Little Britain

Season 1 Episode 6

Series 1 Episode 6

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2003 on BBC
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The Prime Minister is having a meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer. • ITV have want Dennis Waterman to reprise all his roles from Minder. • In Darkly Noone, Dr Alban diagnoses Vicky as being eight months pregnant. • At the Annual Police Federation Dinner, Denver Mills has been booked to give an after-dinner speech. • Lou's taken Andy to the newsagent to pick out a birthday card for his brother Declan. • Marjorie bumps into Paul and Meera at the supermarket. • Ray's got the TV Repair man in and tries to give the most crpyitcal explanation of what happened. • Dr Lawrence has taken Anne home with him. • Des Kaye bumps into his former boss Robin Dee and Dicky Bubble. • Lou and Andy look at holiday destinations, Andy insists he wants to go to Helsinki. • At Kelsey Grammer school, Mr Cleeves reads out some messages. • Sandra and Ralph Patterson break into the offices of the Royal Shakespeare company. • Back at Dr Lawrence's home Anne has some creative uses for egg and tuna sandwiches. • The pianist stops playing when he realises he's forgotten to set his video recorder to tape Room 101. • Dame Sally adlibs a plot involving a character reciting the entire Bible. • Matthew Waterhouse gatecrashes a board room meeting with a trolley full of ideas for breakfast cereals. • It's Maria's funeral, Lou's being as gentle as he can with Andy. • In a charity shop a lady is asking the store owners if anyone died in various items of colthing. • Dr Lawrence and the children are playing outside and Anne's busy throwing objects out of an upstairs window. • Emily Howard's at the seaside having a hard time convincing various people he's a lady. • The World Record Attempters exhibit the world's smallest ant.moreless

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      • Narrator: I had an agent once before i made the mistake of strangling her.

      • Denver Mills: Maybe being an olympic athlete isn't so different from being a police officer. For one thing we both get a lot of practice running after black guys. The difference is I beat some of mine, I mean caught up with them, not beat them like you do.

      • Matthew Waterhouse: (comes into boarding room with trolley full of cereal boxes) Here's one for ya! Nutty Nut Nuts! Real nuts coated in... wait for it...
        (pours out box)
        Matthew Waterhouse: *Nuts*. How's that for starters?

      • Narrator: And so, we reach the end of another episode of Little Britain. If you have enjoyed this programme, you might like to know their are other programmes available to watch on television. Such as the news, cartoons and magazine programmes. Good-boo!

      • Emily: You, man on the beach, you know I'm a lady don't you?
        Man on the beach: No, you're a bloke!

      • Narrator: If you like to buy jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing, or faulty electrical goods, then why not pop down to your local charity shop?

      • Matthew: What if I was to tell you, I could invent a cereal that would make everybody who ate it beautiful.
        Man: Can you?
        Matthew: No.

      • Man: Oh come on Nick, play fair. The lads come in with a few ideas, he's shown some pluck and initiative. Let's hear him out.
        Matthew: Thank you Grandad.

      • Narrator: In this board room in Gore, a meeting is taking place. The room doesn't look bored to me. It looks quite perky.

      • Narrator: Books in Britain have recently become very popular thanks to the invention of reading.

      • Anne: (wiping sandwiches on the window) Ee! Eh! Ehhh! (mobile phone rings) Hello...? I'm at someone's house at the minute, Can I call you back? It's a bit rude... Okay, all right. Bye-bye. (puts down mobile, picks up the sandwiches and continues to the wipe them over the windows) Eh! Eh! Ehhh!

      • Ralph's letter: Dear Bastard, My name is Ralph Patterson and I am the best actor in the world ever. You may have seen me in the Demon Headmaster. I always loved Shakesperes plays and I'm delighted to hear he's written a new one. I would be a brilliant boy in it, or even Henry V himself (did you see Bodger and Badger). Give me this job you sh*t, yours sincerely Ralph Patterson.

      • TV Engineer: Right, you said you had another TV you wanted me to have a look at?
        Ray: Ye-ees! 'Tis a curious thing, by day 'tis bright, but by night 'tis as black as a black man's cape!
        (opens the curtains to reveal a window)
        TV Engineer: That is a window, you do know that don't you?
        Ray: Ye-ees!

      • Prime Minister: I heard you had a private meeting with the Home Secretary this morning.
        Chancellor: I did, but the question of leadership never arose.
        Sebastian: Oh, you lying cow!

      • Prime Minister: Sebastian, would you like to show the ex-Chancellor out now?
        (Sebastian walks over to the Chancellor stops for a moment and then slaps him across the face)
        Sebastian: Get out!

      • Dr Alban: Is there someone that can accompany you?
        Vicky: Well I'm not asking Shelley cos she's a slag.
        Dr Alban: Okay, someone else you can go with, perhaps your mother?
        Vicky: That is my mother.

      • Dr. Alban: Well you are pregnant, so you must've had sexual intercourse at some point, well, eight months ago.
        Vicky: No but, yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but, yeah but, yeah but, no because I never even had sex apart from that one time eight months ago, but apart from that I'm a complete virgin.

      • Narrator: I had an agent once, before I made the mistake of strangling her.

      • Jeremy Rent: (on phone) Well I'm sorry, but Richard O'Sullivan doesn't get out of bed for less than fifty pounds! Good day!

      • Narrator: Since cigarette smoking has become mandatory, newsagents in Britain have flourished.

      • Narrator: Inside 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister is having a meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Of course when I say 'Prime Minister', I don't mean the real Prime Minister, I just mean that guy out of Buffy!

      • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! Discovered by Sir Henry Britain in sixteen-o-ten. Sold to Germany a year later for a Pfenig and a promise of a kiss. Destroyed in eighteen thirty forty two and rebuilt a week later by a man! This we know. Hello! But of the people of Britain? Who they, What do and Why?

      • Narrator: Meanwhile, "FatFighters" course leader Marjorie Dawes has popped into her local supermarket to pick up a few sundries... and mondries and tuesdries and wednesdries.

      • (Andy has chosen a card that says "With Deepest Sympathy")
        Lou: Are you sure this is the card you want to send your brother Declan for his birthday?
        Andy: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
        (After they have bought the card)
        Andy: It's his birthday, he's not dead!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (12)

      • Piano player: Ooh, forgot to set the video for Room 101!

        Room 101 is a British comedy show where celebrities discuss their pet hates and then banish them to room 101.

      • RSC Director: We always had Jonathan Pryce in place for the king.
        Sandra: Him? He's Chinese, isn't he?

        Jonathan Pryce is one of England's most accomplished character actors who has appeared in innumerable plays, movies and television shows in both the UK and the USA including Brazil, Tomorrow Never Dies, Glengarry Glen Ross, Evita, Pirates of the Caribbean (all three parts) and many more. One of his most memorable theatrical roles was playing the lead in the Broadway production of Miss Saigon. The casting famously created an uproar due to the fact he was Caucasian actor cast in an Asian role.

      • Matthew Waterhouse: 'Golden Graemes'; Dr. Graeme Garden cut up and covered in delecious gold.

        David Graeme Garden is a British comedy writer and performer. He is also qualified as a medical doctor and an accomplished actor, director and author.

        The breakfast cereal that is being parodied here is Nestle's 'Golden Grahams'.

      • Matthew Waterhouse: 'Suga Poofs', gay men, frosted with sugar.

        Parodying the Quaker Cereal "Sugar Puffs" Matthew shows a box with a picture of Boy George on the front. Boy George, (real name George Alan O'Dowd) is a famous gay singer, musician, and DJ who gained a degree of fame with his group Culture Club in the 1980s.

      • Ralph: Mentions his alleged parts in The Demon Head Master and Bodger and Badger in his letter.

        Reference to two Children's programmes produced by the BBC: The Demon Headmaster and Bodger and Badger.

      • Sandra & Ralph: Try to get a part in a Shakespeare play.

        William Shakespeare has a reputation as the greatest of all writers in the English language and one of the greatest playwrights in history.

      • Ray: Aaah! It's the arch wizard himself, avert thine eyes children!

        Ray's shocked to see Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on his TV screen. Ray believes Laurence to be a 'master of the black arts' due to the fact he can transform a room with a budget of £500, referring to Laurence's work in the BBC show Changing Rooms.

      • Ray: Plays the Birdy Song on his recorder to try to 'tempt' the TV to work again.

        The Birdy Song is an infamous party hit performed by Black Lace.

      • Ray: Oh yes, the Naked Video comedy show.

        Naked Video was a popular Scottish comedy sketch show which ran from 1986 to 1991. Like Little Britain, Naked Video started out as a radio sketch show.

      • Narrator: At his surgery in Darkly Noone, Dr. Alban is examining one of his patients.

        The real Dr. Alban is a musician and producer with his own record label. He had international success with the song "It's my life" (1992).

      • Jeremy Rent: I'm sorry, but Richard O'Sullivan doesn't out of bed for less than £50.

        Richard O'Sullivan, British actor famous for several sitcoms in the seventies and eighties.

      • Narrator: I just mean that guy out of Buffy!

        Sneaky reference to Anthony Stewart Head's more famous role as Rupert Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.