Little Britain

Season 2 Episode 2

Series 2 Episode 2

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2004 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Emily and Florance try to buy wedding dresses. • Sebastian pulls faces at the US President's aide. • Bubbles spends a little too long on the UV bed. • Lou takes Andy to meet his new Polish girlfriend Annia. • Linda is helps Joanna Harding get an extension on her essay. • Ann is working at a TenPin Bowling arena. • Marjorie is disgusted that Paul and Pat have started going out together. • Daffyd opens a Gay and Lesbian stall at the village fete. • Linda helps Kenneth Lou get the rest of the week off. • Harvey and Jane's parents meet for the first time at a public restaurant. • At the bank a boy wants to open a Junior account. • Vicky Pollard's in the park, hitting on Bethany's boyfriend • Dennis Waterman is given a role as Captain Birdseye. • Linda once again insults a student - this time it's a dwarf. • Mr Mann goes into Roys video shop. • Maggie samples a volevont made from a recipe by Ainsley Harriot. • Finally Lou takes Andy to the countryside.moreless

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    Vincent Marzello

    Vincent Marzello

    US President

    Guest Star

    Geraldine James

    Geraldine James

    Mrs. Pincher

    Guest Star

    Paul Darrow

    Paul Darrow

    Conservative MP

    Guest Star

    Di Botcher

    Di Botcher

    Elizabeth - Bridal Shop Assistant

    Recurring Role

    Charubala Chokshi

    Charubala Chokshi


    Recurring Role

    Joann Condon

    Joann Condon

    Fat Pat

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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      • Narrator: Mrs. DeVere has been staying at Hill Grange Health Spa for five months now and has so far lost nearly an ounce.

      • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! What an absolutely terrific place to live. We have no crime here, and why? It's not because we hang draw and quarter people for parking violations or disembowel litter louts. No, it's because of the people of Britain! They are the bestest, goodliest people on God's fair earth and it's these everyday folksters that we look at for a bit today. Keep it real!

      • Narrator: Fat Fighters is a very valuable organisation for those who are serious about losing weight. Like these fat b**tards!

      • Mr. Pinter: You having coffee son?
        Harvey: No thank you Daddy, I'm fine with milk.

      • Bethany: Rochelle says you told her you well fancy 'im, did you?
        Vicky: No, but, yeah, but, no, butyeahbutno, I dunt actually and Rochelle is well gonna get a beatins' now for saying tha', God she's such a lier! What about the time she dint go to Shanita's house cos her Dad was really ill and it turned out all he 'ad was a brain hemorage. Anyway Carl does really fancy me cos he passed me a note during metal work saying he wanted to take me 'round the back of a language lab 'n' touch my 'Forrest of Dean'!

      • Andy: She pushed me!
        Lou: Noooo! You evil Pole!

      • Lou: Andy?
        Andy: Don't want nothin'!
        Lou: Now don't be silly, what do you want?
        Andy: Pint. And another one!

      • Narrator: Emily and Florance are transvestites. Some people are intolerant of transvestism, but live and let live I say, everyone is equal and deserves the same rights... apart from lezzers.

      • Bubbles: Would you excuse me for a moment please Mr. Hutton? I'm a little bit on fire.

      • Narrator: Tonight's programme has ended a little sooner because I need to do a poo now. Good bye-bye!

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Judy: Actually it's one of Ainsley Harriot's.

        Ainsley Harriot is a famous chef in England and is from a Black English background.

      • Linda: That's right, the Oompa Loompa!

        A reference to the dwarf character in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the dwarf characters who use these words as part of their song.

      • Pub Name: The Chaka Demus And Pliers

        Jamaican Reggae band with a funny name - famous for a string of hits during the 1990s.