Little Britain

Season 3 Episode 5

Series 3 Episode 5

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on BBC

Episode Recap

Lou is kindly cementing a patio for Andy but when he turns his back, Andy tries to sunbathe on it before it's finished. Andy blames the resulting mess on a bird. A middle aged couple try to arrange insurance for their flight from Carol but according to Carol it only covers them for missing footwear and nothing else. A young couple are going out and foolishly leave Vicky Pollard in charge of babysitting their child and she promptly starts going through their liquor cabinet. A female student with a mole asks for Linda's advice and her description of her to Martin doesn't let her forget she has a mole. Sir Norman Fry must explain not only taking a photo of himself naked, putting it on a gay dating website, going to a party and landing inside a man. His marriage is visibly near termination. Marjorie's session involves her class motivating themselves with a photo of them not looking at their best. After lambasting them on controlling their hunger she goes behind the screen and tucks into a string of sausages and a whole fish and her photo is merely her head stuck on a toned body. The young couple return home to find Vicky has thrown a wild party at their house and sent their son to buy cigarettes. Before leaving she busts the husband for hoarding pornography. A biker visits a computer shop run by man who seeks advice from a horse who is apparently an expert on XP computers but not on IPods. Daffyd's mother is encouraging him to get a job and move out which Daffyd quickly dismisses on the basis of his homosexuality but is angered when his mother makes a homophobic remark and walks out. The mean spirited Sid Pegg holds a Neighbour Watch meeting where he tells them of a gang of yobs wreaking havoc, he also gives a demo....nstration on how to defend themselves and as usual he picks on Little Lloyd. Mr. Mann comes to Roy's fancy dress shop looking for a costume of David Baddiel and when Roy finally gets it right with a perfect costume of the comedian; Mr. Mann is unsatisfied and leaves. Lou and Andy attend a rugby match and while Lou leaves to purchase a can of soft drink; Andy streaks the match and is back in the wheelchair before Lou returns and Andy takes the drink. Sebastian is driven crazy with jealousy when the Prime Minister and Gregory are working closely and just as he leaves following a massive hissy fit; Gregory and the Prime Minister admit their attraction and share a kiss. Emily once again tries to pass of as a lady with a "baby" that is just Florence in a baby carriage and when a young girl insults him; Florence storms off in anger with Emily chasing after him.
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