Little Britain

Season 2 Episode 1

Series 2 Episode 1

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on BBC
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Series 2 Episode 1
Vicky Pollard stealing Pic'n'Mix sweets. • Emily and Florence cycle and stop off at a tea shop. • Bubbles is followed around the health spa by the manager, who wants to know when she is going to pay her bill. • Andy watches "The Price is Right" Lou hears "Andy Pipkin, come on down!". • Judy and Maggie start to judge the homemade jams on hearing that it was made by a lady who ran off with a school mistress throws it back up. • Daffyd comes out to his parents. • Marjorie Dawes gets a Visit from Vanessa Feltz. • Mr Mann enters Roy's dating agency, and requests a woman with the name of Linda Williams • Lou and Andy take a stroll in the park, where a group of teenagers taunt them.moreless

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  • Season two kicks off a slate of new characters, to go along with all of out old favorites.

    I found this episode to be absolutely hilarious, and even though the series gets even more inappropriate the skits have never been funnier starting in series two. Old favorites are joined by new characters such as "lady" Florence, Bubbles and her health spa, and of course the incredibly bigoted Judy and Maggie. These new characters add more laughs to the series but old characters such as Vicky and Daffyd still will leave you in stitches. I was quite glad to see that instead of the episode ending with world record attempts, an additional sketch was added, I find the sketches to be much funnier. All in all for me it seems season two began with an inappropriate and hilarious bang, and I hope the rest of the season can compete.moreless
Nigel Havers

Nigel Havers

Leader of the Opposition

Guest Star

Geraldine James

Geraldine James

Mrs. Pincher

Guest Star

Ruth Madoc

Ruth Madoc

Mrs. Thomas, Daffyd's mother

Guest Star

Anthony Stewart Head

Anthony Stewart Head

Prime Minister (as Anthony Head)

Recurring Role

Habib Nasib Nader

Habib Nasib Nader

Gregory Merchant

Recurring Role

Charubala Chokshi

Charubala Chokshi

Meera (as Charubala Chokshi)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The room where the Fat Fighters meeting is held is different from series one.

    • This is the only time Daffyd's father appears in the show.

    • Funny place names: Trump.

    • Funny times: Quarter to half past five, half past Tommy, nought o'clock.

    • While Paul Putner still appears as the guard outside 10 Downing Street. The running joke of him not being able to leave his post has been phased out.

    • The look and voice of Bubbles DeVere is based on Lucas's impression of Shirley Bassey in Rock Profile.

    • First Appearances: Harvey, his parents and his girlfriend Jane, Bubbles, Judy and Maggie, Florance, Fat Fighter Tanya, Carol and The old lady outside the bank.

    • Revamped opening title sequence for Series 2.
      · Judy and Maggie drinking coffee.
      · Daffyd stood next to "Welcome to (Croeso I) Llandewi Breffi" sign.
      · Harvey and his parents in their garden.
      · Bubbles Devere and Mr. Hutton at the health farm.
      · The Prime Minister and Sebastian outside No.10
      · Vicky Pollard pushing 6 babies in a very large pushchair.
      · Lou and Andy - same as in Season 1 but this time there's no fire, Andy is completely naked and his wheelchair is parked inside a child's paddling pool.
      · Marjorie with Fat Pat, Paul, Meera and Tanya.
      · Emily and Florance riding a tandem bicycle.

      Additionally, with the departure of the World Record Attempters, the closing credits for this series and series 3 always appear over the top of the end of a Lou and Andy sketch.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Andy: (about the thugs who are mocking him) Someone should give them lot a smack.
      Lou: I thought you didn't like violence. You said it was the last bastion of moral cowardice.
      Andy: Yeah, I know...

    • Mr Mann: My favourite name is Catherine Drew, but at my time of life you can't afford to be too picky.

    • Florence: I think I have to...powder my nose.
      (Florence walks towards the Gents room)
      Emily: Other door!
      (Florence goes to the Ladies room)
      Emily: And don't forget to sit down when you p*ss!

    • Dafydd: Mum, Dad, I have something important to tell you both.
      Mum: Put your paper down, dad, he has something important to tell us. Go ahead, Dafydd.
      Dafydd: Okay. I am...
      Dad: Asthmatic?

    • Daffyd: Anyway, what I think we should do is invite the whole family around on Sunday and tell them all then, I don't expect they'll like it but it's time they knew.
      Mum: I don't think this Sunday's gonna be much good, your uncle Gareth, he's gone to San Francisco.
      Dad: Your cousin Bryn, is going to Neath to watch Shirley Bassey.
      Daffyd: What about Aunty Seaned?
      Mum: Oh no, she just stays in on a Sunday and eats Min*e.
      (Daffyd runs out of the room in shock)

    • Dad: So, you got a boyfriend then?
      Daffyd: No.
      Mum: Have you not had any a*se action at all?
      Daffyd: No, but I have been thinking about it which may shock you!
      Mum: Oh, we'll have to try an' fix you up with someone.
      Daffyd: Well, that won't be very easy as I am the only gay in the village.
      Dad: Come to think of it, there's a right 'ansom lad that works down the mine, he takes it up the chuff!
      Daffyd: No thank you.
      Mum: I know who's mad for c*ck! That chap, runs the sauna. You know, Gay Aled?
      Daffyd: Gay Aled is not gay!
      Dad: Your uncle Glynn's had him, apparently he's very into water sports.
      Mum: Oh, that's nice for them.

    • Daffyd: I am... a gay! Oh!
      Mum: Oh that's nice dear.
      Dad: Yeah good for you lad. (reads paper) Oh it says here that the bucket had a chrome handle.
      Mum: Oh!.
      Daffyd: So you don't mind?
      Dad: No.
      Daffyd: So, you're not going to disown me or cast me asunder?
      Mum: Eh? Oh No, to be honest darling we did have an inkling.

    • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! Opened by The Queen in 1972, Britain now attracts hundreds of visitors a year. But why do they come? Not just to discover how Chicken Nuggets should really taste, or to take part in the great British tradition of dogging, Nooo! They come in their drove to meet the people of Britain and it is them what we now here look at now today. Let's rock!

  • NOTES (4)

    • According to the DVD commentary: it took Matt Lucas 4 hours to get into the Bubbles DeVere suit and an hour to get out.

    • Viewing figures: This episode brought in over 4 million viewers when broadcast on BBC1

    • Pole: In a survey conducted and broadcast by Channel 4, The 'Daffyd Coming Out' sketch was voted 17th out 50 of Britain's Funniest Sketches.

    • In Concert: The sketches involving Daffyd confessing to his parents and Lou and Andy being bullied in the park had been used before at the '2004 Teenage Cancer Trust Concert'


    • Teenager (to Andy): Oi Davros!

      Davros is the name of a villain on the well-known British sci-fi programme Doctor Who, and is the one responsible for one of the Doctor's greatest enemies; the Daleks. Davros is also in a wheelchair like Andy

      Also, Tom Baker (who voices the narrator on Little Britain) played the fourth Doctor in the 70's and faced Davros and the Daleks.

    • Vicky Pollard: Who the Hollyoaks Omnibus is that?

      This refers to the popular British soap opera, Hollyoaks.