Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 3

100 Mile Walk

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 25, 1974 on NBC

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  • When the Ingalls' crops are destroyed, Charles and the other men of Walnut Grove must leave to find work.

    One of the series first episodes, and it deals beautifully with the issues of love of family and sacrifice. The Ingalls are looking to have their first financially successful year in a long while when a hailstorm comes and destroys not only their cash crop but their own personal store of winter food. Undaunted (well, maybe for a minute), Charles announces that he will leave to find work. Along the way he makes fast friends with two fellow farmers and the women of Walnut Grove band together to salvage what little they can of the winter wheat. This is a fabulous episode, but it does set an annoying precedence that runs the entire length of this 10-year series: a character is introduced and dies in the same hour (on this occasion blown to bits in a mine explosion, no less). Down the road similar characters will be quickly introduced and just as quickly dispatched: the widow Sanderson, by cancer; a schoolboy's father, frozen in a blizzard; a civil war vet, by suicide; a lukemia-stricken young farmboy; a friend of the Ingalls girls, Ellen, drowned in a pond; an entire family, by typhus; an old gold-country hermit, by self immolation (no, that's not a typo); Mary's unborn baby: Laura's infant son; and of course, Sylvia, who falls to her death while being chased by her rapist. The list goes on, and on...and on. I understand the need for such episodes, either as mid-season "fillers", or to introduce an new plotline (think James and Cassandra's parents and their cliff-jumping covered wagon), but such freak occurrences and calamities seemed to happen with dizzying frequency in Walnut Grove. I know times were hard for the pioneers, but geez...
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