Little Britain

Season 1 Episode 3

Series 1 Episode 3

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2003 on BBC



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  • Quotes

    • Marjorie: So what advice can we give to Babara, to turn her tragic life around? Paul.
      Paul: (Sighs) Cut out biscuits.
      Marjorie: Cut out biscuits. Good. Anyone else? Mary?
      Meera: Instead of sugar, use artificial sweetener in tea.
      Marjorie: Something about sugar. But really I think the most useful advice we can all give you is to look at the person inside. Because you're obviously an incredibly unhappy person.
      Barbara: No, I'm not!
      Marjorie: Well you deserve to be! I know Mum doesn't speak to you anymore, but that's not for here. But as far as she's concerned if you got knocked down by a bus tomorrow the world would be a better place!

    • Dame Sally: "Oh dear" she said, "I've hurt myself"... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah...aaah.. ah.... Oh publish!

    • Dame Sally: Young Toby was having a ripping time on his toboggan, Yipeeeeeeeeeee... eeeeeeee... eeeeee' how many pages?

    • Narrator: I used to have a house like this, until I lost it. If you find it, please could you post it back to me care of the BBC. Thank you.

    • Ray: Oh, we're easy to find. When you see the hanging tree, take a left. When you come to the old well, take a right. If ye pass the scarecrow, YE'VE COME TO FAR!... Yeah that's right, opposite IKEA.

    • Narrator: During the Summer, literally tens of people flock to Scotland for their holidays.

    • Sir Bernard: I didn't push her, she fell!

    • Narrator: Tower blocks were introduced to Britain in the 1960s and were an instant success. People love the sense of social alienation, entrapment and the stench of urine in the lifts.

    • Emily: (normal voice) Just out of interest, who does your dresses?

    • Narrator: With nothing on the telly but repeats of Doctor Who, Medics and that episode of Blackadder 2 I'm in, Lou and his friend Andy choose a video tape.

    • Daffyd: Oh no Myfanwy, I couldn't possibly walk all the way over there. These hot pants give me terrible chafing!

    • Daffyd: They don't look like Star Trek fans to me!
      Myfanwy: Course they are!
      Daffyd: Well they can't be gay.
      Trekkie: ...I tell you dear, he was hung like a Klingon!

    • Myfanwy: Ooh, gay Trekkies! Now, that is right up your street. You like Star Trek, don't you?
      Daffyd: Well, I don't like Deep Space Nine!

    • Myfanwy: (reading in paper) '...Gay Men's Choir, Gay Rambling Society, Gay Book Club, Gay Sex Club... Gay Nation of Islam.'
      Daffyd: Not much going on is there?

    • Daffyd: Oh no, I couldn't possibly get on a bus, I'm gay you see?

    • Pianist: (stops playing and turns to audience) What time does Sainsbury's shut tonight... Eight... (looks at his watch) oh shit... on a Thursday? (he waits for an unheard response and continues playing)

    • Marjorie: Dust! Anybody? No? High in fat, low in fat? Dust! Anybody? No? Dust! (starts moving her head in a pattern in time with the words) Anybody? No? Dust! Anybody? No? Dust! Anybody? No? Dust! Anybody? No? Dust! s'actually very low in fat so you can 'ave as much dust as you like!

    • Narrator: Fortunately, I have never suffered from obesity myself, although I do have one very fat hand.

    • Nurse: Cupboardy? That's not a word!
      (Kenny clicks his mother into a frozen state)
      Kenny: (to the Nurse) Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes and (click) You're under. Cupboardy is an actual word that is in the dictionary. Three two... oh and by the way, you did the 'Toy Boy' gag last week and it didn't work then. If I were you, I'd drop it. Three Two One... (clicks nurse) (clicks mother)'re back in the room.
      Nurse: You're right Mrs. Craig, he can't really do it.
      Kenny: (to his mum) Oh thanks(!).

    • Kenny's Mother: What's that?
      Kenny: Cupboardy
      Kenny's Mother: That's not a word!
      Kenny: Yes it is, it means err... cupboard like.

    • Narrator: If you need an operation in Britain, you can either perform it yourself in your home, or you can check into a hospital.

    • Wording on Vicky's hand drawn ID card: Vicky is Definly 18.

    • Vicky: Oh my God it's like sooo unfair. Halley Shamron reckons she went down the Firkin with loads of make-up on and they gave her four Pernod and Blacks. Cos she's so lucky, she's got her own council flat, three kids, and she's only nine.

    • Narrator: Pubs are very popular in Britain, with over five pubs per person.

    • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! There's an old saying in Britain: 'Britain is top banana yeaaah!'. But why is it so great? Well I'll tell you why it. It's because of the people that live in Britain and it is these people what we will be following in this award breaking series.

  • Notes

    • Cameo: Appearance by the audience 'warm-up guy' for Little Britain - Ted Robbins plays a blind man in a short visual gag.

  • Allusions

    • Joe: Well, Sir Derek Jacobi wrote a nice letter.
      Bernard Chumley: Terrible stutter.

      Sir Derek Jacobi is a renowned classical British actor who put on a stutter for his role in "I, Claudius".

    • In Bernard Chumley's flat there's a poster of one of his plays called Sex Please, We're not British.

      This is a reference to the famous comedic play and film titled No Sex Please, We're British.

    • Word on the Scrabble board: Uri

      When Kenny Craig is playing Scrabble with his mother, one of the words on the board is "Uri". This is a reference to Uri Gellar, a famous psychic.

    • Sign: Sandi Toksvig House

      Sir Bernard Chumley's residence is named after a memorable eighties TV personality - Sandi Toksvig. This is the second in a pattern of tower buildings being named after people who have appeared on Who's Line is it Anyway (UK). Gary lives in Richard Vranch House, first seen in episode 1.

    • Narrator: "With nothing on the telly but repeats of Doctor Who, Medics and that episode of Blackadder 2 I'm in...

      An allusion to various TV series that the Narrator (Tom Baker) has starred in; Doctor Who, Medics and The Black Adder. Incidentally the episode of Blackadder Tom Baker appeared in was Season 2 Episode 3 Potato.

      Watch out for more 'Blackadder' allusions later in the series.

    • Daffyd: Well I don't like Deep Space Nine.

      Allusion to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; the second TV spin off of Star Trek.

    • Trekkie meeting in Myfanwy's Pub.

      Fans of Star Trek often have social events from meetings to conventions. Star Trek (and it's various TV amd film spin offs) is a very long running sci-fi series.

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