is adamant about not having worms in the house and forces him to take it back outside. Bobby says that some animals, like insects and worms, are meant to live outside, while Alice the Great points out that earthworms help to make her garden grow better by digging up the soil. Little Bill finally understands that his "pet" would be better off living in the ground and lets Squirmy go.moreless
  • Ready, Set, Read!/ I Got A Letter

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 1 - 5/7/01

    Ready, Set, Read!: Little Bill decides he wants to learn to read after watching Bobby enjoy reading a joke book. At school, he asks Miss Murray for assistance, so she devises a word game of looking up things in the room that start with the same letter and writing the words on the board so the children can see how they're spelled. During story time, Miss Murray talks Bill through reading one of his favorite stories, Harry the Helpful Horse; Little Bill recognizes some of the words thanks to the game they played earlier. When he gets home, Little Bill shows Bobby how well he can read the story, and Bobby offers to help him learn the jokes in his book.

    I Got A Letter
    : When Little Bill helps Big Bill bring in the mail one afternoon, he asks how people get mail addressed to them. His father points out that in most cases, if you write a letter, you receive letters, so Little Bill chooses to write a letter to one of his friends. He draws a picture for Andrew, and Big Bill helps him address the envelope. A few days later, Andrew comes to school very excited and shows the class the letter Bill wrote. All the other children ask Miss Murray to teach them how to write letters, too. The next time Bill helps his father bring in the mail, Big Bill points out that Little Bill received letters from Kiku, Andrew and Fuschia. Little Bill decides to write his friends right back.

  • Elephant On the Loose / If a Bird Rings, Answer It!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 14 -

    Elephant is missing somewhere in the house! Little Bill is worried that he'll never see his furry friend again.
  • Copy Cat / Picture Day

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 11 - 12/4/00

    Copy Cat: At school, Little Bill and Andrew are pretending to be firemen when Andrew accuses Little Bill of not letting him have a turn driving the fire truck; Little Bill argues that he was just about to let Andrew drive, but he only wanted to finish taking his turn. They end the argument when they see Kiku and Fuschia playing Farmer. Fuschia is the farmer, and Kiku is playing a goat. Andrew says he wants to be the rooster on the farm, so everyone pretends to fall asleep in order for Andrew to crow in the morning; Little Bill becomes impatient and decides he wants to do the "cock-a-doodle-doo." Andrew, still angry over the fire truck incident and the fact that Bill stole his job as rooster, calls Little Bill a Copy Cat for always doing the same thing as him, then declares they aren't friends anymore. When he gets home, Little Bill, upset over what Andrew said, calls Bobby a Copy Cat after Bobby decides he wants a glass of apple juice upon seeing Bill drinking it. Alice the Great makes Bill understand that someone isn't a copycat just because they like the same things somebody else does. It just means they have similar interests. The next day, during an art class, Little Bill is afraid he will be called a copycat again because he inadvertantly drew a picture of a fire truck just like Andrew did, but Miss Murray gives the same advice his great grandmother did and helps Andrew see how he was mistaken. The two boys make up, and Bill lets Andrew drive the fire truck to make up the turn he didn't have yesterday. Picture Day: Little Bill's school is taking a class photograph for the yearbook, and he decides that he wants to choose his own clothing for the picture like his older siblings. He picks out his favorite clothes, thinking he will look good, but his combination of rain boots, a Captain Brainstorm T-Shirt, and shorts with ducks on it just makes him look funny. Trying not to hurt his feelings, Brenda gently explains that the outfit Bill has chosen is too light to wear on a fall day and he will be cold. Asking for help but still requesting to pick out his own outfit, Little Bill allows Brenda to put together a nice suit for him to wear for the photo, and asks to wear his favorite tie. Brenda asks if she can take a photo of him in his "summer clothes" before he changes.moreless
  • The Snack Helper / Buds

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 11/13/00

    The Snack Helper: At school, Little Bill is pleased to note on Miss Murray's assignment board that he has been chosen Snack Helper for the day; this means he gets to set up the table during snack time and choose who goes first when it's time to seat everybody. He soon realizes a problem in the job when all his friends want him to pick them to go first. Little Bill wants to be fair to his friends, but he doesn't want to choose one over the others for fear of angering the kids who weren't chosen. Getting an idea from a song they sang that morning, Little Bill asks Miss Murray if they can use the "Color Wheel" to decide who gets to go to the table first; Bill will spin the wheel, and whatever color the wheel stops on, whoever has the same color in their clothing can go first. Everybody has fun playing the game, and his friends decide that Bill's new method was a fair way of deciding.

    Buds: During recess, Kiku and Fuschia decide they want to use the sandbox to pretend to plant a flower garden. Little Bill and Andrew, seeing the construction equipment in a lot next to the school, ask if they can dig up the sand as construction workers. Kiku becomes upset as the boys dig up the sand and "ruin" her garden. She angrily states she never wants to play with them again. Hoping to cheer their friend up, Andrew and Little Bill try to pick some rosebuds off a bush in front of the school; this only makes Kiku angrier, because she knows that flower buds shouldn't be picked until the flowers bloom. The boys attempt to put the rosebuds back on, but Miss Murray explains that living things, like flowers, die if they are cut too soon and can't be put back on. Little Bill and Andrew apologize for what they did, and Bill suggests a compromise to their games: he and Kiku can pretend to plant the flower seeds, while Fuschia and Andrew can use the construction shovels to digs the holes they plant the flowers in.moreless
  • Rolling Along / The Stage Trick

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 9 - 10/9/00

    Rolling Along: As Miss Murray teaches the class gymnastics for physical education in the class, Little Bill becomes frustrated when it comes time for the students to practice forward rolls since he hasn't been able to do one successfully. Miss Murray suggests that Bill shouldn't give up and work on the exercise at home. In the back yard, Little Bill asks Alice the Great for help, but she recommends April help her brother because she's younger. April gives Little Bill the idea of imagining he's a round item to give him a better idea of how to bend properly for the exercise; Little Bill pictures his sister's basketball and Elephant's rolling ball, then tries the somersault, successfully finishing the roll. The next day, during gym class, Little Bill is the first one to volunteer so he can show Miss Murray that he can do it. The Stage Trick: Little Bill's class is performing a song in the spring pageant, and he is excited about his role as the Grass. During rehearsal, he gets stage fright and forgets his lines. Miss Murray tells him that it's okay to get nervous and stage fright is normal, but Little Bill is afraid of freezing up in front of the audience and says he wants to quit. Hoping to make everyone feel better, Miss Murray gives the kids a Stage Trick to combat the jitters: just before you go on, you take a deep breath and blow the fear away. Little Bill does his trick right before his big speech, and after the performance, April comments on how she enjoyed the part where the wind blew before Bill's song.moreless
  • A Trip To The Hospital / The Wrong Thing To Do

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 9/14/00

    A Trip To The Hospital: Little Bill is playing Cowboy in the back yard with his cousin Fuschia when he suddenly trips and falls on his arm. Crying out in pain, Little Bill fears he hurt himself, and Alice the Great determines that he has to go to the hospital to see if he broke anything. Brenda rushes over from work to assure Little Bill he'll be fine. At the hospital, Little Bill's doctor turns out to be Miss Murray's husband, Dr. Clinkscales, so Little Bill isn't as afraid since he knows Winthrop. Dr. Clinkscales takes x-rays of Bill's arm and diagnoses he broke his wrist, so Little Bill will have to wear a cast. As they leave the hospital, the doctor tells Brenda to give Bill a dish of ice cream as medicine.

    The Wrong Thing To Do: Cooped up inside the house because of his broken wrist, Little Bill becomes bored and frustrated since he's stuck inside while April, Bobby, and all his friends can play outside. Brenda suggests that he do something relaxing so as not to hurt his arm further and gives him some crayons to color with; Little Bill starts to draw a picture of his pet hamster, but when he notices a poster of a basketball player on April's door, he daydreams that he's all better and playing ball with her. When he looks up from his daydream, Bill is aghast to see that he doodled on April's door by mistake and drew a picture of himself on her poster. April is furious as Bill tries to explain that he didn't mean to do it and doesn't know how it happened. Brenda steps in and explains that drawing on the door was the wrong thing to do to show how angry he was at being unable to do his usual activities, but it isn't something that can't be fixed. She helps Bill clean up the poster, and he apologizes to April. Brenda then offers to help Little Bill pass the time by playing 'hospital' with him.moreless
  • The Birthday Present / The Birthday Party

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 9/13/00

    The Birthday Present: Little Bill and Brenda go shopping for a birthday present for Bill's cousin, Fuschia. Bill decides upon a toy robot called a "Gooey-Bot" that has a liquid goo in its stomach that wiggles around when you push a button on its head. Trying to prove he's grown up, Little Bill attempts to wrap Fuschia's present by himself, but he accidentally knocks it off the table while arranging the wrapping paper. When he picks it up, he notices the button the make the "gloop" move doesn't work anymore, and when he tries to fix it himself he just makes it worse, getting glue all over the toy. Little Bill hides when he hears Brenda coming, but she explains that she isn't angry if he broke the toy by accident, and there's still time before Fuschia's party to buy a replacement gift. The Birthday Party: Little Bill goes to his cousin Fuschia's birthday party pleased that his present is most likely the best gift. When he gets to the party, he tells his friend Andrew that he bought Fuschia the "Gooey-Bot," and is embarrassed to learn that Andrew got her one too. Little Bill tells Brenda he wants to go home because he doesn't want to be teased for buying the same present that someone else did since Fuschia will probably open Andrew's gift first. When it comes time for Fuschia to open her presents, she loves both dolls and tells Little Bill it's okay that she has two Gooey-Bots because the one Andrew gave her has orange goo inside and the one Bill gave her has pink goo, so to her it's like two different dolls that can play together.moreless
  • Are We There Yet? / Super Family Fun Land!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 9/8/00

    Are We There Yet?: The Glover family plans to spend the day at their favorite amusement park, Super Family Fun Land. Little Bill is put in charge of the maps since it's going to be a long drive before they reach the park. Bobby worries that their day will be ruined when it begins to rain while they're driving along, but Little Bill says that they should follow Alice the Great's advice about bad weather-- Keep your chin up high, smile at the sky, and wish those rain clouds bye, bye, bye. Little Bill tries her method and gets the rest of the family to join in; sure enough, shortly the storm lets up and the Glovers are on their way again.

    Super Family Fun Land: The family arrives at the amusement park, which has a bug theme about all its rides. Although everyone wants to go on different rides, Little Bill wants to go on as many rides as they can together-- as a family. They start off the day riding the spinning Spider ride, but Big Bill says it made him all 'wobbly' and has to sit down. April and Bobby want to go on the Centipede roller coaster, but Little Bill is disappointed to find he's too short to ride for safety reasons; Big Bill, who didn't want to go on the roller coaster anyway, offers to stay behind while the others go. Hoping to cheer Little Bill up, Big Bill takes him on a smaller roller coaster designed for kids, and he rides the Bumblebee ride while Big Bill watches because his father's too big. When the family gets back together, Little Bill suggests they do something together, and they decide to ride the merry-go-round. Big Bill then offers to take everybody out for lunch at one of the parks restaurants for "bug burgers."

  • The Promise / The Practice

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 9/7/00

    The Promise: When Little Bill runs out of his own belongings to bring to Show and Tell, he asks his sister April if he can borrow her basketball trophy to show. Bobby points out that the trophy is April's most prized possession, but April gives her permission and makes Little Bill promise to take care of the trophy. Unfortunately, despite Little Bill telling his friends that they couldn't touch the trophy after he showed it to them, somehow it gets misplaced during recess and the little basketball on the player's hand gets broken off. Little Bill is afraid April will be angry with him for breaking his promise, but Bobby suggests they try to fix the trophy. Little Bill sacrifices his most prized possession, a tiger's eye marble, to replace the missing basketball on the trophy, and his sister forgives him. The Practice: One morning, Brenda explains to Little Bill that after school he will have to attend April's basketball practice instead of coming straight home because Alice the Great has a dentist's appointment and can't look after him. Little Bill thinks he will be bored at the game and doesn't like having his routine disrupted, but April promises to take good care of him. At the gym, April gives Little Bill the usual snack Alice the Great makes for him-- apple juice and peanut butter on crackers-- and gives him a new coloring book to pass the time. After he finishes his snack and the book, Little Bill gets interested in watching April play basketball, and even offers to help the coach clean up the court after practice. April helps her brother score his first basket, and he admits it wasn't as boring as he thought it would be.moreless
  • Big Kid / The Bills Go To Work

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 3 - 9/6/00

    Big Kid: While watching his favorite TV show, Space Explorers, with Alice the Great, Little Bill tells her about the story, since Alice the Great fell asleep during the program. He points out that the show was all about how Captain Brainstorm's dog, Sparky, felt like he wasn't being treated like a 'big dog' and ran away; Little Bill says that sometimes he feels like the family treats him the same way and wants to do things like a "Big Kid" does. Alice the Great allows him to pour his own juice, and is very impressed when Little Bill cleans up his glass afterwards, because "that's what big kids do." When he goes upstairs to his room to play, Little Bill notices some of April's toys have fallen off her bed and volunteers to pick them up so April won't trip on them when she comes home. Alice the Great praises Little Bill for trying to act more grown up, but tells him there is plenty of time for him to be a big kid and to enjoy the time he still has as a "little kid" too.

    The Bills Go To Work: When Little Bill has a day off from school, Big Bill invites him to go to work with him at the office. He shows Little Bill how all the machines work that help him do his job, and introduces him to his coworkers. Little Bill is most impressed by the copy machine, and makes up a dance to go with the funny noises the copier makes when it's on. At lunchtime, Little Bill invites Big Bill to come to school with him so he can see what his son does all day. Big Bill states he thinks he'd enjoy naptime the most.moreless
  • Elephant On The Loose / If A Bird Rings, Answer It

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 9/5/00

    Elephant On The Loose: Little Bill's pet hamster, Elephant, sneaks out of his cage while Little Bill is trying to return him from Elephant's toy rolling ball so Bill can go shopping with Brenda and Bobby. Realizing his pet is missing, Little Bill won't let anyone leave the house until Elephant is found, for fear the hamster will crawl out the front door if it's opened. The entire family scours the house trying to find Elephant, but Little Bill finally coaxes the hamster to come out of hiding by offering a hamster treat and singing a song he made up about how much he loves his pet. If A Bird Rings, Answer It: While Brenda and the kids are walking home from shopping, they stop to answer a ringing pay telephone. Brenda finds it unusual to find nobody on the other end, until Little Bill notices the phone isn't ringing-- there's a parrot sitting on top of the booth imitating the phone's ring. The parrot, whom Brenda christens "Phone Dog" because the bird likes to mimic phones ringing and a dog bark, flies to Little Bill's shoulder when he makes the same noises. Despite pleas from the children to keep the bird, Brenda insists that such a talented bird must belong to someone and that they should find its owner. Brenda and Little Bill decide to consult Mr. Percy, and notice a "Lost Pet" poster in his store with a photo of Phone Dog, whose real name is Lorraine. Mr. Percy happily calls Lorraine's owner to let her know the Glovers found her parrot.moreless
  • Zoopity Zoo / The Neighborhood Park

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 9/4/00

    Zoopity Zoo: When Little Bill can't find his Captain Brainstorm doll before he's supposed to go to Andrew's house to play, Alice the Great suggests he clean the room up; Little Bill is reluctant to clean because he claims it isn't fun, so Alice the Great makes up a rhyming game using the phrase "1, 2, Zoopity Zoo" to make the job seem like playtime. Soon, Little Bill's bedroom is organized, and he even helps Andrew clean up his messy room when he goes over to play. The Neighborhood Park: As Big Bill and Little Bill are walking to the park downtown to play ball, Little Bill asks his father why there isn't a local park closer to their house. Big Bill explains that there aren't too many vacant areas for parks near them, but when they stop at Uncle Al's store for a snack, Little Bill suggests that the vacant garbage cluttered lot across the street from the store would make a perfect park area. Inspired, Uncle Al volunteers that his family, the rest of the Glovers, and some of the nearby neighbors get together that weekend and clean the lot up. With everyone pitching in, Little Bill and his friends assist Big Bill in the garbage collection, Alice the Great plants a garden, Brenda photographs the whole project for her story in the paper, and Uncle Al contributes free refreshments for a job well done.moreless
  • Chicken Pox / Shipwreck Saturday

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 6/19/00

    Chicken Pox: Little Bill is recovering from the Chicken Pox and is disappointed that he won't be able to attend a Blue Sox baseball game with the rest of the family. Brenda tries to cheer him up by watching the game on TV, but the cable goes out, so they pretend to play the game themselves. Little Bill perks up after he receives a puzzle in the mail from his cousin Fuschia, and Miss Murray stops by with a get well card from his friends.

    Shipwreck Saturday: The Glovers have decided to hold a cookout with family and friends, and Little Bill is excited to float the boat he made with Big Bill, the Moby Dick. Unfortunately, while he is sailing the boat with Kiku, an unobservant rower crashes into the toy boat and smashes it. Kiku suggests they try to fix the boat, and using some of Kiku's grandmother's origami paper, they transform the boat into the Moby Kite and join Bobby in his kite sailing.moreless
  • The Zoo / My Pet Elephant

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 2/20/00

    The Zoo: Miss Murray takes the class to the zoo, and Little Bill is very excited to see his favorite animals, the elephants. He asks Miss Murray if they can see the elephants first, but his teacher points out that they are going to follow the zoo map, and unfortunately, the elephants are the last exhibit. Bill waits patiently, and when they finally get to the elephant cage, the other children want to leave because the elephants are shy about coming out. Bill does his impersonation of an elephant roar and gets the attention of a baby elephant.

    My Pet Elephant
    : After his trip to the zoo, Little Bill decides he wants a pet, and asks Brenda for permission to pick out an animal at the pet store. Brenda relents when the rest of the family, including Big Bill, beg her too. When Little Bill asks if he can have an elephant for his pet, Brenda explains that elephants are too big to live in houses. With some help from Mr. Percy, the pet store owner, Little Bill settles on a hamster and names it Elephant.

  • The Meanest Thing To Say / Lavatory Story

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 2/6/00

    The Meanest Thing To Say: Little Bill and his friends are playing a game portraying pirates when their teacher, Miss Murray, introduces a new student, Michael, who has moved to New York from Florida. During recess, Little Bill and the others try to include Michael in their basketball game, but Michael is more interested in playing a "ranking" game, where people are supposed to say hurtful things to one another. Although the children say they refuse to participate, Michael doesn't listen and starts saying mean things to Little Bill, who stays silent. Michael threatens that he'll just keep saying insults if Little Bill doesn't "play" the game tomorrow, so Little Bill attempts to practice making up mean things to say by pretending to be a pirate. April overhears her brother acting out of character and tells their parents; when Big Bill learns of Michael's games, he explains how "ranking" used to be a popular game when he was a boy, too, and that he always won his matches by countering his opponent's insults by stating "So?" because what they said wasn't true. Big Bill proves this by asking Little Bill what Michael called him at school, and asking if what he said is true. Little Bill knows the remarks are false, so the next day he tries his father's tactics and gets Michael to understand that nobody wants to hurt each other, and that the game is wrong. Michael realizes he was trying too hard to make new friends, and acted mean out of fear.

    Lavatory Story: Michael and Little Bill are making tracings of their hands in art class when Michael realizes he has to go to the bathroom. Little Bill asks Miss Murray for permission to show Michael where the lavatory (Teacher's fancy word for Bathroom) is since Michael is a new student. On the way to the boy's room, Michael becomes curious about some of the displays in the hallway, so Little Bill gives him a quick tour of the school. Before they know it, they've passed the restroom and have to retrace their steps backwards to go back to where they started so Michael can go relieve himself.

  • Guppies / The Magic Quilt

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 1/9/00

    Guppies: Little is Bill is pretending to swim in his daily bath when Brenda suggests he start swimming classes with his cousin Fuschia. At the pool, Little Bill is afraid to get in the water because of its size. Brenda and Fuschia carefully ease Bill into the water by getting in slowly and showing him that he'll be safe while they are with him. By the time the Guppies class is about to start, Little Bill is happily playing in the pool.

    The Magic Quilt: Little Bill can't sleep one night and asks Alice the Great to help him investigate "the Thing" in his closet that is keeping him awake. Alice the Great checks the closet out, and after determining "the Thing" must have left because of her, gives Little Bill a special 'magic quilt' with colorful patches that will help him get to sleep. She tells him to think about how the patches remind him of happy times and he won't think about the things that scare him. Little Bill quickly drifts off to sleep, and the next morning, when he mentions how Alice helped him, Bobby, April and Brenda tell him how Alice used the quilt with them, too.moreless
  • The Dollar / The Choice

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 12/19/99

    The Dollar: Little Bill finds a dollar on the street, but Alice the Great insists that Bill find out who owns the money before he can keep it. When no one responds to Bill's questioning "Who lost a dollar?," she lets him have it and tells him they can go to his Uncle Al's store after school. At the store, Little Bill wants to buy many toys for his friends, but Uncle Al explains that the things he wants cost more that one dollar. When Uncle Al points out that four quarters make up a dollar, Bill gets an idea; he trades in the dollar for four quarters and buys his friends toys that cost 25 cents from a vending machine.

    The Choice: Brenda takes the children to the grocery store and announces that the children can choose what type of cereal she buys, but they can only choose one box. Bobby, April and Little Bill each want a different type of cereal, so they hold contests to see who gets to choose. Little Bill gets the final say and decides to pick a variety box set so everybody can have the kind of cereal they wanted but they stay within Brenda's guideline.moreless
  • Monty's Roar / Natural Root Pals

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 12/12/99

    Monty's Roar:
    Alice the Great invites an old friend over and she brings her grandson, Monty, along to play with Little Bill. Little Bill is a little uneasy about how to act around Monty, who uses a wheelchair. The two boys quickly become fast friends after Monty mentions his love of dinosaurs and they begin to play a dinosaur game, pretending to eat the room and stomp around making squawking noises.

    Natural Root Pals:
    When Brenda takes Little Bill along on her trip to the hair salon, he becomes bored since he has no one to play with. Several minutes later, his classmate Dorado arrives with his mother, Valencia, and the boys amuse themselves by pretending to go on a "space walk" using the hair dryers as helmets. Brenda and Dorado's mother agree to schedule their hair appointments at the same time so the boys can play together.moreless
  • Just A Baby / The Campout

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 11/28/99

    Just A Baby: Brenda's sister, Debra, arrives for a visit with her new baby, Jamal. Little Bill accidentally frightens the baby when he sings too loudly, and Big Bill explains how babies like soft music like lullabies. Aunt Debra gives Bill the job of telling her when Jamal has woken from a nap, but when the baby spits up, Little Bill fears "he broke the baby." Bobby teaches Little Bill that babies sometimes make messes and shows him how to hold Jamal properly.

    The Campout: Little Bill and his friend, Andrew, decide to have a pretend camp out in the back yard. They set up umbrellas to stand in for their tent, and go hiking, imagining Bill's neighbor, Mrs. Shapiro, is a bear. Bobby joins in after he finishes raking the leaves and makes up some sleeping bags from old grocery sacks. When Andrew has to go home for supper, Little Bill and Bobby ask Alice the Great if they can continue the camp out by having dinner outside.moreless

  • Making Mother's Day / Picture Perfect

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    Making Mother's Day: On Mother's Day, Big Bill and the children go all out to make the day special for Brenda. They let her sleep late and prepare a special breakfast in bed. April makes a tie-dyed T-shirt in Brenda's favorite colors, while Bobby creates a hand made card. Little Bill is very excited about a paperweight he made out of clay, until he realizes that he left it at school and can't retrieve it Monday. The rest of the family tries to cheer up Little Bill, who's upset that everybody else has a present but him. April and Bobby offer to let Bill share their gifts, but he gets inspired while assisting Big Bill fix the breakfast plate and decides to make up a story for his mother about "the Pancake family and how they celebrated Mother's Day." Brenda enjoys all her presents and gets a special kick out of being able to eat Little Bill's "characters." Picture Perfect: Little Bill decides he wants to learn how to use a camera after seeing his mother at work as a professional photographer. Although Brenda tries to show Little Bill what to do to take good photos, he becomes impatient and just decides to test the camera out, shooting candid pictures of his friends and family. When Brenda develops the photos for him, Bill sees that they are blurry and sometimes chop off people's heads unintentionally; he asks his mother what he did wrong, and Brenda gives him simple instructions on how to take time to focus the subject of the photo to get the best picture. Little Bill goes around a second time to take new pictures of Bobby, Alice the Great, Brenda and Big Bill, and Mrs. Shapiro, and his next set of pictures come out much better.moreless
  • Little Bill's Adventure With Captain Brainstorm

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    The actor who portrays Captain Brainstorm, the star of Little Bill's favorite TV show, Space Explorers, is making a public appearance at the local mall. Brenda takes Little Bill, Fuschia, Andrew, and Kiku to the shopping mall to meet their idol, and Little Bill is especially excited since he took the time to create a Captain Brainstorm picture book as a gift for the actor. When their turn comes to pose for a photo, the other children rush up to the stage, but Little Bill suddenly becomes shy and doesn't want to go up. Brenda says it's okay to be nervous around strangers and offers to take everyone out for lunch. As they eat their pizza, Kiku tries to cheer Little Bill up by asking him to read his story book to them. Little Bill tells a tale of how Captain Brainstorm landed his spaceship in the Glover's back yard and asked Little Bill to come with him to the planet Yubba to rescue the other Space Explorers. After asking permission from Brenda, Little Bill happily agrees to go along, and his pet hamster Elephant sneaks aboard the ship. When they get to Yubba, Captain Brainstorm explains that the other explorers are trapped in a cave by a giant robot, and he needs assistance to save them. Little Bill suggests they find the key to shut the robot off, and must summon all his courage when they discover he's the only one small enough to fit through a hatch they found in the robot's back. He bravely enters the robot's opening, finds the shutoff key, and the operator of the machine, a small alien named Max. Max states he built the robot to be friendly because he's too shy to approach people due to his small stature, and wanted to be bigger, but he accidentally got the robot's foot stuck in the cave and didn't mean to trap Captain Brainstorm's friends. Little Bill convinces Max he should face up to his fears and learn to make friends, and introduces him to Elephant and Captain Brainstorm. Max suggests that they all use Captain Brainstorm's ship to attempt to pull the robot out of the cave, and the Space Explorers are saved, thanks to Max and Little Bill. When Little Bill finishes his story, Brenda suggests they make a second attempt to approach the actor playing Captain Brainstorm, and tells her son to follow the lessons he wrote in his story. Fortunately, Captain Brainstorm hasn't left yet, and Little Bill shyly goes over to the man and introduces himself; he gives Captain Brainstorm the picture book,and Brenda asks if she can take a photo of him and the children. The performer happily obliges, and puts Little Bill on his shoulder for the shot while Andrew, Kiku and Fuschia stand in front.moreless