Little Britain

Season 2 Episode 8

Little, Little Britain

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2005 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Little, Little Britain
Part 1: • The Chief Admiral invites the Prime Minister to see one of the Navy's ships to judge the condition of the defence forces, but Sebastian insinuates he has alteria motives. • "Munwheel in Throttle, a lunch order is being taken". A posh gentlemen orders Hubba Bubba (bubblegum). • Whilst sitting on the toilet, Andy issues Lou with his toughest challange yet. He wants Lou to invite George Michael(s) to his birthday dinner. Lou, true to character, honours his request, but will Andy be pleased? Part 2: • Robbie Williams walks into what he thinks is a branch of Burton's, quickly finding out it's under new management, Robbie gets the Emily and Florance treatment. • The bank staff are arranging a fun run for Comic Relief, Carol checks with the computer to see if she'll be involved. • Judy and Maggie attend a fete and sample some scones made by Baloo - an African lady. • Trisha - 'Families Reunited'. Tempers run high as Vicky is reunited with her father Ken. Part 3: • Dennis Waterman gets a part in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, of course all the music's already written. • Daffyd turns reporter and asks Sir Elton John a series of very probing questions for The Llandewi Breffi Gazette. • Lou takes Andy to an athletics track to do some training for the fun run but is completely unaware that Andy is doing something far more spectacular behind his back...moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Lou: So birthday boy what do you want for your mains?
        Andy: I want that one! (points randomly)
        Lou: Ice cream... And what do you want for pudding?
        Andy: That one! (points randomly)
        Lou: Garlic bread....

      • Daffyd: You were the chairman of Watford football club weren't you?
        Sir Elton: Yes that's right.
        Daffyd: What she [Old Ma Evans] want's to know is did you let the manager make the decisions, or did you come down and pull someone off at half time?

      • Daffyd: When you're not writing or recording, you like to do live concerts don't you?
        Sir Elton: Yes.
        Daffyd: Yes, in fact you've recently been playing in Las Vegas. Do you enjoy filling Celine Dion's slot?

      • (Daffyd Interview's Sir Elton John)
        Daffyd: I've often seen you out and about with this chap David Furnish, is he one of your nephews?
        Sir Elton: No.
        Daffyd: (writing) Close, friend.

      • Vicky: Come on Trisha, let's do a Lesbian show!

      • Trisha: Ken, I believe there is something you wanted to say?
        Ken: Yeah. (looks at Vicky) I wanna DNA test.

      • Vicky: You can well shut up Trisha Goddard you total minger!

      • Vicky: Talk to the face cos the hand ain't listenin'!

      • Ken: Well I didn't get the mother's name, but I think she called our daughter Victoria.

      • Robbie: (in a high pitched voice) Woo, hoo, I'm a lady!
        Emily: (in a deep voice) Bloody puff!

      • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! It's been called heaven on earth and it's easy to see why. Ribeana is plentiful, shoe laces are available in different lengths and there's a new Fred Bassett cartoon strip in the Daily Mail every day! But let's not forget the people of Britain for it is they what make it good and nice and it is that lot we look at today. Yipideedoodaa!

    • NOTES (3)

      • All sketches featured in this episode were released on DVD before their Broadcast within Big Hair and Beyond with £3.40 of the £4.99 price tag going to the Comic Relief charity. By the time this episode was broadcast, 370,000 copies of the DVD had been sold raising an amazing £1,250,000 for Comic Relief. This special edition DVD is now no longer produced, however this episode can now be found on Disc 2 of the Little Britian Series 2 DVD Set.

      • It was obvious that the Sir Elton John interview wasn't rehearsed as Sir Elton couldn't stop laughing at the innuendo soaked lines from Matt Lucas' Daffyd. Sir Elton gave as good as he got however and one of his responses even set Lucas himself off laughing out of character.

      • The Trisha sketch is filmed on the genuine Trisha set with authentic on screen logos, captions and idents.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Comic Relief: Charity

        Comic Relief is the BBCs biggest telethon which runs every two years and raises huge (millions) amounts of cash to improve peoples lives all over the world.

      • Narrator: The Cub Scout movement was founded by Lord Badan Powell who took much of his inspiration from the Jungle Book by Walt Disney.

        Reference to the much loved novel The Jungle Book which of course was actually written by Rudyard Kippling.

      • Vicky Pollard Appears on 'Trisha'.

        Trisha was a long running daytime talk show on ITV. Since this programme was made, 'Trisha' has been moved to rival TV channel Five, given a new name and a new set. ITV replaced 'Trisha' with 'The Springer Show'.