Little Britain

Season 2 Episode 4

Series 2 Episode 4

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2004 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Vicky pretends she witnessed a Jewellery robbery. • Judy and Maggie sample mince pies made by two homosexual members of the choir. • A newsagent puts a customer off buying a magazine. • At a restaurant in Throttle the posh gentleman orders posh menu items... and a Double Decker. • Emily and Florance go to the ballet. • Lou dresses Andy up as baby Jesus. • Dr. Lawrance has managed to get Ann a part in a play. • Marjorie takes her group to a restaurant for a Christmas meal. • Daffyd protests against the local library stating there aren't any 'gay' books. • Back at the Throttle restaurant another order posh menu items...a Lion bar and a Pepperami. • The Prime Minister's wants Sebastian to announce that his wife is pregnant. • At the bank a man and a women want a Mortgage. • Jane, Harvey and his family are discussing the wedding arrangements. • Kenny Craig damages another car in a car park. • Moanwheel back in a Throttle Restaurant the waiter is asked for a bag of Monster Munch and Um Bongo to drink. • Mr. Mann pops into Roy's book shop. • Bubbles DeVere has a shoking way of paying for her spa treatment. • Andy manages to fall out of his wheelchair and into a tree.moreless

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    Joanna Burford

    Joanna Burford


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    Giovanni Del Vecchio

    Giovanni Del Vecchio


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    Abi Eniola

    Abi Eniola

    Police Constable

    Guest Star

    Anthony Stewart Head

    Anthony Stewart Head

    Prime Minister (as Anthony Head)

    Recurring Role

    Charubala Chokshi

    Charubala Chokshi

    Meera (as Charubala Chokshi)

    Recurring Role

    Joann Condon

    Joann Condon

    Fat Pat

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (22)

      • (Andy is dressed in a sheet with a box round his wheelchair as if he's Baby Jesus lying in a cradle)
        Andy: (reading) And so it came to pass, that Mary and Joseph made their way to the city of Bethlehem. They sought high and low for refuge but there was no room at the inn. (stops reading) I look a pillock!

      • Prime Minister: I'd like you to issue a press statement confirming that Sarah is pregnant.
        Sebastian: (disgustedly) Whaaat!

      • Narrator: The best meal I ever had was in Rome, off the beaten track, in a little back street, Chicken McNuggets and Chips!

      • Roy: Paperback or hardback?
        Mr. Mann: Oh you know me, I'm easy.

      • Narrator: I read a book once, it was called 'Who On Earth is Tom Baker'.

      • Mr. Mann: Maybe I'm being too specific?
        Roy: You are being a little specific, yes.
        Mr. Mann: Okay, have you got any books...
        Roy: Have I got any books?
        Mr. Mann: Yes.

      • Lou: Andy! Andy! Where are you?
        Andy: Up 'ere!
        (Lou looks up into the tree, Andy's perched on a branch)
        Lou: How did you get up there?
        Andy: I fell.

      • Prime Minister: Shall we get on with this statement?
        Sebastian: Yep, erm... (writing) We regret to announce?... oh I know, (writing) She's done it, the bitch has done it.

      • Narrator: Supermarkets were introduced into Britain to destroy small businesses and to create a sense of social alienation.

      • Sebastian: You know, we could've adopted!

      • Narrator: Today the Prime Minister and his wife are preparing to make an important announcement. I don't want to spoil it, but basically they're having a baby.

      • Pat: Well seeing as you're ordering for us, I might as well just have a salad.
        Marjorie: Cancel that, do you 'ave any dust? Nobody Dust? No? Dust? Nob'y Dust? No? Dust? Nob'y? Dust? No? Dustnob'ydustnodustnob'ydustnodustnob'ydust... no?
        Waitress: No.
        Marjorie: Well in that case just give her a glass of water.

      • Narrator: Britain, Britain, Britain! Recently awarded the OBE. But why? Not just because we won all those wars, or invented the scone, no! It's because of the people of Britain, the British, the 'Brits' or 'Scum' as we are affectionately known around the world. Let's take a trip around this fragrant isle and find out just who are them and what are their doings. Bring it on!

      • Marjorie: (to Meera) I'm not sure they do curry here Moira, but why don't you order some English food yeah? Spag' Bol'!

      • Detective: You do know it's an offense to waste police time?
        Vicky: No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeahbutno because I'm not wasting police time because you know Meesha? Well she saw the whole thing right because she was bunking off school because she was gonna go down the Wimpy and get off with Luke Griffiths only she never because he's been trying to grow a mustache but it just looks like pubes. She got off with Luke Talbot instead only don't tell Bethany that because she's fancied Luke Talbot ever since she flashed her fanny at him during home-ec'!

      • Marjorie: I asked for a corner table because I really don't think it's fair on the other diners to have to watch fat people eat.

      • Cleaner: Are you all finished in here?
        Detective: Yeah.
        Vicky: She dunnit!
        (The cleaner looks at Vicky)
        Vicky: Oh my God, did you see that? She well just gave me guilties!

      • Narrator: I love to slip into a tutu; Bishop Desmond Tutu.

      • Narrator: The people of Pox are enjoying light refreshments after their annual carol service. I love carols, though I do prefer Barbaras.

      • Narrator: The Police, or 'Pigs' as they are affectionately known, are always busy solving crimes. Popular crimes include armed robbery, GBH and my personal favourite, Murder!

      • Car Owner: Hey! What's happened to my car?
        (Kenny clicks his fingers realises he's woke up his previous victims and clicks them again)
        Kenny: (shouts to the car owner) LOOK INTO MY EYES, LOOK INTO MY EYES!
        Man: (walking past) Who me?
        Kenny: No not you, him.
        Man: Oh, right. (Keeps walking)
        Kenny: You're free to go. (to the car owner) LOOK INTO MY EYES, NOT AROUND THE EYES, DON'T LOOK AROUND THE EYES, JUST LOOK INTO MY EYES (click) YOU'RE UNDER!
        (the car owner drops his shopping bags and remains motionless)
        Kenny: I NEVER DONE IT!

      • (A man takes a can of coke out of the fridge)
        Newsagent: Thirsty?
        Man: Yeah. (He takes a chocolate bar from the counter)
        Newsagent: Hungry?
        (He smiles uncomfortably and walks over to the news stand)
        Newsagent: Looking to catch up on the days news and sport?
        (he waves a paper at him, turns round and fumbles for an envelope)
        Newsagent: Hoping to write a letter to a friend or relative?
        (The man nods, looks at the top shelf magazines, stops, looks at the newsagent who remains silent and then reaches for one)
        Newsagent: Planning a w*nk?

    • NOTES (4)

      • The Kenny Craig car park sketch was one of the sketches cut from the pilot episode.

      • The Detective who interviews Vicky is the same David Walliams character that interviewed Viv in the previous episode suggesting it's the same robbery and this is a continuation of the Viv sketch.

      • There was a bit of forward planning with this episode, it features 3 Christmas related sketches and although this seemed strange when shown on BBC THREE on November 9th, no one would notice when it was broadcast on BBC ONE on December 23rd. And they did it without taking the episode out of sequence with the rest of the series.

      • This is probably the only episode that Andy speaks more than about 5 words in one sentence.

    • ALLUSIONS (9)

      • Vicky: She was gonna go down the Wimpy...

        Wimpy is a chain of Fast Food restaurants.

      • Emily: The Rambert, The Bolshoi

        Rambert is a famous English theatrical dance company.
        The Bolshoi is a famous Russian theatrical dance company.

        Florance shows his ignorance by adding 'Legs and Co.' which were a dancing troupe featured on 'Top of the Pops' in the 1970s.

      • Anne appears on stage as Lady Bracknell in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'

        The Importance of Being Earnest is a famous stage play, which has also had many film remakes.

      • Narrator: Chicken McNuggets and Chips!

        A reference to McDonalds foods. Although they serve Fries and not Chips, this is most likely part of the joke and not a goof.

      • Daffyd makes a protest march against the Library wearing a pink cape and a light blue top .

        Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's Gayman! A clothing reference to Superman. Daffyd has similar style atire with a Superman style G instead of an S which obviously stands for 'Gay'.

      • Daffyd Makes a new 'Gay (+ Lesbian Inc. Bisexual)' section in the library

        Daffyd brings several books citing them as belonging in a 'Gay' section which he thinks doesn't exist. The books include The Naked Civil Servant by Quentin Crisp, The Orton Diaries by Joe Orton, and My Struggle by Dale Winton. The latter of which is a fake and is actually a spoof title of the real Dale Winton autobiography My Story.

      • Daffyd holds up another fake book - I Tried It Once And Didn't Like It by Micheal Portillo.

        Michael Portillo is a former Cabinet Minister of the UK Conservative Party who caused a political stir in 1999 when he revealed he had homosexual experiences in his youth.

      • Lou about Andy: Something for Arthur C. Clarke on his Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World.

        Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World - Early 1980s 'unexplained mystery' programme. Hosted by Arthur. C. Clarke

      • Lou about Andy: Toyah Wilcox could sing about it in her song 'It's A Mystery'.

        Toyah Wilcox - TV Personality / Music Artist famous for appearances on multiple TV shows from the late 70s to the present and a string of music hits in the eighties.