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  • This show is pretty repetitive and is not as good as some people make it out to be...

    Well, This show is pretty repetitive and is not as good as some people make it out to be. Lou and Andy is probably one of my least favourite sketches. It's always the same old thing repeated. But it's still pretty good. To be honest I've always thought that Sebastian and the PM is one of the funniest sketches on the show. The rubbish transvestites one can get annoying. My favourite season was the first one. Why? Well because it had Ray McCooney of course. He was one of the funniest characters on Little Britain. They have to bring him back to this show.
  • Little Britain was good on the first season but the second and third seasons are crap.

    Little Britain was good one the first season and I even have the first season on DVD. But I think the second and third seasons are crap because they get a bit rude and filfthy. I don't like the bit in the second season where that lady cleans the dog mess up and puts it in silly places and the don't like the bit in the third season where those 2 fat ladies strip off. I wish that they had of never done and second and third season now and only done just a first. The funniest bit on the first season is where they have a dog for a pupil at the school.
  • More something to say you watch, rather than enjoy watching.

    You could describe this as 'another' sketch show. And you would be quite right to, but this has one party piece: it was the first 'big' British sketch show, which has since been followed by a load of crap.

    That's the thing with Little Britain. When it first came out, it was shoved in our faces and the best thing since sliced bread. But personally, I didn't think it lived up to all the hype.

    Now things have calmed down a bit, and the episodes are a lot more enjoyable, because you don't see the show regularly enough.

    If you watch it all the time you will quickly get bored of its repetitivity and will be able to guess what's coming up. But watch it once in a while, and you will begin to appreciate those tongue-in-cheek, and scarily accurate, remarks.
  • Laughed out loud the first time that I viewed this program, but after viewing a few more I realised its the same show almost every episode and became quite bored.

    The first episode of Little Britain that I watched I caught myself laughing out loud, and I was looking forward to watching the next episodes. The time had come and I began watching the next few episodes, but I wasn't laughing much at all. It was like deja vu. It was the same jokes and sketches. They honestly didnt change much of anything. I thought maybe it will change with the next few episodes, but I thought very wrong. This is the most repetitive show I have ever seen. My advice to anyone is to watch the first episode, have a laugh, and then don't watch another episode again.
  • cool

    Little Britain is an award winning character-based comedy sketch show first appearing on BBC radio and then television. It was written by stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Its title is an amalgamation of the terms 'Little England' and 'Great Britain', and is also the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and modern street in London.

    The show comprises sketches involving exaggerated parodies of British people from all walks of life in various situations familiar to the British. These sketches are presented to the viewer together with narration in a manner which suggests that the programme is a guide - aimed at non-British people - to the ways of life of various classes of British society. Despite the narrator's description of great British institutions, the comedy is derived from the British audience's self-deprecating understanding of either themselves or people known to them.
  • Little Britain is the perfect tonic for whenever you want a laugh.

    What can I say about Little Britain that hasn't already been said? Little Britain is surely one of last year's best comedies depicting life in the surreal 'Little Britain' a mirror image of our Britain with a bit of craziness thrown in through good measure. The comedy acts as a sort of docu-drama but the filming is like that of a sitcom. Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame narrates this wild jaunt through the towns of Herby, Llandewi Breffi among others with lines like 'It's quarter to (insert person's name here) in the Welsh village of Llandewi Breffi...' which sets ...
  • A mixed bag.

    Little Britain gets a fair few things right, firstly of course having Tom Baker as the shows narrator! His vooice and the lines rarely dissapoint. On top this the show has a unique concept, and fresh ideas...even if many old cliches do find thier way in.

    Being a clip show you can expect reptition in varying degrees. This can be forgivien if a recurring sketch is funny, such as Fat fighters: This I personally was glad featured in every episode. Little Britain however has one too many dull sketches, this will vary between viewers, but I'll put good money on betting that most fans of the show have a shortlist of sketches they skip on the DVDs.

    Ultimatly, I found this show to have a bit too much that bored me to warrant giving it high score. Thiers parts that I class amoungst my favorite comedy, but too much I'd rather forget. Whatever the case I'm glad I watched Little Britain, thier is enough good stuff in it to make it a memorable show.
  • Season 1 was really great

    By the time I saw season 2, I was telling friends to watch this crazy show. Unfortunately, when they tuned in for season 3, the skits were not as sharply funny as they had been. I was !shocked! into laughter by Bubbles' antics at the spa:

    "you allow yourself to be alone in a room with a rather beautiful woman. That's very dangereuse, don't you think?"

    Harvey and Jane's: Those skits is both disturbing and hilarious. For fans, all you have to say is "bitty" and you crack up.

    Sebastian and Michael: I always enjoy seeing a "Buffy" alumni and Sebastian's sharp, territorial jibes and Michael's clueless responses are funny.

    I didn't like the Maggie and Judy skits or others that included bodily functions. Some great moments.
  • Little Britain is the popular, character – based sketch show by two British comedians David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

    The show attacks almost every vulnerable target like fat people, old people, teenagers, races and the disabled all of which is funny and falls short of going too far. Some of the starring characters are: Vicky Pollard; a chav teenager whose had six kids and speaks rapidly due to always being in trouble, Emily and Florence; two, er unconvincing transvestites who seem to think they have the whole world fooled, Bubbles DeVere; a middle – aged, obese and constantly nude sexual predator staying at a posh health club, Daffyd Thomas; a chubby, welsh and exaggerated gay who prides himself on being "the only gay in the village, Lou and Andy; Lou being the dedicated carer of Andy who lazily pretends to be handicapped and makes life difficult for Lou with contradictory requests, Marjorie Dawes; the rude leader of a weight management group called FatFighters who hypocritically torments the fat members, Sebastian Love; the camp, Prime Minister's aide who is (not so) secretly in love with the PM, Carol Beer; the dispassionate Banker/Travel agent who refuses every request with a "Computer says no" and a cough and Mr. Mann; the mysterious customer who constantly harasses Roy and Margaret's ever – changing store with impossibly specific orders. These characters are played by the creators, writers and actors of the show Matt and David in elaborate costumes and voices but the most extreme is clearly Bubbles who wears this monstrously large, latex costume of the naked woman. Those characters are just the tip of the outrageous iceberg which Political Correctness frequently gets sunk by. A lot of Little Britain's comedy relies almost exclusively on British cultural references so for the vast majority who aren't familiar with British culture, the jokes will understandably fly over our heads. Once you get over the initial shock and hilarity of the characters and jokes you'll find that the humour often repeats it self so by the umpteenth occasion of Andy abandoning his wheelchair, Carol Beer coughing, Marjorie berating the overweight people, Bubbles removing her robe, Sebastian cracking on to the Prime Minister and Emily and Florence screeching "I'm a Lady!," it gets increasingly derivative. However all in all I think Little Britain is a fantastic sketch show that is fueled partly by the hilarious performances from Matt, David and the other cast members but from its freshly shocking ideas and surrealism and although the humour is sometimes quite cyclic it is never unfunny.
  • Great!

    omg, i love this show my parents intruduced me to it, and i watch it with my sis all the time. i love anne! she/he is soo great, and the fat fighters, excellect, but that not for here, lol. My family has the it all on dvd, and we watch it together, my little sis has to go out of the room sometimes for the more matureish parts, lol. But i think is great, kinda like monty python in a way. Those two guys rock! Ohh, and bubbles, lol, 'hello darling' haha. Very good, My sis and i love the skit where andy climbed in a tree and said 'i fell' lol, elle and i love that! lol, but if you love humor, you should watch this.
  • Matt Lucas & David Walliiam are genius!

    I'm from the old school situation Comedy & sketch Comedy my favorite veiwing but not much of those shows going on in America latley with all this reality show stuff going on.So I have turned to british television . Little Britain is halarious I sit & laugh so hard it's not funny. Very few shows make me laugh out loud. It's a must watch for comedy fans. I'm so pleased to hear a American version is being made on HBO I hope the keep with the original format I hope they make more more more! I hope ther is a season 4 of the show. I have truly become a fan of David & Matt.
    Sincerely Jill Harris
  • British comedy series

    Season 1 started very hilarious. All the new characters and stories. Some fine observations of british peculiarity.
    After some episodes one just can't help but notice that every single episode is the same. Every joke is one you just have seen an episode or two before. Vicky for example is funny for one, but no, but yes, but no, but honestly, how can such a dialog be funny more than once? Or look at the "Fat Fighters". Though it has it's moments - if you have seen one "in english please" to the Indian Lady you have seen it all. Same to the story line with the prime minister. What I really appreciate are the stories about Daffyd and those in the scottish residence. Those stories can be watched more than once because there's some creativity in it that most other stories lack.
    In my opinion the show really goes bad when they started that hideous puking. Maybe it is an hommage at the not so good part of "Monty Pythons"? However, at this stage I'd quit watching the show. I can't imagine to miss anything substantial new.
  • Little Britain is absolutely hilarious. There is no other way to describe it.

    Little Britain is a british comedy that makes fun of its own country. The voiceover (done by Tom Baker) says some stupid but funny things, and acts as if he thinks the country is really special and clever. So clips are shown of 'british folk' acting really stupid - many of the characters are homosexual, some plain stupid... all are funny - Tom Baker then comments, saying things such as 'How clever!'

    Unfortunately, it seemed that the show's creators had no intention of bringing this show back. But it was. For two episodes in 'Little Britain Abroad', when all the major charactors of Little Britain went on holiday and we saw how they got on. At the very end of the second episode, Tom Baker played a little trick. We heard 'This is the very end of little britain', and there was a silence for a few moments. But then we heard 'Abroad'. So it is pretty obvious that the show will return... how could it not, it's so successfull! Now, go watch this show!
  • Amazin

    Little Britain is one of the most popular comedy sketch show in the world. These sketches include characters with different personality these are... vicky pollard (no but yeah but no), Lou and andy (i want that one), Daffyd thomas ( im the only gay in the village!), Marjorie Daws (anyone know dust?)and ting tong macadangdang the thai bride

    Series one was probably the worst best series with some of the characters being a bit boring at times. Series two tho was much better with better sketches and characters.

    But series three was the best probably because of the excellent characters and brilliant scripts

    overall a very good show.
  • David Walliams and Matt Lucas lead a hilarious cast in the funniest TV shows the BBC have seen in many years. From the 'only gay in the village' Daffyd Thomas to 'Yeah but no but yeah but' Vicky Pollard, Walliams' and Lucas' creations are hilarious!

    'Little Britain' is a comedy classic in many ways because, despite repeating the same catchphrases, no matter what, you still manage to chuckle as you are entertained by school ASBO chav, Vicky Pollard, the unforgettable wheelchair-bound, Andy Pipkin and his helper, Fat Fighters' leader, Marjorie Dawes, the 'only gay in the village' proud out-and-gay man, Daffyd Thomas, who doesn't believe anyone's claims of being gay Whoever you are watching on the hilarious Little Britain, they are guaranteed to give you a good laugh. Whether it's rude, crude or hilarity you're looking for, Little Britain has all of that!!!
  • Very funny,very overated

    The first 2 seasons of Little Britain could be very,very funny.But then it declined in alot of quality.
    But the way some people went on about it,you'd of thought that David Walliams and Matt Lucas invented comedy.And when they found out that alot of young people were watching it[as a 13 year old my self,I'd know]they merchandised it like crazy.
    Little Britain Top Trump cards
    Little Britan:The Videogame

    Little Britain is not a kids how,so they shouldn't merchandise it.It is infact,a very adult show.Very rude sometimes.

    Little Britain is a usually funny show,just criminally overated,usually by kids!
  • Great!

    A relly good scetch, can be slightly annoying fter 2 - 3 seasons! But overall a very funny and enjoyable show to watch, with some great charcters such as; "Dust, anyone no, Dust!" in 3rd place ... "Call Me Bubbles" In 2nd place ... And In 1st place "Mr Prime Minister!" ... That has to be the most funny and entertaining comedy scetch Litte Britain produced! A relly good scetch, can be slightly annoying fter 2 - 3 seasons! But overall a very funny and enjoyable show to watch, with some great charcters such as; "Dust, anyone no, Dust!" in 3rd place ... "Call Me Bubbles" In 2nd place ... And In 1st place "Mr Prime Minister!" ... That has to be the most funny and entertaining comedy scetch Litte Britain produced!
  • Such a funny programme.

    I love this programme and can't get enough of it. It is completely original which I appriciate when it comes to comedy, although I find most things funny it is great to see people coming up with new programmes. What I like most about it is that they make fun of taboo subjects such as racism and seems to get away with making fun of it because things shouldn't be taken so seriously. David is also such a great guy, doing all those things for charity. I already own season 1 and 2, and i'm also planning on buying the third season. I've already watched it countless times.
  • I haven't laughed that much for a long time.

    Finally, a show that made me laugh so hard I cried. This show is enjoyed by myself and my husband. We usually don't agree on shows together, but this one we both never miss. The acting is great, I find the characters are original and off the wall. These guys are great in playing the skits either being a man or woman. There is a couple characters that could leave and I wouldn't be upset. Anne is our favourite character. The seasons are getting funnier. I find it hard to find it on TV alot, the scheduling seems all over the place. But keep up the good work, everybody needs a good laugh sometime.
  • britain! britain! britain!

    this show is all about the people of britain. this show is about the great things in britain. this show is little britain. it has many different charectors in it like daphyth thomes the only gay in the villege. and lou and andy a dude in a weel chair and his best friend who does every thing for him. then you have emily howard a transvestite who is allways wering womens clothes. and then you have the fat fighters club who are always getting putt down by there own wait loss trainer. and they are only a cuple of the funny things that happen in this show but the best bit all the charectors are played by just 2 men.

    from brodie
  • Britain, Britain, Britain! Population: One millions, Number of towns, Nine. Average height Thirty.But just who are Britain? Over the next few weeks we aim to find out by following the lives of ordinary British folk. What do they, who is they and why?

    "Britain, Britain, Britain! Population: One millions, Number of towns, Nine. Average height, Thirty. Shoe size... But just who are Britain? Over the next eleventeen weeks we aim to find out by following the lives of ordinary British folk. What do they, who is they and why?"
    This already should drag you in to the fun and gags that Britain has to offer!!
    This was originally a radio programme but recieved so much sucess that they made it into a series!

    Going from a man who believes to be the only gay in his village and will try everythng to keep that title!Then follow the dynamic duo lou and Andy but does Andy really need that wheelchair???
    The thing about this series is that its really life like and the seem like real day situations.No exxagerations at all!!
    This sereis will take you on a crazy,hilarious and one of a kind adventure, all the way through Britain.
  • Britain, Britain, Britain! Population: One millions, Number of towns, Nine. Average height, Thirty. Shoe size... But just who are Britain?

    Emerging from the depths of BBC Radio 4, the BAFTA award winning Little Britain is fast becoming a comedic hit all over the world. For the majority of Britain's population, the real Britain that is, it's unusual to make it through a day without someone quoting one of the vast amount of catch phrases spawned from the minds of creator/writer/performers Matt Lucas and David Walliams. It's been commended by BBC chiefs as "a shining example of what happens when the BBC gets comedy right." It has already achieved cult status amongst the viewing public of the UK and USA and big name celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Kylie Minogue openly admit their fondness of the show. This rapidly growing fan base may call it one of the best comedy shows around at the moment, wrong... it's one of the best ever!
    So sit back and take a journey around Britain and the lives of the 'normal', everyday people who inhabit that sceptered isle.
  • Fantastic show

    Little Britain is just a classic. Every episode is jam packed with comedy. My favourite sketches, although all of them are good, are Vicky Pollard, the only gay in the village and fat fighters. The show makes me laugh so much. I know sometimes it can be rude and disgusting but apart from that there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Little Britain really is a classic. Some sketches are a bit off, like the teenager falling in love with the old lady. But apart from that, it's good. Relly good.

    "No but yeah but no but yeah but..." as Vicky Pollard would say. But she has no right to review this. The characters in Little Britain are different. For example, there's ropy transvestite Emily Howard, teenage chav Vicky Pollard, and the not-really-disabled man Andy, & his kind caregiver, Lou. The sketches are hilarious at times, especially with Anne in the garden. But some times, not really. My favourite character would have to be Carol beer (Computer says no...). It is good. Truly. PLEASE BELIEVE ME.
  • One of the best comodies in years.

    Little britain is a sketch show by david williams and matt lucas in which they play a number of diffrnt characters which depict the british public. There are characters such as vicky pollard a fat teenager how has several babies and dosent really care about they. There is also lou and andy a care worker and his so called disabled friend who every time he has his back turned is up eating biscuits and walking around. There is also a pair of cross dressing friends and a tai bride called ting tong. The show is so funny and hope they keep on making this classic comedy for many years to come well done.
  • It's a comedy classic!

    Little Britain gets better every season. No doubt about it. Matt Lucas and David Walliams are comical geniuses and are such fantastic writers with the witty lines they come up with.

    In the first series, I found that the sketches were very confined - usually set in cheap places, with not very many extras, or main parts. As the second series came to air, the budget must have risen, with better costumes and more quality actors playing better roles. The third series went over the top, which did ruin it a bit. However, it was still a comedy classic!

    And to this day, Little Britain episodes are still funny, even watching them again and again!
  • Hilarious.

    little britain stars matt lucas and david walliams acting as various people in this sketch show that will have you laughing in no time at all. at times the show is quite sick and racist but you cant help but laugh at the sick stuff (not the racist stuff) it airs on bbc 1 and millions of people watch it. tom baker narrates the show and there are some celeberity guest stars including vannessa felz and charlie ( cant remember his real name) from the soap eastenders. my favourite charachters are vicky and marjorie. overall: this show is very good and i hope there will be a fourth season.
  • Very funny humour. Excellent characters

    Lucas and Walliams are masters at the different characters, dressing up and being extremely funny. Both are comedy geniuses. They play each part very well. Sometimes they do go a little far and certain sketches are rather sick. My personal favourite is \'the only gay in the village\' and Vicky Pollard. Many of the phrases our now household and used in every day conversation. They also put on an excellent show live and jump from scene to scene and character to character smoothly and efficiently. It especially appeals to fans of the Young Ones from the early 80s, the humour is very similar.
  • Vulgar, cruel...but demonically funny. I like!

    Little Britain I have to say is my absolute favorite show of all time. I love it all. Even the gross bits, the vulgar bits, they just crack me up. It has to rate just above Fosters Home for Imaginary Freinds (heh, heh...yeah...). I think it kind of follows other British comedies (anyone seen Harry Enfield? Vicar of Dibly?) but having said that it\'s in a sort of totoally different league of its own. Anyone see the episode where that new priest goes into the Church? Umm, I can\'t explain it very well here, but that episode just cracks me up... good times...
  • While Little Britain has its moments, they are too few and far between to establish the show as a classic.

    "Britain, Britain, Bitain..."

    Since these words were first uttered by the ever-popular Tom Baker, of Doctor Who fame, Little Britain has sent most of its audiences into raptures, turning it into something of a cult phenomenum. Is it really as entertaining as these people would have you believe?

    In short, Little Britain delivers with a resounding "No" to this question. While better than most comedies these days, Little Britain fails to reach the dizzy heights of such classic sketch shows as "Not The Nine O' Clock News", "The Two Ronnies" and "Monty Python's Flying Circus".

    Amidst the lack of originality and depth, some gems do spring up - albeit short-lived ones. Granted, seeing Marjorie Dawes ruthlessly tear away at the dignity of her obese followers is funny the first time, but the jokes wear extremely thin after watching virtually the same sketch for the eigth time. Similarly, it never takes the brains of an archbishop to work out the impending punchline of a sketch involving Andy and Lou or the shockingly overrated "Computer Says No" character.

    David Walliams and Matt Lucas, the writers of Little Britain, have gained worldwide fame for their creation, prompting one a single-word question forom myself, and indeed many others:

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