Little Britain USA

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Little Britain USA

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Based on the humor of UK comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams, this BBC sketch comedy transplant will make its home at HBO. Set to be directed by David Schwimmer, the show will be shot on location and in a studio. A second series has been confirmed to take place in 2009.

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AIRED ON 3/13/2009

Season 1 : Episode 7


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    • great show not as good as the british version though

      Little Britain USA, an American television series, originated as a spin-off of the British BBC's Little Britain show.

      As in the British series, Matt Lucas and David Walliams play the majority of the characters, such as Lou and Andy, Daffyd Thomas, Sebastian Love, Marjorie Dawes and Vicky Pollard, as well as new characters not seen in the British series.

      The six-part first season started filming in March 2008 in Wilmington, North Carolina.[3] The first episode of the season was first shown on HBO in the United States, then in Canada on The Movie Network on 28 September 2008 and then on BBC One on 3 October in the UK.

      New guest stars include Rachael Harris, Bob Stephenson, Paul Rudd (as the President of France), Hilarie Burton, Vivica A. Fox, and Sting. Michael Patrick Jann served as executive producer of the series and directed the majority of the shows. David Schwimmer directed studio-based segments of the show.Rosie O'Donnell also makes an appearance in a "Fat Fighters" segment.

      main charactars * Marjorie Dawes (Works at an American branch of FatFighters) * Bubbles DeVere (Goes on a luxury cruise to Rio) * Vicky Pollard (Goes to an American boot camp after being thrown out of Disney World) * Daffyd Thomas (Goes to university in America) * Sebastian Love (Becomes Prime Minister of the UK) * Carol Beer (Works at an American hospital) * Lou and Andy (Go on holiday) * Harvey Pincher (Visits his American relatives) * Emily Howard (Goes to America) * Linda Flint (Works at an American university, as does Martin)moreless
    • Little Britain USA is a british show that came to the states after its major success over in England. And I have to say it is an amazing, rude and loud show and I love it. Can't wait for season 2moreless

      I love Little Britain USA.I have seen the other show in Ireland which is called "Little Britain" while I was there and I fell in love with the show right off the bat. It was like Monty Python meets South Park and had a baby named "Little Britain". Which went on to have another baby "Little Britain USA". I know what I am saying is weird but thats why I love the show. Its weird and funny and rude all at the same time. Its a show worth watching if you have not seen it before, so get out there and watch "Little Britain USA" on HBO, or on DVD if your like me and don't have HBO.moreless
    • The show is vulgar, crude and over the top, just what i like.

      The show is vulgar, crude and over the top. The jokes are usually cynical and occasionally cruel. That doesn't make them less funny it just means you might feel guilty for laughing. I love Little Britain and found the first ep of LB USA to be hysterical. I like that the familiar characters are there, but also that they have picked up some American stereotypes and done them pretty well. The gym buddies skit had me roaring out of mt chair. I was concerned they were going to tone down their humor for American audiences, and was glad that in general they didn't.moreless
    • Won't they ever learn really a second series what for?

      What on earth are the BBC thinking in transmitting this abject rubbish - when these two started they were fresh and very funny if somewhat irreverent but like many shows they just did not know when to stop. Two series of Little Britain UK was fine but it got painfully worse as they made a third and went into more rubber suits and women that appeared naked, vomited over people, peed in supermarkets and tried to be so cleaver that I am sure they felt they were only there to amuse themselves rather than the public.

      And now after six episodes of the USA version, I am amazed that HBO allowed it by paying for it and that the BBC allowed themselves to transmit it. The naked men in the shower was not funny from the first episode and frankly their constant appearances belittled the original talent that Lucas and Walliams once had.

      I was very hopeful that the BBC would not allow any more to be made or transmitted and I was sure our American cousins did not find this form of British "humour" at all to their taste. HBO must be mad to have given them a second series. Even the laughter track is half hearted and both Lucas and Walliams looked uncomfortable throughout the whole enterprise. Move on – like Catherine Tate who is by far more intelligent, witty and talented.moreless
    • It's just not funny anymore.

      They used to be good but they have totally lost it with this. it's just lost it's flavour. The Lou & Andy sketches still are funny but the rest of it isn't guys. Little Britain is a great piece of comedy Series 1&2 were fantastic and lol funny but this isn't. Yes I know it's had to be re-geared for the US audience but it just doesn't work. You should of left it on a high after Series 3 guys sorry. It's like the americans weren't going to dins it funny anyway. Too many of our comics try and make it stateside and why? They have sucess and straight away they want to go to hollywood. Ronnie Barker never did and he was our own and that's something modern comics should follow.moreless

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