Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 3

100 Mile Walk

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 25, 1974 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Rick Hurst is best known for his future role as Deputy Cletus Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard.

    • Don Knight who played Jack Peters was an ordained Methodist minister before becoming an actor.

    • Look quickly at Charles' foot as he removes his boot by the campfire. That familiar-looking sock he's wearing is a Rockland brand red-heel sock. Though the show's wardrobe people probably weren't even aware of it, Nelson Knitting Mills didn't begin manufacturing the famous sock until 1880, when Laura Ingalls Wilder was 13 years old. If it looks familiar, it's because these are the socks that are made into famous "sock monkeys." In fact, Rockland formally sells them as "The Sock Monkey Sock," and since 1921, instructions on how to make a monkey are incuded with each pair sold.

    • Though Charles invites Jack Peter's widow and son to come visit his family in Walnut Grove for emotional support in the aftermath of their tragedy, we can assume this never happens, as the Peters are never seen again.

    • Charles mentions to Caroline that Mr. Hansen has, "one of those new McCormick reapers." Even if this episode is supposed to take place as early as the mid-1870's, the McCormick reaper was already old. It was invented in 1831 and was in mass production by 1847.

    • This episode fails to tie up one very important loose end at the conclusion of the episode: What was the payoff of the efforts that Caroline and the other townwomen made while harvesting the wheat? We never find out.

    • Perhaps we are supposed to believe that Mrs. Ingalls lengthened the dresses, especially since in the previous episode ("Country Girls"), Mary and Laura were made fun of for being "long-legged snipes" (i.e. their dresses were too short). It's entirely possible that when Ma made the dresses, she tucked the spare fabric away for just such future use, a common practice at the time.

    • You will notice that Mary and Laura's calico dresses are down past their knees in this episode. In the pilot episode and the first 2 episodes of this season, they were above the knee.

  • Quotes

    • Charles: (to Jacob at dinner) Come on, join us! It's just going to go to waste, unless you can figure out a way to put stew in your pocket.

    • Charles: You got any children, Jake?
      Jake: I don't know.
      Charles: You don't know?
      Jake: My Elna......(holds his hands out from his belly to signal pregnancy; Jack and Charles laugh) Maybe I have a baby now. By the time I get home, for sure.
      Jack: Oh, that's nice.
      Charles: It's a shame you can't be with her.
      Jake: I am with her, in my heart. All the time.

    • (Jacob, Jack, and Charles are watching as one man hammers a nail into the ground, while another man holds the nail)
      Jacob: What happens if they ever miss?
      Jack: If they ever miss? (chuckles) Well, then, the man holding the drill will have to pick his nose with his elbow!

    • Caroline: And boots for you! The first nickel we spend goes on boots.
      Charles: Well, what's the matter with these? They were just starting to get comfortable on me.
      Caroline: I was afraid that one morning, you'll pull them up, and they'd slide clear up to your knees!

    • Charles: (to Caroline after the hail storm) The wheat's gone.......but it's nothing to be solemn about. I guess you might say we're right back where we started. I mean, it's just one harvest. Now, what's one harvest in a man's life, huh? It's nothing. (hugs her)

  • Notes

    • Filming Locations: Filmed at Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley and Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.

      Location note: The rock quarry in the story was at Tapo Canyon at Simi Valley, near Big Sky Ranch.

    • Nitpick: When Charles is preparing to leave to find work, Caroline asks him how far he thinks he'll have to go. He replies, "I don't know. Maybe a hundred miles or more. Maybe even as far as Sleepy Eye or Mankato." Sleepy Eye and Mankato are only 37 and 74 miles from Walnut Grove, respectively, so this line is geographically confusing. Charles should have said something to Caroline like, "I may have to go to Sleepy Eye or Mankato...maybe even farther." The way the line was written makes no sense.

    • Featured character: Charles Ingalls

    • Notice the dress worn by the unidentified woman standing behind Mrs. Jacobsen in the post office scene. It would become an often-worn staple of Grace Edwards' wardrobe in the seasons to come.

    • Charles notifies Jack Peter's son of his father's death in this episode. The son is played by Lance Kerwin, who would later star in the TV movie pilot for "James at 15" with Melissa Sue Anderson.

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