Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 18

A Child With No Name

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 14, 1983 on NBC

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  • Doc Baker gives Laura misinformation on her newborn because he's tired of being paid in chickens.

    This episode could be labeled "painful to watch" as well. It is truly heartwrenching to watch Luara find her infant son dead and agonizing to watch the aftermath of her grief. However, it is equally awful to watch the way she treats Doc Baker, and the way the town seems to mindlessly join in the cruelty. Equally frustrating in this episode are all the things that just seem so ugly and out of character. Laura agreeing to let Doc Baker treat Rose and expecting him to help heal her, but stating to his face that even if he does, her feelings towards him will not change. Then when he does cure Rose after two weeks of grueling care, Laura immediately goes to bed instead of thanking him profusely and asking him forgiveness. She figured that could wait till morning, and by morning he's gone. Mrs. Oleson joining Laura's side (has that ever happened?) and the rest of the town being so hideous to poor Doc Baker. The poor guy has a heart of gold, yet he gets paid in livestock instead of money, in 20 years he can never find a woman who will have him, and he's expected to be the town miracleworker and ostracized when he can't deliver one time out of twenty on a godforsaken prairie in the 1800's. When he cries out in the barn after Rose has recovered, it's just so hard to watch.
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